I was dancing with the moon and the stars under an inky black sea of dreams, without a care in the world. It was absolutely so wonderful to be so carefree.

I laughed with glee, not caring if anyone thought of me crazy. I was having fun, that was all I cared about this very moment of time.

My skirts swished around my legs as I twirled around and did arabesques and pirouettes.

But then, I was awakened in the very midst, in the very climax of my wondrous dream. But by who? By what exactly? I don't know. I knew not a thing.

My eyes were opened but I saw nothing. Nothing at all. The dark shadows forbade me from seeing anything… anyone… in the velvety darkness.

"Leine… my dearest Leine…" those words were spoken by a gentle voice that was carried to my ears. These were spoken just above a whisper. But still I heard. I heard it with perfect clarity.

This was really freaking me out. It made my hair stand up on ends.

Who could have come into my room? I locked all the windows and doors, I'm sure of it.

"Who's there? Show yourself." I dared to speak.

Was I losing my mind? Tears threatened to spill out. I am not a fan of horror. It scared me. It is not a sin to be afraid… is it? Leaves rustled on the branches. I was frightened at every bit of noise. I must just be imagining things.

"Don't cry, love." It was that voice again. So melodious. He, at least I think it's a he, wiped the stray tear that ran down my cheek. It was a light feathery touch that was not entirely expected. My eyes widened.

"Who's there?" I repeated my query. Looking around, I saw no one. No one was there, unless my mind was playing tricks on me. I was alone. In my room. In the middle of the night.

I gathered my wits and my courage. I took a step away from my soft, welcoming bed.

Blindly, I made my way through this tornado-stricken room of mine. Cautiously, I walked. Cautiously, I tell you.

I flipped the light switch. Up, down. Up, down. On, off. On, off.

The lights didn't work. This seemed like something from a horror movie. I was getting more and more terrified by the second.

To tell the truth, I was half-expecting the boogeyman to come horrifying me from beneath my bed. I was really, truly petrified out of my wits. I looked around my room, my haven, once more. And in the faint luminescence of the moonlight, I spied nothing out of the ordinary.

But something always lurks in the darkness, either noticed or unnoticed.

I climbed back on my bed, as it was my only sanctuary this dark night.

"Don't be afraid, love. I won't hurt you." Love? That is a term of endearment. How dare he call me something like that when I don't even know him!

I shrank back from where his voice was coming from. What else was i supposed to do? It was a natural reaction.

That person, hopefully he is person, wrapped two strong arms around me. I stiffened in his embrace. What exactly did he want to do with me?

Kidnap me and hold me for ransom?

What would he get out of it? Money? All of this just for cash? No one could be that desperates, sacrificing everything just for money.

No, it isn't a plausible excuse.

Despite it all, I was attracted to him in some strange way for some unknown reason. I could smell a certain scent on him. It was just right, not too strong for my sensitive nose. And I liked that.

My back was to his chest. I thought that maybe I could get a tiny glimpse of him. But I thought wrong.

No matter how hard I tried, I couldn't even get a tiny peek of him.

"Who are you? What do you want form me?" I whispered as I continued to struggle in order for to be released from his iron grip. He didn't let go.

He didn't want me. He's got the wrong girl. I'm sure of it!

My remaining courage was quickly diminishing. He radiated an aura of fierce protectiveness which could easily be mistaken as possessiveness.

What was there to be so protective about? To be so possessive about?

Certainly it was not me. No, it has never been about me.

Maybe I looked like someone he loved. That could easily be fixed. Hopefully, maybe.

My, my. I amaze myself sometimes with these overly far-fetched ideas of mine.

Bells chimed somewhere in the distance, it was midnight.

"I am yours as you are mine. I want nothing more than to be by your side." He laid his head on the crook of my neck, his warm breath tickling me.

Surprisingly, it seemed as if it was meant to be there. I wanted to face him, to see his face. Even just once. When could I? When would he allow me to?

He laid a chaste kiss on my neck. A flutter of lips across my skin. He continued upward up to my cheek, where his lips lingered for a brief moment.

I held my breath. Wondering what he would do. All in all, it sent shivers down my spine.

"Please don't fear me. I would never dream of hurting you." He whispered once again, his voice low and seductive.

Was that a trace of desperation in his tone?

Reluctantly, I relaxed in his arms. I leaned back in his embrace, my eyes slowly getting heavy.

"Sleep Ashleine. I will watch over you, my love." His voice drifted farther away than ever. I wanted to see his face. Who was he really?

I felt him release me from his hold as he laid me down to rest on his lap.

I willed my eyes to open so I might be able to see his face. Even if just a tiny glance for the briefest of seconds.

But, no matter how hard I tried, it wouldn't follow my instructions. It was as if some external force was stopping me from seeing him.

"Why can't I look at you?" my voice was nothing more that a quiet whisper in the silence.

"Not yet, my love. Not yet." He kissed my forehead and fastened something onto my wrist.

Sleep soon overcame me and I found solace in it. It helped me forget my wonderful, extraordinary nightmare. Or so I keep telling myself.


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