"in a mad world, only the mad are sane"

-Akira Kurosawa

The shape of the world does not concern me. But if there is one thing I've learned, it's that life is circular. Cyclical. And all processes repeat.

I'm not sure when I started seeing the big picture, because to me, the big picture taints the eyes of everyone. The problem with it is that everyone who sees it wants it. And most will do anything to obtain it.

Murder fascinates me for this reason. There is no gain to be wrought from it. There is no voice which says to me, "Killing will bring gold". And yet, it is something, a widely-held phenomenon, that murder shall be associated with fame.

And so I wonder how they get there. I wonder if these minds are desperate for attention, if their mommies and daddies showed them much neglect. I wonder what sick train of thought inspires them. And then I realize: they are breaking free.

I spin in circles and see drink, greed, want, take; colors sliding under slippered feet; drinking the drink to taste the dream. I see lies and wrong faces, disaster and discord. I see a cycle so great—the people of the world holding hands like little paper dolls. And then I see one.

One man steps forward and shatters it all.


The illusion dispels.