you used to be such a gentleman,

but now you're just ignoring me,

i can't help to think that you're still polite,

even though the thought of you pains me,


could you just look me in the eyes?

and tell me whether you want to be with me or not,

i'm so sick of these games,

just tell me the truth,


prom night was amazing,

the touch of you made me feel alright,

how could it come from that to this?

i thought you'd always be there for me,


can't you see how deep i've fallen for you?

please give me your heart,

and i promise that i'll take care of it,

i promise,


what happened to us?

we've built this on forever,

can't you see that i'll treat you right?

can you see anything?


take me in your arms,

and i'll be yours until this love dies,

we'd make such a cute couple,

but, you can't imagine 'us',


did you just want to use a helpless girl,

that is just so devoted to you?

i look up to you,

i want to be with you,


if you could just stand up,

and tell me you want me,

i'd accept you in a minute,

no matter what,


but i'm really trying to forget everything about you,

i'm just waiting for you to come to me,

can't you just do something for yourself for once?

i'm kind of fed up with you,


i can't stop thinking about everything you've done for me,

all the looks and cute words,

did you like me the way i was?

i'd really like that,


all i wanted was you,

could you stop being stupid,

and kiss me?

i want to be yours,


stop playing with my heart,

but it's already yours,

i just want a straight answer,

be honest,


i just want a straight answer.