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Summary: Matt McQueen has just enrolled in highschool, but life takes a wrong turn when he catches the eye of a certain dark-haired prince. and now said prince is after his ass. too bad he chose the densest kid in town.

Chapter one: New prince in town

"Does this skirt make me look fat?" I glanced up at my best friend Chris as she twirled in front of the mirror. It was the night before the first day of school and we were sitting in my tree house with the big old mirror she managed to wrestle up here.

"Well does it?" she demanded and put her hands to her hips.

'No." I lied and lowered my head to pick at my new school uniform. It was scratchy and a little big too tight. "Do you think they'll give me a bigger size if I ask tomorrow?"

"Of course they won't, hun. Those tight pants bring out the fullness in your bum." She giggled and twirled again. I fought not to roll my eyes. Trust her to say something like that when I was being serious.

"You think I'll manage to get a better boyfriend this time?" she asked. I frowned and looked up.

"Why not? You're a charming girl with boobs the size of cantaloupes. Boys will be throwing themselves at you. I pointed out. "the type you like are always the kind with brains in their dicks instead of---"

"Ok, ok I get your point." She rolled her eyes and glared at me. "trust you to ruin my mood."

I gave her a smile. "Its getting late maybe you should go home. Big day tomorrow, might want to get your beauty sleep."

"K, you too. See you tomorrow at eight." She bent down and hugged me. "I'm so excited I think I'm going to burst!" I smiled and waved goodbye to her, watching the white and red blob that was her get smaller and smaller in the distance. Unlike her I wasn't as eager to go to this new school.

The next morning came too soon for my liking. Zane, my older brother woke me up at seven and Travis (dad's boyfriend) made us some sandwiches and pancakes.

"How's the new boy doin'?" I was just sitting down to eat when a hand reached over and ruffled my carefully swept back hair and I sighed.

"Not too good, Jess." Jessica is my older sister and Zane's identical twin. They both look like movie stars (so does the rest of the family). I, on the other hand look very ordinary. Well nothing can change that now, so I got over it already. We are all adopted by the way.

"Thank you Mr. McQueen." Chris said as she opened the back door and took the sandwich from Travis's hands and ran over to me. "well don't you look nice today!" she was hyper again.

"OK, kids, finish up and pack into the car in five minutes, or we're going to be late." Chris cheered loudly and I managed a watery smile. Zane gave my shoulder a firm squeeze. "You'll be fine Mattie. We'll look out for you." i nodded and watched him kiss goodbye to Travis and grab all our backpacks.

Zane is the best big brother out there ever. Seriously. He always knows how to comfort people and he's handsome and nice to the girls at school and plays football etc. See? He's perfect. And somehow I ended up lucky enough having him as a brother. Lucky me.

Five minutes later and we all pack into his silver Volvo, including Jess. The ride to Delton passed with laughter as Jess introduced the ten hottest guys on campus to Chris.

"Of course, Zane ranks third, aren't you, adorable little brother?" She smirked and reached over to pinch his cheek. Zane grunted and didn't reply, focusing his attention on the road.

Chris's eyes were sparkling, "who's the hottest?"

Jessica laughed, "He's got a name that really suits him. Prince, second year and already a prefect. He's also really good at swimming."

I rolled my eyes when I heard that. "Who would name their son 'Prince'? Sounds like one of those rich snobbish guys with huge egos. He's probably too good to walk on his own two feet and has to be carried around like some disabled old guy." I commented dryly. Chris huffed at my words and folded her arms together.

Jess winked at me. "His older brother's name is Duke. He's a senior in Zane's class, isn't he, Zane?"

"Yeah, sits next to me in literature." He replied. Chris's eyes were huge as she asked him to introduce the guy sometime. Zane just chuckled. "He's not that likeable, really."

"Let me guess, his father's name is King?" I joked as we pulled into the student parking spaces.

Delton was a large group of tall buildings flocked together by a wide circle of trees and had a large fountain of a goddess embracing a dolphin in the front of the main building. Needless to say, the place reeked of moneybags and snobbish teenagers.

Zane got out of the car and gave Chris and I each a large pat on the head. "well see you around then?" we nodded and left for the main hall. Newcomers were suppose to report there and hear the big welcome from the principle.

We opened the dark polished double oak doors and slipped into the already full hall. There were five people on the stage, the principle, a woman in a white nurse outfit, Zane and two other people. I watched as my brother walked up to the stage.

"Well, first of all I'd like to welcome you all to Delton, and assure you that you have made the best choice ever. As the head prefect, this is my last year seeing new students into the halls of our delightful school." A loud murmur swept through the hall and I saw several people give each other disappointed looks.

"But never fear, I will drop a grade just to be here another year!" this earned a bunch of chuckles from the audience and a frown from Principle Richards. Zane smiled and spread his arms, "before the principle looses his temper and decides to strangle me with the microphone cord I would like to say another welcome to all of you! And good luckin Delton!" he smiled again and stepped aside.

