The Throw Away

She's become the useless object
She's turned into a wasted thing
Too blind to see she's a reject
Afraid of the pain isolation brings.

So she clings to him like a parasite
Trying to convince herself he cares
Unaware she's dueling in a lost fight
Can't see he doesn't care if she's there.

Stupid girl asks of him a question
But can't even get the time of day
And yet she takes this without objection...
Too afraid to be alone, so she'll stay.

Can't even begin to comprehend
The fact that he's happy her to ignore
Unwilling to speak up and defend
Herself at this point any more.

She lives with a morbid sense of love
Believes love is suffering in silence
Meanwhile it takes her heart and shoves
It full of a brewing, quiet violence.

And maybe one of these days she'll break
Maybe she'll finally stand on her own
Maybe the stupid girl will see her mistake
And make her wounded feelings known.

Maybe she'll finally stop the burning tears
Dig her fingers in and crawl up and out
Maybe she'll get over her silly little fears
And finally learn what love is truly about.

But until that time comes, she's destined to be
The idiot who will cry through most of the day
Because she refuses to be alone and free
Resigned to always be his little throw away.