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Deep breath.


Another deep breath.


A longer deep breath.


Yet another deep breath.

Being the genius that I was, I managed to finish the sentence for Sophia, in my head. On a date. Being the kind and sympathetic friend that I was, I didn't try to be a smart-ass and ruin it for her. I patiently allowed her the pleasure to announce to me the mind-blowing and completely unexpected surprise that she'd planned for me. She opted for the edge-of-the-seat suspense in her delivery, painstakingly containing her excitement and pausing after each word. Ain't she just a thoughtful darling, taking into account my penchant for cliff hangers?


A really deep breath.


This time, it sounded like she couldn't hold her breath any longer. Guilt scratched lightly on my tongue. I was kind of more excited for how long she could talk in that manner than the actual news itself. It couldn't hurt to hear her suck in that breath once more as she anticipated my reaction, could it?

"Date," she whispered. Barely.

Anti-climax. What a shame.

Finally, Sophia exhaled, long and slow. I waited for her to continue. Actually, I was kind of hoping she would continue talking to me on the phone so that I wouldn't have to, you know, reply to that. How was one supposed to react to such a statement anyway?

Yeah, I was happy to hear that she had a date, that the guy she'd been secretly crushing on ever since she graced the corridors of Levine High School had finally asked her out. No joke; I really was. But, but, but, but, but…I wasn't that type. You know, that type of "girlfriend" who gave you girly advice, empowered you with repeated encouragements, let you cry on her shoulders etcetera, etcetera. I'd never even had a "girlfriend" before Sophia.

As over the moon as I was about my friend being asked out, I just couldn't produce a genuinely excited reply for her.

"He finally asked me out on a date, Chrissy!" she squealed, emphasising the word "finally", like that would totally have made me realise just how important and life-changing the news was.

That was my cue. Whenever she called me "Chrissy", it meant that she actually needed my opinion on something.

"Oh, yay!" I squealed back into the phone.

As always, that was enough for her. She didn't know me well enough to decipher the sarcasm in my tone. Without a second's delay, she continued to tell me the explicit details of how the guy asked her out. Oh joy.

Sophia Gale was the new girl of the school at the start of my junior year. Boy was she one heck of an exotic creature. Her impeccably lustrous brown hair was infuriatingly perfect. She was born with the skin complexion that every girl tried so hard to emulate but failed so miserably at. Describing her looks in words didn't do her justice, really. Even a girl like me, a girl who didn't really care how she looked and did not easily envy other girls, had to gulp down the feeling of insecurity when standing next to her.

Calling her a boy's wet dream was an understatement.

Looking like she just jumped out of a Vogue magazine, she sashayed into my class with oodles of energy and optimism radiating from every inch of her body. I swear, I could almost hear the chunk of the jaws of the guys in the class hitting the floor. Even Mr Coolidge had a hard time introducing her to the class. The girls made it a point not to be subtle about their jealousy, their stares primed for piercing. I just continued reading my book, to be perfectly honest.

It was so typical, you know. Everything about her so damn typical. But just when I thought I knew it all, how she would get the perfect grades, get the perfect guy, have the perfect friends, have the perfect ending, she took me by surprise.

Guess who the first person she talked to was? Guess who she thought was her best friend, even though there were gazillions other who were better at the art of sucking up?

"You know, Sophia…you never told me the guy's name. Everyday you keep mentioning how charming he is but I don't think I remember you telling me the name."

"Oh…it's…well it's kind of embarrassing."

"Oh yeah? Well, try me," I reassured her.

It was creepily still on the other end of the line.

I could imagine her spinning around on her pink wheely chair (everything in her room was pink), twirling her hair around her index finger and having her "thinking" face on. At first I thought that she was being ditzy on purpose but after a while I came to a silent conclusion that she had no idea she was behaving that way.

"Do you know what my brother told me when I showed him my crush?"

"What? He told you he was going to bash him up if he so much as tilts his head down?"

Her trademark girly laughter trilled at my lame joke.

"No silly. He said that I was too good for him. Like, he told me to 'Face the reality, kid, you're beautiful, he's not'," She tried her best to macho up her voice and sound like her brother. That made me laugh.

"Well, he's right. You are beautiful. Anyone you date is going to be uglier than you."

"Aww, sweetheart! You're too nice!"

I cringed. I cringed every time she told me I was nice. The statement I just said wasn't even a compliment; it was a fact.

She wasn't the first girl to try and befriend me. Lots of girls had attempted to tolerate me only because I was close to a guy that they might want to date. See, I'm more of a…what do they call it…a guy's girl? Yes, a guy's girl. I grew up in a family of guys: two brothers and a dad, so it's not exactly a newsflash to find that I felt more comfortable with guys.

What was different about Sophia was that she didn't cling on to me for the sake of getting guy's phone number. She actually enjoyed my company, thought I was funny and actually wanted to be my friend. I tried my hardest to show her that I wasn't up for it, I couldn't be a friend for a girl. But for some strange reason, she kept coming to me. She even thought I was being nice to her when I really wasn't!

"Oh quit the suspense already, woman! Who is your crush? Who is the ugly beast for the beauty?"

"It's Zach"

For a moment there, I almost spewed. I swallowed it back when I realized that there could be more than one Zach at the school. The Zach I knew couldn't possibly be the mystery guy she was crushing on.

It couldn't be. I was introduced to that Zach since he and I were in diapers. He was my best guy friend of all guy friends I had. He wasn't the best looking but wasn't too shabby in the looks department either. Although he had the guts to admit his love affair with the dorkiest fandom, like, well, I never really paid attention to be able to name one off the top of my head, he'd never have the guts to ask a girl out.

"Oh. Zach who?" I had to ask just to make sure. Even though I was willing to bet my whole life that it wasn't Zach Montgomery, I looked to the heavens and made a quick mental prayer.

"Zach Montgomery."

I felt my heart protest with my brain against being forced to beat. Meaning, I wanted to die right then and there.