As my mothers new form began heating up in the oven, every inch of it being warmed at a 450 degree temperature, I began to wonder about what Imagine might have in that fucking mind of his about what he was going to do with Daddy's body. I sat at the table my blood stained fingers tapping on the table as I thought to my self. He was already going to be pissed at the fact that his fucking mother was dead, let alone think of something worse to do to daddy. I had to fix it. I had to stop him before he could make Daddy suffer anything worse than what he already has.

I stood up pushing the chair back and began to make my way out the living room and up the stairs. Down the hall way I passed Gray who was still sitting like a fucking coward by the bathroom door, waiting for Imagine as if he was some sort of savior. Fucking idiot. I walked passed retard, no time to mess with him now that will have to wait. I slowed my pace as I began to enter the room where my Daddy was lifelessly limped over in the chair, barely even sitting in it. I observed Imagines work. The harsh gases everywhere, fucking ass hole.

Sure Imagine mainly did this because we have an ongoing battle of hate. It started when he was just a baby and Daddy wasn't around, which was his fault. In a way, he had started this all before he was even born. Though it was more than the hate for me that made him do this. It was all the build up of things Daddy would do to him. Daddy loved me to death, I was his little princess. Though Imagine was different. Daddy was never fond of the fucking bastard. Daddy didn't treat Imagine perfectly like Mother did. There were many times at the dinner table where Daddy would make Imagine stand on the side and watch all of us eat, after he had been starved for days. Mother didn't like this one bit, and every time she would bitch about it, Daddy would say "Well I could always kill him". And that would shut the bitch up immediately. Daddy had power and she knew it. She knew he would kill Imagine no problem. It was bound to happen sooner or later. Many of times Gray, Darren and me would be sitting in the living room, and we could hear Daddy throwing Imagine around hitting him, kicking him, doing every imaginable thing to him, while Mother would yell and cry for him to stop. Gray would cry scared, not knowing what was going on, Darren by now was used to hearing it when he came over, and would often comfort Gray. I would just listen, and the noises would comfort me, kind of like a warm blanket to a baby. Good old memories.

I snapped out of my thoughts when I heard the shower water turn off. Imagine would be out soon. I walked up to Daddy's body and ran my hand over his cold cheek. There was only one way to make it to where Imagine wouldn't do anything more fucked up to him. I leaned down and kissed Daddy's forehead one last time. Something about my heart felt like it was being tugged at. Making pressure build up in my whole chest and rising to my throat. I have never felt this feeling before and I don't know what's going on. I could feel my eyes began to water. I have only cried once in my life, and that is when I was three, and they took my Daddy away for the first time. Though those were maybe on or two tears. I could never really cry. And even now I couldn't with my final goodbye to Daddy. I reached into my pocket and took out the matches that were resting in there. I took one out and ran it over the box and looked as a small flame was created on the tiny match. I placed it on Daddy's shirt and lit three more watching as slowly the flame began to spread. This wasn't fast enough. I looked past him and at the window and drug the chair that he was sitting in over to it. I tried to open the window, but it was stuck. I looked around finding a book on the night stand near by and picked it up hitting the window with it at full force making the glass shatter every where. I hit the remaining pieces out of the way and threw the book to the side. I lifted part of Daddy up and pushed him upwards as hard as I could, almost loosing my breath. I had his upper torso out the window, all it needed was on last push. I grabbed his legs and pushed upwards and out the window.

Falling back as the last push worked I heard Daddy's body hit the ground seconds after I pushed him. I sat there for a minute panting trying to catch my breath until I heard the bathroom door knob began to turn, and Gray jump up with joy. I stood up and ran down the hall pushing Gray to the ground as I did and bolted down the stairs. I had to beat Imagine to it. A rotten smell that was mixed with chocolate and burned blood filled my nostrils. The cookie was close to being done. I ran through the kitchen and out the back door grabbing the gasoline I had just used on the parts of my mother I didn't need and ran over to Daddy's twisted body. I put the gasoline down, and flipped him over on his back. The little fire I had started on his shirt had been put out and only started a little fire and burned a little whole in his shirt. I stood up not allowing any part of me to dread or be any more attached to this. I picked up the gasoline and began to pour it all over Daddy, drenching him in it. I threw the bottle to the side and got the matches back out of my pocket lighting one, and dropping on Daddy. A low flame was built at first and then it spread and burst up. I watched as parts of his flesh bubbled up and then popped from the heat. I walked back inside and got oven mits out prepared to take out the cookie. I heard Imagines foot steps as he came around the corner and stood watching me as I took out the pan with the last of Mother on it and set it on the top of the oven on the burners. I threw the oven mits off and onto the ground and got a plate out of the cupboard and placed the cookie on it. It burned my fingers tips as I picked it up, but I had felt worse. I placed the plate on the table by the glass of milk and looked at Imagine who was staring back, again the no emotion in his eyes. Just blank, though most people would still run away from him if they ever saw him like this on the street.

