"Fredrick is going to hate you forever for doing this." I whispered.

"Fredrick can do whatever he wishes." Aleck whispered back.

We were climbing down the balcony. I was the first down, landing on my bare feet, unlike Aleck who was wearing shoes.

We were in a garden with fountains and sleeping flowers

"Come quickly. The portal is not far." He said.

Damien needs my help somehow. I can almost sense something is going on.

"What are you doing Aleck; Whytila?" I turned around. A figure stood nine feet away from us.

Aleck turned around, his black hair staying still.

I saw Gerard walking towards us.

Aleck was silent. For a moment I had forgotten to Gerard and everyone, he could not talk.

"I asked Aleck to show me around." I said.

Gerard grumbled.

"There's no use in doing that, nothings going to happen. The scenery is very boring." He said.

"But I'd like to see it." I said and then turned away with Aleck.

We passed Lyle's chamber balcony and I was scared he was going to come out, because I knew he was probably still awake studying.

We climbed over the gates and ran forward.

"The portal is right there." He said.

"Wait. If Gerard saw us, then he will know-"

"Gerard will not think it matters if you come and go. Nothing matters to him. You must return to your land, Princess." He said.

"What did you want to tell me?" I asked.

He walked with me to the portal.

"You just go through that wall and you are in Mourland; you may not return were you thought you might." He said.

"What did you want to tell me?" I was close to the portal. Two steps and I was back in Mourland.

"I'm your half brother, Whytila."

What?! How could he keep that from me?!

"Give Damien my greetings!"

A push shoved me into Mourland and I was left alone with no one, and cold feet.