AUTHOR'S NOTE: Okay, I'm extremely proud to say that all the lyrics for the song Download are MY OWN CREATION. I was pretty proud because if there's one thing I'm not, it's being musically inclined. But I actually had music and lyrics in my mind for once. WOO HOO for me!!


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Philosophy of a Jilted Lover

Chapter I: Poster in Progress

Carly snorted. "Oh, yeah, going with the band on tour is real exciting. I can hardly contain myself. Quick, pass me a paper bag before I start hyperventilating."

"Are you finished with it yet?"


"… Are you finished now?"


"… How about now?"


"… When are you going to be done?"


"But I want to lose my virginity to Ben Preston!!! Can't you understand?!"

"Grace!!" Carly gasped, clearly appalled by the comment.

"What?" Graced asked in response to her friend's scolding stare, shrugging guiltily. "Just because you don't like musicians doesn't mean that I have to."

Carly scowled, pen stilling on the paper. "That doesn't mean you should even contemplate giving up your well-guarded virginity to someone you don't even know. And besides, you're never going to have the chance."

"Don't say that!" Grace protested vehemently. "You're amazing! There's no way we're not going to win."

Rolling her eyes, Carly resumed outlining the sketch of her poster idea. "You're going to win. I'm not going anywhere."

"What do you mean? It's a two person prize." Grace asked, crestfallen, visibly losing all her previous energy. "You can't just back out on me now. That goes against The Pact."

"The Pact was from when we were twelve." Carly sighed, reaching over and grabbing her box of Prismacolor pencils. "We're twenty-two. I think some stipulations on the Pact have degraded over time."

"Yeah, some of them," Grace agreed, crossing her legs underneath her on the bed. "But not the 'best friends stick together' rule. Unless you're telling me we're not best friends anymore."

"Don't be ridiculous." Carly said, carefully sifting through the Prismacolors before choosing a subtle grass green. "If we weren't best friends, there's no way I'd even think about entering a poster in that stupid contest."

"It's not stupid! The prizes are incredible! Bands hardly ever do this sort of thing. This is literally a once-in-a-lifetime experience."

Carly snorted. "Oh, yeah, going with the band on tour is real exciting. I can hardly contain myself. Quick, pass me a paper bag before I start hyperventilating."

"It's Ben Preston, Carly. Ben Preston." Grace emphasized her point by clasping her hands over her heart and pretending to swoon. "He's only the most gorgeous bassist in the entire country, maybe the entire world."

"Don't you think you're a little old to have a crush?"

Sending her a sharp glare, Grace answered, "Don't you think you're a little young to be so freakin' jaded?"


"Sorry, Carls." Grace said quietly, hands dropping loosely in her lap. "I didn't mean it."

"Whatever. Can you let me finish this already?" Carly responded, quickly changing the subject to something Grace would be sure to latch onto. "You're the one who wanted me to do this, and I can't do it if I'm distracted."

"Please. You could finish it with your eyes closed."

Pulling back, Carly stared down at the poster in question. It really was quite good, Carly admitted to herself, whatever the reason was for creating it. The page had a thick line running near the edges of the page as a border, with a view of all the band members from slightly above in a V formation. They were all looking up, as if staring at the person holding the poster in their hands. The band name was scattered all around the page, in a small show of subliminal messaging (e.g. on the clothing, along the border, hanging as an earring to the band members who had pierced ears, etc.), with one larger band logo and name in front.

With a satisfied smile, Carly sighed, "It really is one of my best, isn't it?"

Not that she thought she'd win. There were thousands upon thousands of fans for Not Always Accurate, most of whom probably had put more drive and energy into their own posters, but it was good enough for Carly. As badly as she knew Grace wanted to win, Carly couldn't honestly care less about the actual win as long as she herself was proud of the work.

Truthfully, she didn't want to win. Better the win go to two die-hard fans, as opposed to just one. It wouldn't seem totally fair if Carly won, simply because she hated the band.

Well, that wasn't entirely true.

She didn't mind the music at all. What she minded were the guitar-toting, sex-obsessed, oh-poor-me-I'm-so-depressed-I-think-I'll-write-a-song-about-it rock stars who all think they're God's greatest creation. Not to mention the groupies, who were possibly even worse than that, with the way they threw themselves at said rock stars like there was no tomorrow.

Unless you were Grace, who was just adorable. And, besides, Grace didn't really throw herself at the band, unless you counted Ben Preston, who probably wouldn't mind.

… If they did win, Carly was only going to be on Grace Guard Duty, just to make sure all those perverts didn't lay a hand on her best friend.

"There's a download for intoxication," Grace sang when a new song's chorus burst forth from the radio. Jumping to her feet, she grabbed Carly's outlining pen and used it as a microphone. "There's a website for your ecstasy, There's no waiting, anticipating, It's just mind control on high-speed!"

Laughing, Carly joined in until the disc jockey cut in with, "That was NotAlways Accurate's newest single, Download! Don't forget fans of the band, all the contest posters must be sent in before May 21st to be eligible. According to the band manager, the band members themselves will be choosing the winner, so make 'em look good. Touring starts June 13th, so we all can guess the winner will be chosen sometime before that. Alright, next up, we have—"

Grace shut the radio off, looking at Carly with a smug grin plastered across her face. "You liked that song, didn't you? I can tell when you lie to me, Carly Anne."

Carly rolled her eyes, crossing her arms over her chest and popping a hip out to the side. "I admit it, alright? They have okay music, but that doesn't mean I like the band. Musicians are stupid and the only thing they can actually do right is the music they make."

"'Okay music'? Just okay?! Are you mad, woman?" Grace shrieked upon hearing the first half of Carly's statement, wielding the pen-turned-microphone as a weapon. "You must be punished! How darest thou speak of my favorite band as just 'okay'!!"

Dodging Grace's flying leap towards her, Carly giggled, "Don't you want me to finish the poster? It's already the twentieth of May, Gracie."

Grace stopped mid swing, pondering the statement for a moment before replying with, "Alright, your punishment it reserved until you turn in the poster."

"Gee, thanks." Carly plopped into her seat at the desk, resuming the task of coloring the poster. Finished with the grass green color, she searched for a darker shade of the same.

Leaning over the poster in progress, Grace stated, "Hmmm… You made Ben awfully good-looking (but I suppose that's because he's just that good-looking)… When we win, he's mine, girlfriend."

"If we win, I don't want him."