A/N: So, I'm attempting a longer story, who knows it might be a short story, but I'm going for multiple chapters here, I'm also studying for my pharmacy board test coming up in a month so for a while updates may be few and far between, but I will try real hard not to abandon it especially if I get any interest (cuz you know if 0 people read it then it's like why bother…). I hate when people completely cut off a story and leave you hanging so I will try not to do that, although if after I finish the story it is completely horrible I reserve the right to take it completely down. This is just a short prologue to see if there is ANY interest. I also am kinda a big fan of parenthesis and elipses(…)Um, so yeah here goes a try…wish me luck…

Warning: this story is likely to be completely cliché. If looking for something kinda anti-cliché you might want to read my one-shot ("Where's my Cliché?").

Miserable, that's what I was! I knew no one on this team. My parents had the grand idea to switch me from what I knew to "what was better for me". Going from the big fish in a little pond to a freaking krill in the Pacific, no make that Atlantic Ocean. So that's why I'm crouching here behind this dumpster. I'm not ready to go in yet. Hmm, maybe I should explain a bit more…

I'm a swimmer. Like competitively. Like it's my life. Like I'm wet (and I mean in chlorinated water) for up to 5 hours a day and I enjoy it. Yes, I love swimming back and forth for hours at a time with nothing to look at but a tiled black "T" on the bottom of the pool and my coach on the side taking splits and showing me odd gestures to get me to go faster that to a sane person might look oddly like the chicken dance or the Macarena. I now sweat chlorine and no matter how much I scrub or how much lotion and perfume I use, when I walk down my high school's hallway people comment on how I smell like bleach. Call me crazy, but it's all I've known. I started swimming when I was seven and now nine years later at the ripe ol' age of 16 I live and breathe the sport.

Well, I guess from being at the pool so often almost all of my closest friends were on my team. I loved these guys and girls. Every weekend there was something to do with them. Even if it was just going to breakfast at the diner by the pool after an intense Saturday morning practice. We were all equals on the team, most of us had been best friends for ten or more years. We didn't have a shy bone in us while we were together. None of them went to my private high school so none of them knew that at school I was the shyest person around. I had maybe one or two friends in school. So basically this team was my life and I was leaving them.

My coach on my now old team, the team I was so fond of, told me she could not do anything more for me. It had been a while since I had improved my times. It had also been a while since anyone on my team had beaten me in a race. I didn't mind being the fastest on my little team, I mean who would?! But apparently the team the next town over would be a much better fit now. I could have competition on that team. I knew of the team and they were big, intense, and fast. So fast that I would barely make it into their senior group, let alone be going first in practice. But my parents thought it was an amazing idea and because they pay the swim team bills I had to concur.

So it's day one of practicing with my new team, meeting my new coach, being introduced to my new teammates. All that could happen if only I'd extract myself from behind this dumpster!

A/N again: Yeah, kinda an intro…kinda bad, but I promise it will get better and there will be actual dialogue, so please stick with me.