i bet we could drown in the grass
if we tried.

just one chance; take my hand
and dive.
your hands are warm
against my hungry skin.
don't let up; never let go.
i'll savor the taste of tonight.

the gluttounous moon
will not take your praise.
no trips to outer space tonight.
forget bedtimes, forget rules,
forget priorities.
take one leap; your moon
will forgive you later.

deep in the night,
the dew drops melt into our veins.
just drown with me, baby.
last night's dreams are today's games.

forget fantasy.
you're never beside me.

i call, i scream, i drown:
always alone in this ocean of green.
take a chance;
you may like this shade.

o2, i can't breathe
without you.
two minutes, ticking on the clock.
this nightmare's almost over.
my strained pleas for air whisper,
"be my oxygen?"

i'm still drowning.
i'm still without you.