Black Sheep

What the hell can I say about me? Where exactly do I start? Well, Im not from Japan. Shocker there, I know! I am actually from Hong Kong. I am an only child. My parents are divorced. I lived with my mother and grandmother. My cousins all lived in the neighborhood. I lived in Hong Kong until I was sixteen. How did I go from Hong Kong to Japan in such a short time? I will tell you, my friends!

I was a little shit growing up. Yeah, I said it right! I was a little terrible shit growing up. In fact, I was the black sheep in the family. Actually, I still am a black sheep. I never really got along with my family. Though it didnt amount to physical violence, every day ended with a shouting match. I always had it out worse with my grandmother. You see, shes really old-fashioned. I mean, old-fashioned where the men owned the world and women were the homemakers. Shes disappointed in her daughter-in-law, my mother, because of the divorce and shes out working. My grandmothers disappointed in me too because I think more like a modern woman that one in the old days.

You need to find a man to marry so that he can take care of you and your children, she told me constantly while she brushed my hair late at night. I always rolled my eyes and snorted at that remark.

No way! I called out. I want a career in music! She would give me that cold look. Then, another battle began on how a woman should be. I never understood that old bat. Why is she so obsessed with being a house wife? I cant do that. Thats just not me! Too bad my grandmother couldnt see it that way. We will never see eye to eye on how a woman should be in life. Thus, we keep on fighting with each other. Its an endless cycle I cant get out of.

Next up is my mother. We have it out because I was and am still a lazy little bum. I always complained about chores in the house. (Hell, I still complain about what that has to be done around the academy.) Plus, she always tried to keep my grandmother happy. So when word got back to her that I acted like a little shit towards her, things got ugly from there! My mom and I screamed at each other loud enough to nearly wake up a deaf person. Our fights always ended in a stalemate. Im sure we both thought from time to time why are we even doing this in the first place. We both know how it ends. But yet we still do it. Its like a ritual that has lost all meaning to it a long time ago. My mother and I dont know the reason, but we still do it.

Finally, there are all of my cousins. They are all bigger shits than I am. But not to my grandmother. They are all saints in her eyes. Im the black sheep of our constantly battling family. My cousins are the most annoying people on the planet. The younger ones always want to play with me and the older ones mock and criticize me at every turn. Its enough to make the sanest person go crazy! But other than all of that, I had a normal childhood in Hong Kong. I loved music and fortune-telling. By age ten, I took up an interest in singing. My mother entered me in different pageants and talent shows. I never won, but I had fun. I lived in a nearly innocent world. (Not including the fighting of course.) But as I got older, my innocence began to deteriorate.

I dated a boy from the mainland of China. This boy could only be described as gorgeous! A yummy fifteen-year-old boy with a hot body to boot! He fit the standard of Chinese beauty. I forgot his name now, but it doesnt matter to me now. He had his looks and his warm smile to tide me over. He stole my little twelve-year-old heart away. We dated for two summers. Of course, my family didnt approve. This spawned more fights between us. As a result, my boyfriend and I broke up. But that didnt stop my growing rebellious ways. I still wanted more. My tastes grew and changed rapidly. More fights and bitterness between my family and me arose. Something had to give.

At age sixteen, I couldnt take it anymore. One day during the summer for no reason, I packed up my stuff, stole about thirty bucks worth in American dollars from my mothers wallet, and ran away from home. My family didnt seem to care at the time. I bet they were happy to get the black sheep off of their backs at the time. I took a boat and a bus to visit my ex live at the time. He had a new girlfriend at the time, but they me stay the night. I ended up living in his apartment for two years. I worked various odd jobs throughout those two years. The three of us had a wild time. Every night became party central in that apartment. I thank my ex and his girlfriend for making me who I am today. It all seemed go then. By the age of eighteen, I got restless and headed out again. I left my ex and his girlfriend a note saying, See ya!

I headed out on my own again. But, where would I go? I remembered one time that my exs girlfriend talked about going to Japan one day. So, I saved up enough money for a boat ride to get to Japan. The trip took me a whole day. Once I made it to Japan, I began my new found journey into my new life.

Were the Black Sheep Now