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I hadn't meant to drop my locket that day. And I hadn't really meant to run out into traffic to get it. And I hadn't meant to summon someone. But apparently that didn't matter.

It happened to be one of those rainy Monday mornings:

I was late. It was raining. And I forgot my coat. And the more I tried the hurry, the more soaked I got. I let out a loud sigh of frustration and impatiently shifted my weight from one foot to the other as I waited for the don't walk sign to turn to walk.

I fiddled absently with the locket around my neck and it fell into my hand. Puzzled, I glanced down at it and realized that in my haste I hadn't clasped it all the way. I shoved it into my pocket angrily and just then the sign changed. I ran across with the other people around me. At the other side of the street I padded my pocket to check that my locket was still there. Then padded it some more…but I felt nothing. I let a groan and turned back to the street.

There in the middle of the cross walk it lay. I checked the sign really fast, it said walk. I ran back out into the street. I had to get my locket. It had been my mother's and if a car crushed it, it would kill me…I know poor choice of words…And though I knew it wasn't very safe to rush out into the now empty cross walk, I did it anyway.

And at first it really wasn't bad because the sign, though it was counting down, still showed the walk symbol. It was only when I bent down to get my locket and slipped in the water and fell landing face down on the pavement and out of sight of all the drivers that things really began to get dicey. And I remember very clearly, me grasping the locket tight in my hand and closing my eyes before whispering quietly, "Please, God, no."

When my memory becomes somewhat fuzzy happens after that. When after not feeling the pain of a car crushing me and my precious locket to death, I opened my eyes. Only to find myself hovering in the air above the said car. And it was only then that I realized that I was cradled in someone's or something's arms. And slowly I looked up to see what on earth was going on. It was only after that that I was sure this had nothing to do with earth and more to do with God's kingdom.

Because the face I was staring into wasn't the face of someone living but rather of someone who couldn't die. His eyes were a vivid green that reminded me of springtime but they were deeper than that and as I stared into them I felt like I was staring into forever. It made my breath catch and my heart race. His skin glowed gold, though it itself was actually a pale ivory. His lips weren't smiling. In fact he didn't look happy at all.

Which was I ironic, now that I think about it. And as he spoke his voice seemed commanding and gentle all at once, though the words themselves were angry, "You jumped into traffic for a locket?!"