I didn't want to open my eyes to the light filling my room as my hands reached up rubbing my head, I normally never got headaches from hangovers so the pounding behind my ears made me wonder what I had drank last night. Sitting up in my bed, I noticed my heels were not on my feet and deep breathing was filling the room.

"Stumbled into my room again?" Knowing I wouldn't get a reply, I looked over myself and the boy laying on his back before sighing and standing to slid the sweaty white dress off me. Grumbling sounded behind me as my door opened and I looked over at Shane with a glare pointing at the mess of man on my bed.

Shane laughed and fake puked at my clad self. "He was drunk." I simply nodded at Shane letting out a breath and pulled on a one of his shirts thankfully I had stolen before looking back over to Hayden and smirked. I let on that I was going to throw water on him as Shane closed my door back and chuckled but in reality I sat the cup down and slid into the bed myself.

His eyes moved under closed lids while lips twitch and I tried my best to not wake him but get a better look at the new tattoo on his rip cage. Slowly the shirt went up and I took in the site of a dark Grim Reaper. Sure Hayden had other tattoos like the one on the side of his palm that said Breath, a chest piece saying Strength, Respect and Loyalty along with little different ones making a sleeve tattoo but this one had me in question.

The dark mixed with the light of shadows playing along the reaper while the heart reminded me of something old and crumbling like my home but the slight purple coming of it was the only thing that showed life. My fingers traced the tattoo from the high start to the low end right about his pants line, I had to figure out what this was about and I was going too as Hayden slightly twitched and I looked up to see heavy eyes looking at me in wonder.

"What is it Ri?" I was almost shocked that he didn't say anything crude but relief washed over and I went back to examining the tattoo. Sharp lines and soft shading set off the long side tattoo but as I traced with my fingers I caught a glimpse of things maybe words but I didn't have the time to look any further and Hayden growled pulling his shirt down. "You won't figure it out Tiny stop trying." I watched him get off the bed, heading straight for the bathroom and slamming the door behind him.

"Great, today will be the best day of my life..." I giggled at my own sarcasm before walking downstairs to find Shane had already made me cereal and pushed alcohol bottles onto the floor so I could eat. He wasn't the best brother but I wouldn't ask for anything different as I smiled and began to eat my sugar filled food. It wasn't gloomy outside like normally as I felt the heat from outside slowly settling in our house but as Hayden made his way down the stairs and basically fell onto the coach I raised an eyebrow at him and Shane.

"Guess macho man has a hang over, I don't know what happened he was fine then all the sudden he was downing one after a another." My smirk threw hearing this and I happily ate my cereal; I was sure that Shane would catch on that I had done something but to my surprise he was oblivious standing in front of me.

"Your sister happened dude, why don't you tell Shane what you did Ri?" I chocked on my food before glaring at Hayden and walked upstairs with my brother yelling after me.


I had constantly ignored my brothers questioning for the past week and now as I lay on my bed cigarette in hand with a good book and coffee I felt I could breath. Hayden had went back to his normal self never failing to sexual embarrass me when he got the change and I couldn't help but giggle thinking about our last encounter.

I had gotten out of the shower, clad in panties and a lose fitting tee that had a colorful insult across the breast when my mother hollered for me and I ran downstairs and straight in front of Hayden; Who didn't fail to point out I had no bra on and poked my breast.

You would think my mother would yell but no she was in her own little world at the table sorting out bills. He had yet to match my drunken night though and I was proud of myself. I hadn't realized a person stand in my room while deep in thought until I looked up and see a very drunk Hayden leaning over me.

"You think you're ordinary don't you Riley?" My mouth went dry, skin heating and I tried to focus on anything other than the fact he only had on lose fitting bed pants. I didn't know how to reply, of course I was ordinary who could pin point the things that make people different? There wasn't a true definition. His hand rested on my thigh while the other went into my red hair making me suck a breath in. "Hayden, you should leave." I watched anger flash one second then a mask of no emotions hit his eyes making me flinch when his hands tightened and moved to my inner thigh.

"Oh I am not going anywhere, you wanna play then we will play." I held my breath as his lips crashed on mine and weight slowly moved over me. It was slow but fast with hunger the motivation above me as my hands went over his hair and down his firm back things slowed. I wasn't sure whether it was truly slowing down or my mind was slowly breaking down when his hands moved over my hips and over my stomach resting on my breast.

My mind was just about to give up on fighting for control of my body when it all just stopped and I blinked looking up at Hayden's smirk. Bliss left me along with heat as I watched him stand moving to my window but my body moved without permission almost tripping on my own feet as I ran grabbing him; sliding my cold hands under his shirt and played above his pants; skin forming goose bumps.

