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Eleven: The Date

"What am I supposed to do?!" I hissed urgently at Remy's retreating form. The blond designer sighed and grabbed me quickly and hauled me as fast as I could go into the room at the end of the hall. The door clicked shut softly just as Prince's black mop of hair appeared at the top of the staircase.

"Dude, what the hell are you doing?" his annoyed tone was slightly muffled by the door and I let out a short breath of relief when I realized Remy and I hadn't been discovered. Duke's answer was equally muffled. I didn't have time to eavesdrop on the brothers' conversation. Remy grabbed my arm and dragged me to a side door and pushed me through.

"Quick, we have to get you out of the dress." I flushed when I realized I had forgotten all about the embarrassing thing I was wearing.


"Why won't you go inside with me?!" I hissed at Duke as he turned the corner and stopped at a red light. He turned and smirked at me.

"Do you think I want to be there when you guys get all mushy?" he asked and raised a dark brow. I glared back and leaned into my seat. The red dress fanned out beneath me and I tucked a piece of the hair clippings back awkwardly. My head was adorned with curly clip-on locks.

"Say, what does that mean?" I asked as the Porsche turned at another corner. There was a small but very beautiful restaurant settled behind a patch of very ornamental shrubs. Tiny lights glittered softly over the greenery shaped into hearts. I gulped and flushed slightly.

"It's in Italian; well it kinda translates into love nest or love cave or love hole? Or something… I'm not that good. Ask him when you get there." He muttered.

"Wait, we're eating in there?!" I blinked at him. Duke shrugged.

"Well yeah, they have a very special dish. You absolutely have to ask for the Special Menu. I recommend it for your first time." He said with a grin. I memorized the words carefully and picked at my fingers nervously.

"Well, my lovely lady, we've arrived!" Duke's sudden loud proclamation made me jump slightly. I looked around as the car came to a stop. A man dressed in a neat black suit stepped over and pulled the door open for me. I stared at him.

"Nice hair." I said lamely.

His thin eyebrow raised a fraction of an inch before he bowed to me. "Right this way, madam."

I bit my lip and gave Duke a nasty glare before stepping out of the car. A sudden breeze made the dress fan out and my feet almost momentarily left the ground. Then the man offered his arm and I stared.

"Madam, this way please." He said and bowed again. I frowned and tentatively took his arm. The walkway to the front doors was lit with hundreds of candles of all sizes and colors. The scent was enough to get me dizzy.

"You see, our restaurant is only reserved for lovers." The man emphasized the word and gave a perfect smile. I gulped, feeling blood rush to my face again. "Only couples are allowed to dine here. Now may I know the name of the fair lady I am talking to?"

We were now standing in the brightly lit entrance and I didn't have a clue what to tell to him. The man coughed daintily. I coughed back, not so daintily.

"Well?" he asked in a thick accent. I gulped again, my hands clutching at my skirts nervously. Then another man walked over. His hair was a pale shade of grey and he had sharp black eyes.

"Come with me, miss. Oliver, prepare the menus." I sighed in relief and let go of Oliver's arm. The younger man looked slightly dazed. "Master Wayne sent his words several minutes ago. It took me a bit longer to find you. Come this way please."

We passed several tables of laughing couples in their finest dresses and I felt relief wash over me when I realized I wasn't overdressed. The restaurant offered a great view of the night lights and I blinked when I saw the familiar mop of dark hair by the large floor to ceiling window. Prince was sitting there and tapping his fingers over the cream colored table cloth with a bored expression.

"Your date is very handsome, miss. Do not be nervous." The old man gave me a warm smile and began leading the way to him. I felt myself blush again as my eyes traveled over his figure. The brunet had his hair carefully gelled back and was wearing a red dress shirt that looked suspiciously like it was made of silk under a white suit. He even had a black tie to match.

He saw me and the old man. We both blinked in unison. Then Prince choked. I stared as he covered his face with a napkin and coughed. The old man and I stayed silent as he took several deep breaths before turning to us. I scowled when I realized he was trying not to laugh.

"Thank you, John. Now that my date is here, I would like to see the menu." He nodded at the man and stood up, doing a perfect bow in front of me and taking my hand. I resisted the urge to cringe away. "May I, Mattie?"

I was as rigid as a board when his lips grazed over the back of my hand. To my immense relief, we sat down soon. The waiter offered me a wine glass before calling for Oliver again. The younger man was nowhere to be found.

