AN: Hello all! There were some major changes needed to this piece, and I couldn't let it go, so it was necessary to re-write! Now, for those of you who read the original work, the 'major' changes I mentioned may not really be noticeable (especially in early chapters), but it was something I had to do. *laughs* Also, please note, this is rated 'M' for highly suggestive situations, and language only.

Without, further ado:


~ Be Free ~

The young, brown dog curled into the corner as his shivering intensified; his ears plastered down while his tail tucked tighter under. He held the squirming, white puppy closer, shushing him, as tears slipped down his throbbing, swollen face. "Let him go…" he whimpered, hoping this time he might be heard. "Let go or they'll hurt you…"

The older dog's scowl deepened as his lips curled further back. His white, black-spotted ears plastered against his tangled, ebony hair, and a deep growl crawled from his throat. When he answered, it was obviously directed, not at the crying child, but his helpless captive: "I'm not letting go 'til this dumb fuck realizes what he did was unacceptable. What do you say, human? You gonna hit my brother again, or do I make sure you can't hit anything?"

The strong dog's legs braced against the bottom crossbar while both hands fisted around the man's white-coat lapels. The canea leaned back, using his weight and the coat to pin the man against the bars. The full-human's chin caught on the upper cross bar, which pressed into his throat. His hands pushed against the bars, but given the anger and superior strength he competed with, the white-coat didn't have a prayer.


Whereas, on the fourteenth of Selend, in the year eight thousand eight hundred and forty-three (CT), a law was laid down by Tajian's Tribunal upon approval by the High Senate and Seats of Assembly as detailed following:

"That on the first day of Arta, in the year eight thousand eight hundred and forty-four, all individuals of subspecies homo sapiens felidae and homo sapiens canea descent (hereto referred to as felidae and canea, respectively), being of sound mind and sufficient age, shall be granted fully autonomy in accordance with the ruling that these individuals are found to be sentient and within the ability of self-determination. Individuals of such age or mental deficiency unable to partake in self-determination shall be placed in appropriate foster care. Facilities currently responsible for these individuals shall be responsible for the education and support of those felidae and canea of advanced age and mind to integrate them into society.

"Any violence or bodily mistreatment of felidae or canea shall from this very day henceforth be met in civil court with parallel repercussions as those performed against human citizens. Likewise, the Tribunal declares that all individuals granted autonomy fall subject to all civil laws and jurisdictions.

"The Tribunal hereby enjoins upon any and all individuals granted autonomy to forego any violence beyond that of self-defense. Felidae and canea are to be granted positions as desired and sought in all military, governmental, and civil areas as appropriate to skill sets, temperament, and mental abilities.

"In witness whereof, the Three have hereunto set our hands and caused the seal of Mighty Tajia be affixed. So rules the High Council, comprised of the Tribunal, High Council, and the Seats of Assembly. Hear and obey."

Drawn up in the City of Temarean, this, the fourteenth day of Selend, in the year eight thousand eight hundred and fort-three.