Hey. Just something silly I wrote. These things have all happened to me unfortunately. :D

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During my short time on this earth, I have learnt a number of things. Unfortunately for me, these things were mostly learnt the hard way. I'd like to share them with you, in point form, in the hope that you too don't make the same mistakes.

If you abide by these ten simple rules, you'll enjoy a peaceful, pain free life.

Happy reading and good luck!

Rule 1 - Don't try and fit in you're recommended daily intake of water right before bed. This doesn't bode well for your bladder, or your sheets for that matter.

Rule 2 - Don't threaten to cheese grate one of your roommates nipples. You may just end up with one less eyebrow.

Rule 3 - Make sure you put locks on your bedroom door. It saves you from similar incidents as described above.

Rule 4 - Always listen to your mother. When she says, 'Don't swing on that branch, it won't hold you're weight,' 90% of the time she will be right.

Rule 5 - Never anger a friend. Especially one with obsessive compulsive disorder. Putting stray pieces of hair on them or adding 'ingredients' to their meals, may result in you being locked out of the house for several hours.

Rule 6 - Don't provoke your brother by saying, 'Nah nah, you can't catch me!' He will catch you, then he will beat you.

Rule 7 - Don't talk about hot guys/teachers or what you'd like to do to them unless you have eyes in the back of your head. You may find they were lurking in the corridor, listening to every word of your conversation.

Rule 8 - Don't provoke dogs. Enough said.

Rule 9 - Always buy a train ticket! I cannot stress this enough. Otherwise you'll end up with a $200 fine for fare evasion and a criminal record.

Rule 10 - The last, but probably most important rule. Women are always right. We are, it's a scientific fact. If it seems we are wrong, you've probably over analysed something and with close consideration, you'll find you are in fact wrong.

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