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Truth and Trust

I was actually excited to have the shopping trip with Jenny. I loved the mall. No one knew this because, well, frankly no one ever asked. But it was the one place that no one wanted to be touched. I did still wear the gloves, but that was for precaution.

Ever just sat at the mall - or any public place - and people watched? I found that you always see the same type of people. There was always that one person who talked another's ear off. They were usually not together, more like old friends or co-workers the talker ran into. You could tell that the other person just wanted to leave, but they were too polite to say 'goodbye'.

It was quite amusing, actually.

But that was not the only reason why I loved the mall. It was the clothes. Clothes were inanimate. They had no feelings, no secrets, no thoughts, and best of all- they didn't judge me.

The closest mall back in Oklahoma was an hour away. The closest one here was fifteen minutes. My jaw dropped when we got there. There was a big sign saying 'The Mall o f New Hampshire". I've never been to The Mall of Something before.

Jenny laughed at me and she found a place to park. She looked at me and said, "Tell me you've been to the mall before."

"Well, yeah. But not a big one like this."

"Trust me there's a bigger one in Nashua." She waved it off like it wasn't a big deal. We both hopped out of the car and walked into the mall.

"Lexi, I've told you a lot about my life… and I don't know one thing about you, except you're from Oklahoma." She pointed out as we walk into Macy's.

"There's really nothing to know. I'm from a small town that was filled with dark secrets. Everyone in the town hated me, and threatened to kill me because I knew their secrets." I shrugged my shoulders. Jenny just blinked at me and then looked a shirt.

"Wow, I'm sorry. You didn't have any friends to turn to?"

"Did you just hear what I said?" I looked at her harshly.

"Yeah, I get it. Everyone hated you." Jenny bit her lip. "That must of sucked."

"I survived." We both fell into silence and continued to look at some clothes. After a few moments of awkwardness, Jenny and I started to talk about other senseless things and it was like our previous conversation never happened.

Two hours and ten stores later, we headed back to Jenny's house. She told me that Hannah finally agreed to let me touch her, just to prove that Jenny was the one overreacting. I wasn't sure how that's going to work, because I saw what Jenny saw. We were going to die.

When I walked into the house, Hannah was waiting for us at the stairs. She looked like she wasn't very happy. It seemed like every time I was over their house her attitude towards me lingered around hatred. Maybe it was because I was getting closer to Jenny than to Wes.

"So, Jenny recruited you to see if I was telling the truth, huh?" She stood up from the stairs and stared at me, our eyes were at the same level.

"No, I want to know the truth as well." I said, defending my only good friend. I saw Jenny smile out of the corner of my eye. I wondered if I was her first and only friend. She never did tell me about that.

"Alright then, let's get this over with." She walked down the rest of the steps, and into the living room. I followed her as she sat into the rocker. Hannah's rocking chair was located right beside the doorframe from the foyer. It was facing the wall across from it. The room itself was fairly big; I mean it could fit a room full of teenage boys. "You're going to take your gloves off right?"

She stared at me mockingly. I politely smiled, and bit my sarcastic tongue. "Yeah, I guess."

I took my gloves off and handed them to Jenny. Jenny held them carefully in her hands, like they would turn into thread if she dropped them.

When I went to touch Hannah's hand, that exact moment, the boys came barreling into the room, pushed Jenny out of the way, and then Drake crashed into me.

I was able to catch what Hannah was hiding before my hands disconnected from hers. But it seemed odd to me. Yes she saw the war, but she didn't see anything happening to us. It was like the exact image of Jenny's vision, but the opposite. Instead of us dropping dead we were walking away from it… alive.

I felt someone's grip hard on my wrist, and it broke me from the vision. I saw Drake staring at me intently, his hand closing tighter and I screamed out in pain.

"Drake what the hell are you doing?" Wes screamed as he pushed him away from me. I looked at Drake and then back at Hannah. She staged this… She must have.

"So, did you see what Jenny saw?" Hannah asked smugly. I stared at her, trying to figure her out. She must have saw that I was going to really see the truth and then tell everyone, so she told Drake to alter it…

"I want to see it again." I said and Hannah stared at me and then at Drake. Drake looked away and sat on the couch. I could see her eyes flicker to Wes. "Please, just to make sure, this is a very important subject, Hannah."