"You're not playing fair Riley." Smirking when he turned with fire in his eyes, my mind screamed this had to stop but my body wouldn't let me listen as my heart thumped and I felt a twitch run threw the thumping when his lips meet mine again. It was almost as if I was no longer in my room with an enemy but flooding on a clouds with love tracing over my lips.

"My name is not Riley... Say my name." Feeling the smirk come over his lips I backed off and glared at him; I hated him so what was I doing? Still playing this game we had since nine grade or was my hate fading every time he touched me? Everything was on over drive as his rough hands played with my hips.

I wanted to push him out the window at the same time I was craving his touch, maybe I was going insane. My mind finally clicked in with a warrior roar and I instantly backed away and slung curse words around the room with Hayden's drunken laughter mixing in.


My feet fell heavy on the stairs with each creep I ventured further into the known and it made me curse under my breath as it came crashing down my eyes landing on Hayden. He looked like hell making me inwardly smile as he quickly made my way past him and grabbed banana off the counter.

"Sis, don't you think you should get dressed? You look a bit cold..." I snorted at his hidden meaning and ran a skinny hand down my legs; Black mesh panties and a lose black band tee was normal for me and honestly It wasn't like they meant anything to me so why would I care? Shrugging I bite hard into the banana and pulled the beer to my lips smirking.

"Well isn't that a nice breakfast there Kitten." My eyes darted in a smooth stare at both the boys laughter and instantly I felt the cold liquid run down my throat in anger. I don't think I had ever been called that, not by my mom , brother or even grandparents yet Hayden sat in our kitchen laughing with my brother at the new name.

The name rolled off the tongue in an innocent tone but something told me that I was being called that for another whole reason; my laughing brother had no clue about and before I could stand up or even say anything Hayden looked over with amusement mixed with shock in his eyes.

"What is it?" Both my brother and Hayden pointed a long finger behind me before smirking. I didn't want to look, was it another social worker form the state or god forbid a former boyfriend on the hunt?

"Katerina Riley Blare!" My eyes shot behind me as my mouth hung at my mothers red face going from me to the beer in front of me and eye balling my bare ass. I instantly shot up fumbling my fingers over the neck of the beer and looked at my mom innocently.

" I... I can explain."

Her eyes was a mix of amusement and anger while she kept her poker face and motioned for me to continue.

"Well you see, I uh … It's all their fault! They have drove me to my breaking point and I didn't know Hayden was here or I would have pants on... I love you."

She seemed almost on fire as she walked forwards and grabbed the beer out of my hand but looked at it in shock, balancing the weightlessness between her hands before bringing it up and hitting me softly on the head with it. Laughter erupted from the kitchen and I glared with everything I had in me. Our mom wasn't home very often, maybe two days out of two weeks minimum but being a flight attendant called for you to up in the air a lot.

"Go get ready for School Katerina .. You two! Leave her alone from now on or the next time she is getting one of my beers its your heads!" I could feel the laughter behind all of her words while strutting pasted them and making a mad dash up the stairs slamming my door and letting out a breath. I could already feel this was going to be a long day.


"You look amazing! What did you do to hair? The Rihanna look is wicked on you." I grinned at Asher as Brit went on about my hair playing with the lose pieces and hugged my side to hers; as we walked down the hallway girls drooled over Asher making me laugh.

"Thank you sweetie … Asher you okay?"

Brit nodded and Asher just kept looking forward in a blank stare.

"Asher..." Placing my hand on his shoulder he finally looked at me with confusion in his eyes, not a new one but something that had been bugging him for a while. "Yea Kat, I'm okay." I was going to protest him but when he darted into his first period without a word I simply growled and followed suit.

I swore under my breath as my knees collided with the hard wood floor of the gym and mentally wished I had brought my knee pads. I hated PE the most of all classes I had and as pain racked threw my knees when they slammed again while my thighs burned under me when I slid; I mentally swore I would never play volley ball again.

"Boys against the wall! Upside down push ups ten counts now! Stop eying the ladies!" Our game halted as everyone busted out laughing well besides the boys that wined and went upside down against the wall; most of them slowly going down letting their heads touch the floor and back up but my eyes caught a pale crystal looking at me while going up in down with ease.

My eyes went back to the game but I could feel him staring me down, tiny hairs stood on end and a heat was pounding in my back threw out the rest of class.

There were more funny moments threw out the class as our female coach giggled along side us and even encourage us to roll up our shorts showing more leg. Ms, Kendra was a younger women with short thin blond hair and deep brown eyes that danced in excitement.

Managing to not kill myself I hit the ball for the last time and landed with a rough slid as a growled come out something furious but shortly I smiled as my team hugged me for the win.

"Ah, What the fuck?!" I turned and glared at Hayden that has successfully come from behind snacked his arms around my shoulders and bent placing kisses on the back of my neck. Reaction took over my body as he smirked and I landed a solid punch to to his stomach walking away shortly after.

