Part One: Whytila


The light of the flickering candle was the only light in the small closet, as we sat on the cold floor, making a chilling sensation through my toes. The wind was icy and it did not help when I was soaking wet and very scared.

It was said that 'they' would come tonight. I never knew who 'they' were. The grownups rarely talked to them, mostly in respect…or fear; I never was told if it was one of the other.

I had once walked into the village and met a crazed woman talking about them; telling other people how good and gracious they were.

She talked about how beautiful were their faces, and they were like goddesses and gods that refused to look down at the earth, but rather stay on it as a relaxing joke of some sort.

The wind blew and I panicked as the flame flickered and then fell dead and took its smoky deathbed; and then there was silence for a mere second until I wanted to cry.

I felt arms around me, as a tear rolled down my nose and onto my garments.

The embrace was so warm, I lay there silently. I didn't know why I was so scared.

At that moment, I heard a small, but gentle voice sing:

Alia alia, Asemou La'qua
fare luus I'an arso.
Alia, alia ni too.
Alia, alia, alia, ano.

It was the person who embraced me that sang the song in my ear. It made me calm; I could hear my heart-beat slowly go to its average beat.

Then the door opened, and the beat grew louder, and faster, because I saw one of the faces of the mysterious 'they' looking right at me.

I didn't have time to scream.