"Well, Duke certainly outdid himself this time." Prince leaned in and smirked. I felt my left eye twitch but forced myself to remain still. A few minutes ticked by silently and a woman at the other table looked at him curiously while her date excused himself to go to the restroom. I frowned when Prince smiled at her. She blushed and fanned herself. I rolled my eyes.

"Please refrain from breaking other people's relationships." I grounded out between my teeth. He turned his blue eyes on me again and let them wander. I twitched again.

"Hmm…you look very…nice today." He muttered, his fingers going through his hair absently. "I was honestly surprised when you showed up in a dress. This is a rather peculiar birthday present. Peculiar…but nice. Tell me, how did he blackmail you into this?" He smirked again and leaned forward, blue eyes glittering in the candlelight.

I was just about to speak my mind when Oliver came back with a rather breathless look on his face. He was breathing like a bull elephant. "Sorry about…that…" he gasped as he handed us the richly colored menus. "Here are the menus..."

"Oliver!" another man in the same attire called out to him from the other side of the room. The young man took a deep breath, excused himself and made his way over.

I picked up a menu and scanned the thick fancy cursive letters. The names of the food were all in Italian but I recognized the Special Menu at the end. Duke's words came to me naturally and I sneaked a glance over the top of my menu. Prince was frowning at the dishes and twirling the glass of wine in his left hand causally. He looked completely at ease in the overly fancy restaurant. I coughed and rang the small silver bell placed carefully at the edge of the table.

The familiar figure of Oliver came over almost immediately and he smiled down at us after a short neat bow. "Are you ready to order, madam?"

I twitched at the words but remained still as Prince placed his order. Then Oliver turned to me and smiled expectantly. I coughed and nodded. "I'd like the special order please."

He blinked in surprise and gave me an uncertain look. "Are you sure, miss?"

I nodded and he gave me an impressed look. "You are indeed very brave, miss. Pick a number between one and ten, please."

I decided to go with eight. The waiter gave me another impressed look before making his way to the set of fancy gold doors at the end of the hall. I frowned at his words and folded my hands in my lap in an attempt to make it look graceful. The brunet across from me snorted at my effort and I stepped on his foot under the table. I felt a bit more at ease when Prince winced and adjusted his tie.

We sat in silence for a while and he tapped his fingers against the pale table cloth with a bored expression. Then the man named Oliver came back with a beaming expression. He carefully set a golden dish with a cover over it on the other side of the table and opened it with a flourish. I raised my eyebrows at the brunet across from me.

"You like mushrooms?" I asked him. He gave me a bland look and smirked before leaning forward.

"Tell me, Oliver. What was the delightful surprise under eight again?" he gave me a mocking smile as he turned to the waiter. Oliver smiled cheerfully and set an even larger dish in front of me. I blinked at my own reflection on the silver covering before the waiter pulled it off. The nasty smell nearly knocked me over and I felt my eyes water as I stared down at the dish in front of me with a mix of horror and awe. There was a big fat glistening white thing flopped on the dish. I summoned up the courage to poke it with a fork. The thing wobbled.

"Wow, you hit the jackpot." Prince's smug tone made me glare up at him.

"What is it?" I asked Oliver and he shrugged with a small apologetic smile.

"I don't really recall. Might have been some kind of African worm and steamed brain together…those things are liver I think." He pointed to the small round circles decorating the plate. I nearly puke.

"Ah, I think I would like something else." I managed weakly. Prince smirked at me from across the table and I felt something brush against my booted leg. The smirk widened and I twitched, my fingers prying at the table cloth and trying to control my temper as his eyes wandered over to the woman at the next table and the woman batted her lashes at him.

Oliver turned with a disappointed expression and nodded as he handed me the menu again. I shook my head and offered a polite smile.

"I'll have what he's having, thank you."

He nodded and I beckoned him over and whispered something in his ear. I saw Prince stiffen at the close proximity and I patted Oliver's arm, making sure that my fingers stayed longer than needed. The poor waiter looked a bit dazed and I smirked back at the brunet. He gave me an icy glare but refrained from making eye contact with the lady at the next table. I felt considerably smugger.

It only got better when the whole cooking staff came out of the kitchen all singing loudly and clanking loud pot lids. A man followed closely behind with a birthday cake. I had only a second to enjoy the shocked expression on Prince's face before he disappeared under a bright downpour of glittering confetti.

Yes, revenge was indeed sweet.

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