A/N: BTW, I am co-writing this with my best friend CJ... I do not know when he can update, of warning: maybe some lemons later on, and maybe some bestiality due to Michelle's powers.

Chapter 1

I am Michelle... sure, I maybe human -- but I am not a normal human -- I have powers beyond what a normal person can conceive. It is not hard to get my powers, a simple holding of my hands can transfer this energy very briefly... but sex is the main way in which my powers are transferred... whomever I do it with gets every power I have. Why…? I do not know, that is just what the wizard that gave me these powers happened to say. What are my powers anyway? Well that is a secret... or not. I can transform into any animal imaginable. Even the least obvious animal such as a grasshopper, I can transform into that... and even a dinosaur possibly (though I have never tried it)!

Nobody knows about my powers though... they are kept secret. Only a few know of them: the wizard that gave me the powers; a drunkard mad scientist whom I nickname 'Dr. Mad'; and another person like me that can transform into any animal, too.

Now my job is not exactly "normal"... I happened to work at a museum, not a normal museum; the curator wants me to bring back prehistoric animals... I have been working there for three months... but not long enough for me to bring back anything -- what is wrong with this curator? I think maybe he hates me... because I all I have ever done is just work, work, work... like cleaning the bathroom (which is fucking disgusting) and sweeping the floor (when he is not looking I transform my arms into cheetah arms, which makes me less tired). Finally, a new sucker came along wanted to get a job.

"Hi, I am Francis," he said... my God my heart stopped... he was so hot... I pretended not to notice him. "Is anyone here?"

"I guess I am here...," I mumbled.

"Hi... are you Michelle?"

"Yeah… hey…! How the fuck did you know my name!" My heart skipped a beat.... He fucking knows my name… how in the world!

"I think maybe we may have met somewhere." Met somewhere… I would have died by then! Damn he is so fucking hot...

"Maybe online or something...," I said while trying to grin.

"Yeah... maybe so... say, want to go look at the fossils? I happened to be very curious."

"Sure thing…!" Oh God…, I get to walk with him!!!! I smiled and we walked to the fossils. He smiled back; how he smiled... damn.... Time seemed to have slowed... but I shook it off and could not help but not to notice that some of the fossils were missing… I think maybe that he had noticed, too.

"Hey... some of them are missing!" I blinked. How…, I do not remember this…

"They were stolen a couple of weeks ago," the curator said.

"Oh no… that is not good…" What a liar…

"I know… how about you two help me get them back?"

"I would love to," I bowed and grinned.

"I want to go too then, sounds interesting," Francis smiled bigly, with a few teeth showing. Damn he was hot the way he smiled…

"You have to travel back in time," the curator said. What did I just hear? Go back in time? What the hell…? I felt a big lump in the back of my throat…
"In the Jurassic period, to be exact," he mentioned. "There happens to be a portal to be able to go there. There should be instructions on what to do…"

"Umm… sounds a bit dangerous – but I will go anyways…," I hesitated. I really didn't feel like going… to be honest, I quite felt like shit… the lump in the back of my throat almost felt like vomit… probably from being so nervous… and tired…

"I would be happy to go," he said enthusiastically. Well, at least he has a good attitude about going… We walked over to the box and stepped inside… it looked like a telephone booth… I absolutely hated tight spaces… and in a tight space with him! It turned me on like a light bulb…

"It should take you to the Jurassic period," the curator said (forgot his name…). We both nodded happily and the door closed…

Traveling through time is an odd experience… sadly; I could probably never be able to describe it fully, because I cannot even begin to conceive what happened in the first place… except the fact that I felt dizzy and quite frankly, sick to my stomach…

Jurassic period, circa 150 mya..

"Whoa… freaky…," I did not feel very good… was it 'time lag'? We were not sure what to do completely… so we just sat there for a few minutes thinking. He was even hotter when he never talked… "You know, I should not have drunk that champagne last night… I do not feel my best…"

"Umm… what was in it?" He asked, as if he did not know what was in alcohol in the first place!

"Ethanol, alcohol… whatever is in champagne… I think I have 'time lag'…"

"You know… I do not feel very good either…"

"Can you excuse me for a second while I" – I vomited right into the bush in front of him. His face turned a bright red and then green… he surely did not look too well!

"Oh God…," he nearly vomited in front of me… he walked off to a bush and did so. "This looks serious…," he scowled.

"OK… well hold on…," I gulped and fainted behind a bush. He looked up to see an unconscious me… and he must have heard the thud, too.

"Are you OK…!" It sounded like he wanted to scream… I slowly woke up because of this.

"I am not bulimic… yeah… I am all right… I suppose… I was vomiting and I fainted! I do not call that all right!"

"Oh… do you want to stay here until you feel better?" He asked, a bit scared… probably because of my attitude (blame my powers…).

"I do not know…," I fainted again… I could hear him breathing very heavily… I started to dream… I do not know why I started to dream… I could not even tell what I was dreaming about… because once I wake up, I usually forget what I was dreaming…

I then felt something sniff my head…