His jet black hair was wet now, dripping onto the floor, he was wearing Daddy's shirt and pants that were a little big on him. Sure for only fourteen you wouldn't think that he would look like this. He looked pretty much like a sixteen year old, by far taller than me. So it was no surprise that Daddy's clothes weren't that big on him. His eyes bore into mine. Obviously he had something to say, though I am pretty sure he was wanting an explanation for the cookie, wanting to know what was going on.

I smiled, knowing I must of looked some what crazy, blood stains on my face, and down my clothes. "I made you a little fare well treat. Take it as a good bye, and burn in fucking nightmare relm." I said a bit venomously. His eyes flickered from mine to the cookie on the table. He looked back at me thoughts going through that head of his. "You're taking Gray." He said shortly and simply. Not making a single move, or showing any intentions of going towards the cookie or the milk. "Fuck you, I don't want dip shit. I have things to do ass hole" I said a bit taken back by his sudden push on me to take Gray. Though if I would of thought about it, it really wouldn't surprise me. Of course Imagine wouldn't want to take care and look after some annoying kid. But its not like I'm mother material either, I fucking hate kids.

He just stood there staring at me, still no emotion, he adjusted himself to where he was leaning against the wall his arms crossed over his chest, he wasn't about to give up on this. "Issabella," he began, in that voice of his that sounded like he knew better, was better, than anyone. It was the voice of his that I hated out of all of his voices. "I don't have time for this right now, you will be taking Gray, you will look after him, and you will not fight with me about this." I stared at him, or rather glared, and took a step towards him "Who the fuck do you think you are?" I said in a rather loud tone. I took a step back crossed my arms. "If he goes with me, he would end up dead. Guaranteed." I said lower tone not taking my eyes off of Imagine. "Issabella," He started, but I couldn't help myself. "Fuck you. Why do you care what the hell happens to little shit anyways?" He stared back at me, his eyes cold as stone, making my blood run a little cold, though I would never let him know that. He doesn't need a ego boost.

"Its not his life that I care about, it's the fact that he is a responsibility that Mother expected us to take after. Do you even realize how ridiculous you sound?" He said mono toned.

"Why the fuck would I take after one of her responsibilities? And if you think its such a big fucking deal, why don't you take after him?" I snapped back not believe the bull shit that was coming out of his mouth. Kiss my ass, I'm not going to give up on this either.

"Lets make a deal. We will trade him on and off. I keep him for a certain amount of time, you keep him for a certain amount of time. We will send him to each other." He said still leaning against the wall, his eyes still on mine.

I debated this in my head. Not the deal, I hated the fucking deal, I don't want the fucking shit head. I cant just keep arguing with him though, time was running out and I needed to go and do something before it was too dark, or else it will happen again.

"Fine, you get him first. Send him to me if you can find me." I said uncrossing my arms and heading out of the kitchen and towards the front door. As I passed by Imagine he grabbed my arm and held it at a tight grip, I turned my head, glaring at him "Issabella, I will send him to you in a year, if he isn't sent back, or I find out he is dead…you will pay." He said in such a cold, threatening way that sent a chill down my spine. I pushed it away and jerked my arm out of his grip that he had loosened. "Fuck you." I said and continued walking out the door.

That was our goodbye. Brothers and Sisters are usually close after the long run, and in a sick twisted way we were close, though our goal in life was to make each others hell, and I knew at the end one of us will have to die just to hit the final score, though that wont be for a while.