To all my old friends from back home,
I know some of you are reading this,
So all I want to say is:
What's up?


What Happened?

You said that you would be there,
That you'd always be my friend.
You said that nothing---nothing!---
Would bring this to an end.
You said that through thick and thin,
I could always count on you.

You promised that I knew you.

So what happened?

You knew all my secrets,
What really made me tick.
You knew my dreams and ambitions;
What I aimed for in life.
You knew what I was good at,
And what I could improve on.
You knew my favorites,
And my least favorites.
You knew who I liked,
And who I couldn't stand.
You really knew me,
And I thought I knew you.

So what happened?

You helped me through the tough times,
You helped me through the tears.
You never laughed at me,
When I told you my fears.

You were a great friend.

So what happened?

You could always make me smile;
Could always make me laugh;
Could tell when something was on my mind.

So what happened?

You were my friend; my girl.
So we acted a little crazy;
Maybe seemed a little weird.
But still that never stopped us;
We were rulers of the world.

But it seems that's now over,
As we no longer see eye-to-eye.
The fun's over and I suppose it's time
To grow up and move on with our lives.

As I turn to you and wipe away
But a single tear
To bid to you
My final farewell,
"So long, old friend,
And live a good life,"

I guess I'm not strong enough
To actually say good-bye...

Before I turn and we part ways,
There's something else that I must say:

What happened to our friendship?
What happened to our bond?
What happened to being girls?

What happened to the world?

What happened to that promise...?

I've really got nothing else to say...


Until next time,
Later Party-Peeps!!!