"O-M-G!" I started to say when I saw my best friend, Tifani, in the commons at school. "I had the most amazing dream last night. One of my long-time guy friends, I don't know which one, but anywhos, one of my long-time guy friends came to visit me and it was like a true fairy tale!"

"That is so like you, Becky. You remember all the details, except for the ones most girls care about."

"So, it's not my fault I have a weird brain, but don't you think it is so weird, especially since a lot of my dreams have been coming true lately?"

"Whatever you say!"

Can you tell we are best friends? Although we act like we have known each other a long time now, we actually only met about 2 years ago. But, this story is not about Tifani's and my connection, this story is about a much deeper, stranger type of connection.

"But, Tifani, I want to tell you about my dream. You see the guy was just a blurry image, but I knew him, and I could tell that I knew him for a very long time. He had come to visit family and we had been talking on Facebook© so we decided to meet up somewhere and hang out. Don't ask me what we did during the dream, but it was so romantic…"

As I continued on about my dream, Tifani was continuously stuffing magazines into her backpack, I don't even think she really cared about my dream at all, but I didn't mind.

"Becky, you have issues. Did you know that? It was just a dream."