I kind of zoned out during the rest of the nurse's talk about safety in such a large campus.

"Oh my gosh Mattie, look! that guy is so hot, my eyes are gonna melt right out of their sockets!" Chris suddenly grabbed my arm in a death grip and screeched into my ear. I looked up and saw another guy stepping inside and walking toward the stage. He had longish wavy black hair and steel gray eyes, which were trained on Zane. I watched as he sauntered over and whispered something in his ear. Zane nodded and forced a small smile onto his face and followed him out.

I frowned. "who's that?"

"I think I'm in love." Chris had the dreamy look on her face again. I rolled my eyes and decided to drop the subject.

We filed out of the hall and were all making our way to first period when someone bumped me hard. I dropped my books.

"Excuse me." I mumbled and dropped to my knees to pick up my books. a foot slammed them down onto the floor again.

"Are you Zane's baby brother?" I looked up and saw the brunet from the stage again. This time he wasn't alone. There were at least seven big ogre-looking boys behind him and they were jeering and pointing at me.

"Umm…yeah." I said.

He smirked and the next thing I knew the air was out of my lungs and I was trying to hold down my breakfast. The guy slugged me in the gut! What was that for?! He pulled back and smiled, "tell him this is a gift from his old buddy Duke."

So this was Duke. Shit, Zane was right about this guy, he really wasn't likeable.

"Fuck..." I managed to squeeze out. My eyes were watering and I tried to see past the gold stars popping all over my vision. People were whispering and pointing by now, but Duke ignored them.

"Oh, but I'm not done yet." He smiled again and snapped his fingers. The ogres walked over and picked me up. I saw Duke's smirking face as they started walking.

Shit, here it comes.

Fifteen minutes later.

'Wow, Duke really is evil' was the only statement I could come up with after fifteen minutes. I was tied to one of the boys' bathroom stalls with my pants at my ankles and my hands secured to my bare ass. All of this was done with thick silver duct tape. Needless to say, I couldn't move an inch.

This was fucking great. First day and I was already stuck on a toilet seat.

I was just thinking about trying to bite my tongue and bleed to death when the door to the restroom swung open and someone walked inside. My heart was thumping painfully hard in my chest and I tried to crane my neck over the low dividers to see who it was and if they could save me from this predicament.

It was another brunet about the same height as Zane and he was frowning at his cell phone. He didn't see me. I was almost frantic. Duke had secured me to one of the prefect bathrooms and only prefects could come in with their little plastic cards so there i hadn't seen anyone in two hours, and I was starting to lose the feeling in my legs. It would take hours for someone to come in again. No, I had to act. I saw a trash can on my left side and tried to worm my leg out to kick it. It was so close I could almost feel it, and with one hard jerk I knocked it over, exactly the same time the sound of water splashing on porcelain drowned the pathetic sound out. I could have screamed if it was possible or banged my head.

The tap was turned off and the sound of footsteps began to fade, I hung my head in defeat. It's going to be OK in the end, the janitor lady is going to find you, I tried telling myself, maybe at the end of the day, or next week, or never...

"What the hell?"

My head snapped up with a painful crack and I was suddenly grateful for the duct tape over my mouth, it managed to keep the rather girly scream of surprise muffled as I jumped. It was the guy with the cell phone all right, he had found me.

The bad thing was that he was half naked and only wearing a pair of tight swimming shorts. I looked away, sure that my face was looking like a large tomato by now.

He raised a black brow and looked at me for a moment, then shrugged and said, "You look like shit."

He sounded like he was commenting on the weather. I tried to move my legs, trying to communicate with body language that i was stuck. After all how dumb can a guy be not to figure it out? His mouth twitched up in a half smile and pulled out his cell from nowhere. My eyes widened in realization.


He looked very smug as he put the phone back and glanced down at me. "It's for blackmail, if I ever need it." He explained before pushing the stall door open wider and reached over to pull the tape off my mouth. It came off with a loud crack and I felt as if my lips were ripped off along with it, but I could finally speak.

He rolled his eyes skyward as a tidal wave of colorful profanities hit his ears. "Whoa kid take it easy, my ears are going to wax up." He cocked his head again and smirked again. i noticed he had really nice eyes.

I was still yelling hoarsely when he finished ripping the rest of the tape off of me. He ignored my loud cursing and raked a hand through his wet hair.

"Look, its not that I don't want to hear you shout profanities at me or anything, but I'm late for practice. See you around." He stood and when i didn't move, he turned around again. "Are you going to sit there all day? Don't tell me you fell in love with the toilet seat."

I clenched my teeth and tried to remain cool. "I was waiting for you to leave so I can pull my pants up."

He grinned, "Can I take a pic?"


"Damn, you're no fun."

the door swung shut and i let out a huge breath of relief and glanced at my watch.

Oh god, what did I ever do to deserve this?!



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