I wandered through the enormous of black meadow, unable to find anything. No escape, no entry just me the nothingness. Was it a state of mind? Trapped in a colourless environment everything
black and white, like a 60s movie played on an endless lope. Starring me.

I kept walking confused, trying to remember how I ended up here. I used my hands to push through the wheat searching for light, color... life. Suddenly my adrenaline kicked in and I started running, feeling claustrophobic. I needed to get out of here and fast, I felt as if I couldn't breathe anymore. I drastically stopped gasping for air, clutching my throat. I begged my body to believe soon it would all be over but, it just didn't comprehend. I closed my eyes as I fell to the ground tears running down my cheeks. It was quiet for a second then I stood up with all my might.

I forced my legs to start running again, my muscles tightening. I was clueless to my desire of destination. I cried for help, and remembered I was alone. All of the sudden I could feel myself falling expecting to fall on the soft wheaten ground, but instead, I kept falling feeling the cool breeze blow my hair over my face. I closed my eyes, and waited to be crushed as the hit the ground. Then my mind went blank as I lay on the icy earth beneath me. Unconscious in a pool of blood.

"HELLO? ANYONE DOWN THERE?" I quickly opened my eyes, surprised I was still alive. I could see a bright light flashing about 50 feet above me. "HELLO? ANYONE DOWN THERE?" the deep voice echoed as he repeated his words.
"YES!" I managed to yell above.
"YES" I replied
"HANG TIGHT" he said as the light turned off. I sighed in the darkness and stood up carefully rubbing my head. I felt a sticky liquid substance all over my hands and dripping down my back, but it was too dark to see it. Ignoring it I stretched my hands away from me feeling the way as I walked. Where was i? Why was I still alive? All I remembered was falling down almost 50 feet. As I walked the tips of my fingers felt something warm and smooth. I curiously walked closer to the object this time feeling it with my whole hand. I traced it with my finger it was too fragile to be a wall and too big to be rock, I felt indents at its side and was about to reach for it.
"GRAB THIS" I jumped up as the man's voice returned frightening me. "HERE GRAB THE ROPE" I felt at thick rope knock my head and grabbed, still curious about the mysterious object in front of me. But aside from my curiosity, I tied the robe around my waist and tightened it, I was more interested in getting out alive rather than finding out what themysterious object was.
"I 'M READY" I boomed up at the man. Suddenly I was easily being lifted up as if I was weightless.

I finally reached the top as I saw a cubby man wearing a police uniform.
"Mam are you ok" he said in his deep voice as he helped me up.
"Yah err...I'm fine" I mumbled still under shock.
"It was a pretty damn deep fall!"
"Oh tell me about it, what is that like a ditch or something" I said foolishly, unable to recognize what I'd had fallen in.
"HAHAHAHA" he laughed loudly "That it's a well" he said pointing at it. " Aren't wells supposed to be filled with water or something?" I asked dumbfounded.
"Nope, this one was built 1864 by our great ancestors...there was an accident that happen there 2 years later. My great-great grandmother's daughter fell in there, poor thing was one 5 years old her little body couldn't survive the fall. She was the life of family always kept everyone laughing and happy" He said sadly "Baby Kiesha, after that incident no one took water from there ever again, they would say it was drinking her blood. After a couple of years the water dried up and now no one even remembers the story. But today when I found your shoe lying in front of the well, I had realized someone had fallen into it, I came rushing over to help and reminisced the story once again." I smiled at him.
"Thank you, so much officer..." I strained to read his name tag "Officer Charles, and I'm really sorry about Kiesha."
"Oh it's alright, it was a shock but soon we got used to the quietness" I gave him a faint smile.
" Where are we?"
"Well in Dart Mount's country side, where else?" he asked sarcastically.
"I mean how did I get here? I live in Ontario near lake Erie!"
"Never heard of it" he quickly replied" Now you're probably tired, why don't you come and have dinner at my house and meet my family it'll get your jitters out. Heaven knows how long you've been down there!".
He walked toward his car and I followed, mindlessly. Something was wrong and I was going to get to the bottom of it.