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Chapter 2

"Uuh...," I groaned. Whatever was sniffing me was looking at me straight in the eyes. It was a Piatnitzkysaurus. Not much is known about them because they were only known from partial skeletons (with two fractured skulls and parts of postcranial skeletons). It was a beautiful creature covered in feathers. He had a greenish-grey face and body with yellowish-green legs and bluish-grey tail. I cooed slightly to tell him I was pretending I was scared of him (if not, Francis would wonder why!) and also told him to run away if we fainted (even though I was pretending). He looked at him in his beautiful blue eyes... not like sky blue, turquoise or anything like that -- but ocean blue. I smiled. Francis heard me and walked over. "O-o-oh my-y G-g-god....!!! It is a P-p-piatnitzyksaurus!!!" We both fainted and it ran off. We woke up dazed and confused about an hour later. I rubbed my head because I had accidentally hit a rock with my arm. My hand was bleeding. I had the impulse to lick it... but Francis would think I was odd.

"That was close... and are you alright?" He blinked when he had seen my arm/hand bleeding.

"Yes...," I gasped from the pain and not being able to lick it.

"I think maybe we should have prepared ourselves better!"

"Like how?" I was already prepared anyways. "Anyways... how the hell am I supposed to know we are in South America... and in the middle of nowhere, I mean no; not that! BEFORE HUMANS?!" I barred my teeth. Luckily he did not see my long canines.

"The curator should have told us about where we were going and told us what to bring with us!" He looked a bit pissed off.

"And maybe some 'time lag' pills...," I groaned. I still did not feel very good. There is not grass at this time period! I usually eat grass if I do not feel very good.

"Let us go teach that bastard a lesson."

"I agree," I growled slightly. "I wanna kick his ass." The curator was a bastard anyway... he never treated me right. He thought I was a slut, from the clothes I wore. But what the hell! Francis is wearing similar clothes as me! "He has never treated me right anyways. I will explain later."

"Right...," he got up and walked back to the telephone booth. I did the same thing, but still not feeling my best. He pushed a button and we returned back to the present/future... whatever.


"Dammit, I am going to kick your fucking little ass, you stupid fucking curator," I barked. I still did not feel very good and when I do not feel very good; I tend to get slightly irritable and pissy.

"You could have at least have given us a chance to prepare for this fucking journey! Michelle almost died!"

"Yeah! Well not really, but yeah!" What was Francis talking about? I was fine, except sick!

"Sorry...," said the curator. "Thought you had done it yourself!" What the fuck... he was here the whole time we traveled through time! We were so angry we have no idea what to say! I barred my fangs (and yet again, Francis did not notice this!).

"Goodbye," Francis simply said; while we walked off.

"Good... BYE! Fuck off," I flipped off the curator, and kicked the floor; leaving a huge scuff mark. We walked down the streets of Oklahoma City (technically, Edmond). It was never peaceful at any time, but for some odd reason; it was today. I wonder if it was because it is too hot? A few minutes later, he spoke up and broke the silence...

"What sort of stuff would we need to satisfy that fucking idiot?!" He crossed his arms. I furrowed my brow.

"I have no idea!!!" I growled with gusto, kicking a rock really hard; it hit a trash can and flew in the air; hitting a stupid police officer. Francis and I snickered without the policman noticing.

"I do suppose we need enough stuff to fill a trolley, or something!" Crap. Judging from his accent, he is British; per chance? I guess a trolley is a shopping cart! Shopping carts were invented in Oklahoma.

"I guess so...," I shrugged.

"Let us think... what do we need? Maybe some food or weapons...?" He asked.

"How about some daggers or swords?" I was kind of joking. I mentally chuckled.

"They sound useful... but I think guns are better. I happened to have an AK-47 I could use," I replied.

"RGGHHH!!! I HATE GUNS. GUNS FUCKING KILL!" I wanted to rip my hair out, and his, too.

"Well so do swords and daggers."

"Fuck you...," I mumbled under my breath. I was so pissed off. I wanted to punch him.

"Anyways... I think we might need a tent or something," he broke the silence. I growled slightly. "Look... I am sorry," he held out his hand. I barred my fangs. "Fine... I am still sorry. It looks as if I offended you."

"Oh fuck yeah you did!" I spat. "Hmph." We we were silent once again. I felt bad for I had said, but I was too embarrassed to talk to him. I was too embarrassed to tell him I was in love with him... Everything about him was amazing. His voice was so soft with a nice, mellow British accent. I blushed but he never noticed. I think he was blushing, too. "No... I am sorry...," I broke the silence. "Guns just offend me... and whenever I hear or see them, it pisses me off." I also forgot I was on my period... that makes me slightly pissy, too.

"Oh... apology accepted," he blushed slightly.

"Umm... I have to go to the bathroom...," I shrugged.

"Where is the nearest bathroom anyways? I am not from around here, obviously."

"My house," I winked. "Just down the road a few blocks." He smiled and walked down Bryant Avenue. My house was not far off from this street. We walked a couple of blocks, and down a residental road. We had finally made it to my house. My house is nice. It is two stories with a light shade of sky blue on the wood slats, but it is mostly light red brick. The garage door is light blue, too; while the front door is a glass door and then a nice shade of the wooden brown. I happened to have painted it myself. I love what I have done to it. I walked up to the garage door and punched in "greywolf". In my opinion, it is faster than trying to unlock the door. I also did it because my garage is really clean!

"How come you did not go through the front door?" He said while ducking under the garage door.

"It is faster, and look how clean my garage is," I replied while ducking.

"Spotless -- except for you car."

"Exactly," I smiled and let him in first. He smiled bigly (I took it as a "thanks"); I smiled back at him. The inside of my house is quite nice; I do not think I can fully describe it, though. (A/N: I have trouble describing houses, please use your imagination). "Hang on a sec, I will be right back; please, make yourself at home." He smiled and sat down in one of the green wooden chairs that I made myself. I ran off to the bathroom upstairs. I transformed into my true form, because when I go to the bathroom in my human form another form, it tends to hurt real bad. Francis had obviously followed me.

"Michelle! Are you alright?" He asked from outside the bathroom.

"Yeah...," I called. "But I have a problem...," I blushed really red. I was out of stupid tampons. "Crap...," I thought.

"What is it?"

"Uhhh... it is... really embarrassing...," I continued to blush. I transformed back into my human form. I flushed the toilet and opened the door. He just cocked his head... he saw that I was blushing really hard.

"Is there something wrong?" He asked; puzzled.

"I-I...," I started. He cocked his head again and furrowed his brow.


"I ran out of tampons!" I blurted. He looked at me funny.

"Umm... so what?" He smiled. "I realise you are a woman --" I kissed him deeply, smack-dab on the lips. He was so turned on that his erection hit my leg. This shocked me because I had forgotten about this... but I did not care. I was kissing so forcibly that he fell under my weight. "Oh... God...," he shuddered uncontrollably.

"Francis... I-I love you... I loved you the minute I saw you..."

"Michelle... I love you too...," he blushed hard and this made me do the same. I got off of him and helped him up.

"So... I am currently not wearing a tampon... so can we go to the store now before my jeans fully bleed?"

"Yes. Let us go. I suppose we do need some kind of light source?"

"How about matches? I have some."

"Good. We are set then."


"Riiight...," he pretended to roll his eyes. We set off for the store.

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