When the Wind met the Water

Floating in the sky

Moving as it pleases

The Wind exists as a being

Of freedom

Guiding the flying bird

Carrying the young seedling

With its invisible wings

As it journeys the earth

Although the wind was free

It was lonely as well

For it had no one

To share this freedom with.

Then came a day

That the wind blew through a meadow

And came upon a stream

Trickling through the grassy plain

For the first time in its life

The Wind stopped

And looked at this mysterious being

Known as Water

The sun shone on the surface of Water

And reflected every color of the rainbow

Its color was as blue

As the sky that the Wind was so fond of

However, the Wind saw something else.

Although the surface of the Water reflected nothing

But awe-inspiring beauty

Its depths were cold and dark

The Water was different than the wind

In that it had no choice

In what paths it could take

Therefore, its life was predetermined

The Wind saw this

And became saddened by what it saw

For how could one who reflects beauty

Be cursed to a life with no freedom?

The Wind began to blow strong enough

To plow a channel through the meadow

Giving the Water

A chance for something different

Although the Water was reluctant

It trusted the Wind and slowly began to flow

Down this path that showed promise

Feeling courageous,

The wind continued this path with the Water

In doing so, the two elements

Became stronger through each other

The wind blew harder

Empowering the Water to flow faster

Than it ever had before

And slowly, the Water started to change

The Wind guided the Water

And showed it the beauties of nature

Like how the moon creates a rainbow of its own

Even though alone, produces no light

The Water saw

The miracles of nature

Like how a small seed that the Wind carried

Grew into a mighty tree

But the Water knew how

It could become ice

And kill the most fragile of plants

But the Wind showed the Water…

How even after the winter

The ice melted

And became the waterThat helped the flower bloom

When the Water saw these things

It began to change

It no longer just reflected beauty

But became the very definition of it

It's cold depths became warm

And the darkness became light

So when the sun shone on the Water

The Water shone even brighter

As the Wind saw the Water change

It knew that it would still be alone

For Water could never

Join the Wind in the sky

This was before the existence

Of the white bodies we see in the sky

Before rain fell to the earth

From liquid as light as air

The Water, no longer its former self

Felt the Wind's sadness

And with determination

That it didn't have in the past…

Willed itself to join the Wind

In the blue sky

In doing so, the two elements

Became one

The Water, doing the impossible, became lighter than the air

And the Wind carried it up to the sun

The two, in perfect harmony

Became the first cloud

So when you look up in the sky

And you see a cloud change shape as it pleases

Know that it is the Wind and Water

Being free