The Drift of Time

Inspired by my favorite song.

A look at their past.

Kate's Point of Veiw

"Lucas! Lucas!" I called over to the Whitlocks' fence.

"Hey Katie!" Lucas's face suddenly appeared in front of mine, his chin resting snugly on the fence separating us.

"Hey, mummy wants your mum to come over for dinner, wanna come? Your parents have to go, too." I smiled at him widely.

"Okay, oh, and you're coming to my seventh birthday party, right?" He asked.

"Yeah! I'll ask my parents first. Oh, what do you want for it? You know that it's also my birthday party that day, too, right?" I told him firmly, making it sound somewhat like a question.

"Of course I remembered, hey, I have an idea!" He exclaimed.

"Yeah, I'm listenin'." I pressed, telling him to go on.

"What about not having separate birthdays this time? How about from now on, we have it on the same day, time, and place?" He suggested.

"I love that idea! Let's do it!" I told him, I gave him a hug over the fence, and ran into my blue and green-painted two story house. I turned my head, seeing Lucas smiling at me, his beautiful light brown eyes. I smiled back, then opened my door as Lucas turned around and started walking towards his yellow and orange two story house. Our parents were, and still are really close friends, but our mothers gave birth to us on the exact same day. So, since then, we became the best of friends. But, to me, even when I was two, and then when we had our first combined birthday party, we had something more.

I closed the white door behind me, and went with the way time worked for ten years. Staying close to each other as friends.