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I removed the heavy quit as I lay down on the poufy mattress. I was quick to close my eyes, and drift asleep. Soon afterward I felt an ice cold grip around my wrist. I moaned pulling my wrist away, too tired to open my eyes.
"Rhea…" I heard a distant voice ghastly whisper my name. "Rhea…" it called out again. My eyes slowly fluttered open as my blurry vision restored. I widened my eyes in shock when I noted what was in front of my sleepy eyes. A girl covered with bruises, cuts and scars clutching my bear wrist tightly. But the most freighting part about her was her face, it was…was smudged so much I couldn't make out her features. She was frightened to tears.
"Rhea. Help me, Rhea." Her glassy voice whispered. "They're coming for me, Rhea. Save me." I wanted to scream, shout, and call for someone to help me. But I couldn't…no sound came out of my moving mouth.
"RHEA!" she pleaded this time yelling. "CAN'T YOU HEAR ME!!? YOU PIECE OF WORTHLESS SHIT! THEY'RE ALMOST HERE, THEY'RE COMING FOR ME!" She started digging her nails into my wrist, so tight that I could see blood trickling out. I screamed mutely in pain, instinctively pulling my hand from the mad woman's grip…but my effort was useless, she was too strong.
She let go of my hand as I quickly pulled I away, screaming as loud as I could. She climbed on the bed her hands bending backwards. I tried to get off the mattress and run out of the room, it was then that I realized my legs were chained to the end of the bed. I tugged on the chains as the girl came closer laughing like a manic. She grabbed my left leg, her grip so tight it left a purple bruise on my thin skin.
"So weak" she snickered "I love it" I yelped in pain as she dug her nails into my knees. As she bent down I quickly grabbed her dark hair and yanked it, making her flip off the bed. The monstrous creature screeched in pain, clutching her skull as I bought myself more time to undo the lock on the shackles. I stuck my nail into the lock trying to shift its key, but I was too slow. Before I knew it, she was up on the bed again angrier than ever before. She grabbed my neck and pushed me forcefully against the wall, blood oozing out of my damaged head. I tried gasping for air but her grip was too tight. I scratched at her hand but it didn't make a difference. I was going to die, and that was the end of it. All the sudden I looked into the monstrous females eyes, and saw something so unusual…I saw Phoenix's face. My eyes widened as I screamed one last time. Shutting my eyes.

I opened my eyes as I heard many footsteps hurry into my room. I clutched my neck grasping for air, screaming like crazy.
"Rhea, Rhea honey calm down…" Era said a worried expression across her face as she embraced me tightly. I looked around the room, for the terrifying girl. She was nowhere to be found. Noelle handed me a large glass of cool water. I gulped it down in one sip, sweating like crazy. I noticed that Era was in her night gown as well as everyone else in the room. Paris stood by the door wearing only a pair of boxers, large basketballs imprinted over them , rubbing his eyes. Sapphire patted my back assuring me that it was just a nightmare. Noelle took the glass from my hands and left the room. Paris quietly making space for her. Phoenix sat next to me on the bed, carrying a bunch of hot towels.
"Now, how are you feeling?" Era asked after I had calmed down. I tried to speak but she cut me off, before I could start. "Don't talk just nod, if you're feeling any better". I nodded as she took a sigh of relief.
"It was probably just a nightmare" Paris said patting his hair neatly into place. "I get them sometimes"
Era struck a malevolence glare at Paris. He rolled his eyes and walked stubbornly out of the room.
"Ignore him" Sapphire said smiling madly. "You're fine; it's probably the thunder that frightened you." Then her expression became disturbed.
"What was your dream about, anyways." She mumbled looking at the carpeted floor. All the sudden Era loosened the grip she had on me.
"Yes what was your dream about?" she said robotically.
"Mom, I thought you had told her not to talk" Phoenix whispered a twitch of frustration in his voice.
"Right…" Era quickly muttered, lying me down on the bed again. "Rhea, Sapphire will be sleeping on the floor, in your room tonight in case you have another bad dream"
"There's…r-really no-no n-n-need…for-r t-that"
"Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh…" she whispered as stretched the blanket across body.