Made: Monday, July 20, 2009

Time: 9:46p.m


Dark clouds swarm,

And you turn cold,

You know you won't be harmed,

This routine is getting old.

The wind picks up,

Twisters emerge around,

And just like them,

You're falling to the ground.

Rain comes down harsh,

But it can't hide your tears,

The lands become marsh,

As days become years.

Rains turns to ice,

You're numb to the cold,

This will never suffice,

The 'phere is too bold.

People start screaming,

Fire grows through the rain,

The Earth is steaming,

It all causes you pain.

Hurricanes are created,

Making more twisters,

Nothing more to be debated,

This is just a disaster.

The thunder is loud,

But it won't silence the voices,

Around you, they crowd,

Controlling your choices.

Lightning flashes,

Making you jump,

The world crashes,

It's in a slump.

Everyone's gone now,

Like a nuclear bomb,

It's only you now,

The storm has calmed.