Doing things in private was one thing but to literally do that in front of the whole senior grade had my blood boiling and Hayden was the stove.

"What . The . Hell … Was that?!" I turned looking past the orange and black walls and straighten at the sight of Brit standing, hands on hips in full blood spill mode. What was I supposed to say though? I hated him but at night I was begging for him? That my goal was to get under his skin so bad that it tortured him like it did me? No, I couldn't she was kill me...

Brit had always liked Hayden ever since I meet her in eighth grade. She said that he radiated a certain prince charming aura, honestly I could understand that but I couldn't see it with my own eyes and I couldn't tell her what was going on between us either.

"He is just trying to get under my skin Brie, you know Hayden is he lives to torment me." I was expecting a sure or okay but not a snort and low hum of a frustrated growl. As I turned to her she had small hands resting on tiny hips and tapping her foot.

"You can't be that stupid." My eyes felt like they were about to pop out of my head. This wasn't Brie, She wasn't blunt or annoyed with me. "I don't know what you are getting at but today is not the day Brie." She once again snorted turning her back to me, I mentally shot myself I swear I was crumbling.

I examined myself changing and sighed. Red raw wood burn covered my thighs, dark bruises where forming on my knees and there was a a large bruise already full strength blues, blacks and yellows covering under one side of my breast from a hard hit.

I was almost instantly determined to skip the rest of the day when I couldn't get back in my jeans for the pain, I tried closing my eyes to calm myself but Hayden's stunt kept replaying in my head.

"You okay there Kitten?" My head turned so fast I thought my neck would break with force. He looked perfect as normal leaned up against a locker legs crossed at the ankles. His torn jeans were loser than normal, a snug v neck black shirt only slightly showed under his leather jacket and the rings on his fingers glistened when he stuck his hands into the front pockets of his pants.

"That's not my name." I growled trying to pull up on the jeans to only wince and pull them back off with hatred. My legs throbbed and I could have swore I had broke a couple ribs cause of a cheerleaders spike; Hayden's last girlfriends spike to be formal. "Oh but it suits you … Let me see your legs."

My eyes narrowed while I raised a eyebrow at him only to sit and watch him walk over kneeling in front of me. I hated him right now but the more my mind worked the less it made sense and I gave up on my bad mood. I slowly placed a cold hand over my thigh making a hissing sound before looking up at me grinning.

"Follow me." Eyes shot open while my mind said 'what, no!' and my body followed the command as if it was second nature. I instantly started to protesting when we come across the showers trying to pull my wrist out of his hold.

"Do you want to put your jeans back on or not Kitten? Cause I cou-" I cut him off with a growl which granted me a low deep chuckle as he grabbed my other wrist and placed me in the shower. His eyes traced me from my toes too the top of my head and back again. "What are you doing Hayden? Trying to rape me with your eyes?" He glared as I grinned and waited.

"This won't work … Hold on." I watched in frustration as he turned walking away , soon jumped as a locker slammed and Hayden came back into view with a pair of black ball shorts hanging in his hand with a white wife beaters hanging off his shoulders. "I understand the shorts but the tank? I do have a shirt on me." His half smirk sent chill down my spin as I began to be aware of him, it startled me with every move he made closer to me.

I tried to back away with each step he took forward but as my back hit the wall of the shower, my lungs let a breath out and I looked up to see a crystal eyes hung low with fire behind them. It was enough to make any girl squirm with delight but in the instant I felt my body heat and tingle as my mind clouded and I caught myself staring at his lips.

I slightly jumped when his hands landed on each of my waist slowly trailing down before stopping and giving my hips a slight squeeze. His face was so close I could feel every breath he took in and let out spreading warmth threw out my body. I could feel every slight movement of his fingers as his right hand made its way back up and rested on my ribs just below my breast.

"Calm down Kitten … You're going to pass out if you don't breath." I could hardly hear his words even though it was clear he was speaking beside my ear, it took no more than four seconds for his lips to find the pules on my neck and I froze. Time slowed and my body betrayed me when my hands went from my sides to his chest. My breathing was harsh and broken up as hands went around his neck trying to bring him closer with a moan.

"Hayden … If you don't stop and fucking kiss me already, I am going to leave you bleeding."

As if he had lost all control at my demand he dropped the cloths, hands going from my hips to under my butt lifting me up and bracing my against the wall. I would be lying if I said when my legs went around his hips and his lips landed on mine, I didn't feel at ease almost like I was home, that him obeying my demand didn't make me smirk against his lips. Strange clouds danced in my head, heat rolled over my body like I was some kind of a volcano and then it snapped.

It wasn't my mind slowing things down anymore , Hands slowed to almost a halt and lips danced a slow ballet. It was sudden and fast, a slight pain and crack in my chest. Warm ... Everything about me was so warm in that moment.