Okay, this is set up weirdly. The normal text is me speaking. The italic text is my conscience.

Should I stay or should I go?
How am I supposed to know?

Aren't you my conscience, though?
Then I'd say you should go below.

Why is life so cruel to me?
'Cause you'd be better dead, you see.

Why does living seem so bleak?
'Cause you're a little stupid freak.

I feel worthless all the time.
Then leaving now would be sublime.

Maybe I'll be loved one day.
You're better dead, so why delay?

Maybe there's hope left for me.
No one loves you, can't you see?

Life is worthless, you should know.
The time has come for you to go.

I think I'll stay a little longer.
What doesn't kill me makes me stronger.

You'll be sorry, wait and see.
Then maybe you'll listen to me.

Say what you will, but I don't care.
I know that my life isn't fair.

But till I'm ready, I won't go.
One day I'll say, "I told you so."

You'll end a life of hate and fear.
Till then I think I'll stay right here.