beautiful insomniac

smile on, darling, 'cause the cheshire cat's got
nothing on you,
and i'm glowing fluorescent and neon tonight

for we are all electricity and
adrenaline and pounding hearts and quick pulses
throbbing like raw paper cuts

because you're addictive like those
liquid dares in a glass you swallow to
reli(e)ve your pain and free(ze) yourself

and i laugh sardonically- dark january sarcasm- because
you think you're invincible, but boy,
i can possess you like a shadow

plunging your fears in reckless chaos,
and secrets laced with poison

since you've got to settle for glimpses in the dark and
indigo echoes

that make you (l)anguish,
make you shudder-crave solar eclipses
seeping into your sca(r)red and
not-so innocent (con)science

because after all, obsession sears with a terrifying crimson,
doesn't it, dear

when i want to make you stutter-stammer-stumble for me
on this one-way street down to your destin(e)ation- heartbreak

but hesitation, darling, is oh-so-tempting
and you're struggling not to look back

where dreams are made of black holes and chaos, not stardust

for sweetheart, hope is only a drug for hypocritical cynics,
though we all fall too hard for stenciled deception

'cause here, on this precipice of (in)sanity,
we are beautiful insomniacs, contraband, hopers with icarus-complexes,
spinning and falling into the threshold of fevered delirium

ever since gravity and reality made it too easy to
cross the line

in the end(,) we won't fade like static dreams, because

forever closes with a bang(,) you know

i just keep be(lie)ving you

burn for me.