"Fine." She placed her hands out again and I grabbed them tighter this time. I was able to see her beginning childhood keeping the secret of being the seeker and the seer and then I saw the war. There was blood everywhere. People dropped down, like flies. But I couldn't tell who it was… I was getting a closer look and then it was gone. Just like that.

"Lexi, you're hurting her." Wes said. I let go of Hannah and looked at Wes. His hand was on my arm. Hannah was flexing her fingers pretending that it had loss some circulation. Wes still had his hand on my arm and I felt completely frustrated. Now I knew why Jenny couldn't trust anyone here- they were all liars.

I yanked my arm from Wes' and stepped back to be near Jenny. Jenny wrapped an arm around me. She knew… she knew what they were doing.

"Lexi, what's the matter?" Wes asked looking a little hurt that I drew back from him. His hand was stretched out to comfort me, but I stepped back. "I'm not going to hurt you."

"But you're willing to lie to me." I said, tears filling up in my eyes. "You all are!" I shouted and ran out of the room. Jenny followed me as I continued to run outside. I stopped at the bottom step of the porch and collapsed on the steps.

"I'm sorry, I should have seen this coming." Jenny said and sat down next to me.

"Jenny you were right. They can't be trusted." I said I started to bawl. She quickly wrapped me up in her arms and let me cry on her shoulder. "We're all going to die, and we're the only two people that want to prevent it."

"I'm sorry you had to deal with the bad side of Wes. I swear…" she trailed off, as she brushed my hair with her fingers.

"Why is he like that? Why is our relationship so bipolar?"

"Honestly, Lexi, he's always been like that. Ever since he moved in."

We stayed on the steps in silence until I finally calmed down. I broke away from her embrace and wiped away the tears from my cheeks. She went to help me but stopped. I knew she was afraid to touch me. She didn't want to do it without my permission. That was when I realized that she was probably going to be a true genuine friend. I wiped the most of my tears away from my cheeks. We both giggled at the whole mess.

"I got to stop crying." I said. "I think I'm running out of tears."

"What do you mean?"

"The other night, when you came over for dinner, after you left and my mom went to bed I was crying on the couch. I was feeling so overwhelmed. The worst part was, I didn't even know I was crying until my brother pointed it out." I chuckled. "Such an observant little monster."

She laughed. She was about to say something when a knock interrupted us. We both jumped and looked up. It was Wes.

"Can I talk to you for a second?" He asked and I nodded. Jenny got up and looked at me to make sure I was okay before stepping back into the house. Wes replaced Jenny's place. He held his hands together.

"What did you want to talk about?" I asked, knowing that if I hadn't said anything, nothing would have gotten said.

"I'm sorry. Lexi, I'm really sorry. It's hard to live here. You have to listen to what Hannah tells you to do, or you get the boot." He looked at me, his eyes pleaded with me to understand.

"Jenny never listens to her."

"Jenny is technically her child. Hannah adopted her, there's nothing she can do. But the rest of us, we're just living with her. We're not legally bonded with her."

"That still doesn't give you the right to lie to me. It still doesn't give you the green light to mess with someone's head-" Wes' leathered finger stopped my lips.

"I know it doesn't, and that's why I'm apologizing. I want to get to know you, Lexi. I want us to be close… like you and Jenny." His eyes glowed with envy.

"I can't be close to you if you keep pushing me away, Wes. I just can't deal with this mental wall that you place in between us. If you want us to become close, you have to learn to trust me." I said and stood up from the steps. "And when you want to give me your trust, come find me."

I said and started to walk into the house to find Jenny. He grabbed my arm to stop me and spun me around to face him. His eyes showed confliction. "What-"

This time, instead of his finger, his lips pressed against mine. He pulled away and placed my exposed hand against his cheek; I got a glimpse into his secrets. His feelings about me, the struggle he has to overcome so he won't hurt someone, the orders that Hannah gives him, how he made his classes be the same with mine because Hannah told him to, and lastly him pushing a student off of him so hard that the kid hit his head on lockers and left a dent. I took my hand off, and stared at him in shock.

"I trust you, Alexis."