So High

The clock ticked on slowly. Todays the last day of school. Both students and staff of Tokyo-Zion Academy couldnt wait to escape. They all had different reasons of course. Here are just some nice thoughts of theirs on the last day.


*While looking at all of her students in her astronomy class*

I cant wait to get away from these little fuckers! Im sick of seeing their little faces. They are good and at. But, I just cant stand seeing their faces any longer. I need to get away from them. They are just all driving me crazy with their annoying little shenanigans! I have always hated student drama. Its so stupid and petty. They always come up to me whining about their problems. I just want to tell them to shut and go away. But, I cant do that. Im not supposed to do that. Teachers have to care somewhat. But, Im sick of faking it! I just want to be free from these little shits and smoke freely. I wish the clock would hurry up and hit one! I cant take this shit anymore!


*While looking at all of her grading on her planning from her Japanese II class*

Lets see, I have my IPod, laundry bag, snacks, clothes, lunch, sandals, water, sunscreen, cell phone, flashlight, bug spray, notebook, pens, eraser, and my camera. Yep, I seem to have everything with me. I just need to leave Andi a note and leave before she wakes up. I have to get out of this place. I cant take being in Tokyo anymore. Its so boring here. Its always the same thing here day after day. I need to get away. I cant stand it here anymore. I like it here and everyone along with it. But, I just have to get away. Theyll understand!


*While patrolling the campus on his motorcycle*

Just a little bit longer now. I have a magazine offer in Russia for me to sell some of my short stories to them. I can still make it in at one oclock before change their minds if I move fast enough. I already have what I am going to send in already. Lucky for me, Polly has seen work or the deal lately. I must keep both of them a secret for now. Just long enough until they are published and I can get my wife something nice as a prize. Yes, that plan works out rather nicely.


*While in the dojo with his students*

I cant wait to see Noiz-sama when school gets out. We have plans for later. She said that she had a nice surprise for me later. I cant wait to see what it is. I bet its something really hot for us both. Yes, thats it! Really hot and sexy! I wonder what shell dress up for me in tonight! I really do like her geisha and chef costumes. Hey, maybe I could get her to do both at once. I just have to ask her later at dinner tonight. Ooo!!!! Hurry up and be one oclock already!


*Preparing for his next Spanish one class*

Just three more hours of this crap to go! Just three more miserable hours! I love the crew here, but we all just need a break from each other. Its like family here. But sometimes, even family need a break from each other. Otherwise, we would all be arrested for murder or attempted murder. Knowing everyone here and myself, I can say that we can all hold it together for just three more hours. The sad thing is that the same three hours can feel like an eternity. Watching the clock doesnt help either. Come on, you stupid clock! Cant you move any faster? Damn it!


*Heading to lunch*

My house is calling me two hours and fifty-two minutes from now. Not just here either. I cant wait to get back to Iceland to meet my brothers girlfriend. She better be good for him. I want nothing but the best for my Jack. Hes been nothing but good to me. This girl better be good to him. If not, there will be Hell to pay! I refuse to have my older brother dating some skanky harlot with big boobs!


*Eating lunch on the roof outside*

I can finally give away from work for a whole month. No paperwork. No Mandy breathing down my next when I screw up. No students giving me shit when I have to take a class for Noiz and them. No TZA for a month. Just me, my video games, and all of the unopened yaoi I just bought days ago! *Grins to himself boldly* This summer break is going to be so great!


*Looking at his new camera that he managed to sneak into his bag earlier today*

I got my new camera in today! Just in time for summer break too! What am I going to film first? Its so hard to choose! Im sure Ill meet some pretty girls on my break. And some cute guys too. And of course, Ill film my sweet Katie-chan too! But shes going back to Finland for the summer! Hm, I know Ill get as much film as I can of her before she leaves. Yeah, Ill do that! Then, I can film her when she gets back! This plan works out perfectly for me!


* Finishing up paperwork in her office*

Robbie-kuns going to love tonight. My plans are just perfect. Well have dinner first at that new sushi bar that opened up today. Then, Ill risk him away to Aiko Suite afterwards. I have it all worked out. Ill have my hand maidens answer the phone when it rings. Plus, I got a baby-sitter for tonight as well. Ooo, Robs going to love the outfit I picked out to wear for later tonight! I just cant wait! One oclock needs to hurry up and get here already! Momma wants to play with her pet!


*Returning back to her classroom*

Just two hours and thirty minutes to go. Then, Ill get home to finish packing. Im going back to Germany for the summer to see my family and my little nephew Daniel. Its been so long since I last saw him. I bet hes actually grown up some. I still his little baby picture in my wallet. Its since in good condition after all of these years. I just have to get him a gift as well! I know, Ill get him the latest Marylyn Manson CD! Hell love that! Hurry up and be one oclock already!


*Sitting in the classroom zoning out*

Mom seems to be doing a little better now. She hasnt been throwing things at me or trying to hurt me in anyway. She has started writing again. She still doesnt really talk. Mom cant come back to work just yet. Noiz and them have been nice enough to let her have time off until she fully recovers. I hope she gets really better soon. Just not to the point she starts to beat on me again. I just want her to be like she used to be before Bethany was murdered. I wont leave her alone again this time. Dad and I will help her get better!


*Watching her class*

Just a little while longer. We only have one hour left before we leave. I cant stand seeing these suckers faces anymore. They are annoying me. I cant wait to get rid of them. They all seemed okay at the beginning of the year. Now they are just flat out annoying. If I had my way I would just chuck them out of my classroom right now and end class for the summer. But we have to have class for today. Pretty stupid, if you ask me! The school district is stupid sometimes! Damn them! I need a drink and cigarette really now!


*Staring at the clock in an empty classroom*

Thirty more minutes! Thirty more minutes! Thirty more minutes! Thirty more minutes to freedom! Thirty more minutes! Thirty more minutes!


*Watching the clock and packing up her stuff*

Five. Four. Three. Two. One!

At one oclock, the bell rang to dismiss everyone. Students and staff all ran out of the building to freedom. Here began their summer break, TZA style.

Free at Last, Free at Last