Stranger industries proudly presents:


By Mr. stranger

Chapter one


Foot steps clanked down the hall way as four people tried to escape the thing they had delayed behind the thick door vacuum ceiled doors. Two of them were layered in thick armor with guns pointed at the door, the other two were scientists in white lab coats.

Quickly one of the scientists began punching in security numbers into a security pad, a panel slid out of the wall.

behind them there was a loud hollow metallic "bung" as the metal dented forward.

The soldiers pointed nervously settling into a ready position there guns "clicking" as they primed there weapons. Quickly the doctor placed her hand on the panel, silently begging the door to open more quickly.

There was another "bang" and the heart stopping sound of punctured metal.

A clawed metal hand stuck out grasping around it finding nothing to grab it withdrew back behind the door, the soldiers opened fire into the gapping hole, hoping to distract there bullet proof pursuer.

The light around the doctor's hand turned green, opening the door with a sliding "whoosh" the scientists thanking any heavenly deity of luck that had allowed them to live that long.

Quickly the four rushed in, hurriedly trying to reclose the door.

From across the hall a heavy "CHICK CHUNG" echoed from the breached door.

Just as the door shut sealing the four in there was a thunderous "BOOM" As their worst nightmare blasted it way through the previously considered, impenetrable door.

One of the guards cursed

"how the crap, are we gonna get out of here?" he almost shouted.

The other doctor, an elderly man breathing heavily took off his glasses and polished them on a clean part of his coat avoiding the bits of oil and red body fluids.

"Luck" he said breathlessly

"and no more stopping" he added eagerly.

There was a loud "CLANG" as his creation hit the door full on, causing the door to ripple and warp forward.

The other solider showing a bit more command than the other quickly ushered them on through the next door letting the doctors in front, then his comrade leaving him to guard the rear.

A loud shriek as something sharp sawed its way around the frame.

The woman looking ahead saw the big black doors to the escape pod room, possibly the key to their redemption.

There was a loud "BOOM" as what seemed like the first door had been used to break down the second achieving greater results.

the soldier in the rear stopped letting loose a round of armor splitting ammunition, as the second pushed his way through to the security box he quickly typed in the security code opening the door. There was a high pitched slash of metal across metal, followed by a loud grunt as the guard was flung back against the side of the door.

Five large puncture wounds circled a dent in the armor which would collect blood in a pool if they didn't get out of there.

He lunged through the open door, just as it closed almost catching his foot.

He was cursing as he got back up onto his feet.

"your injured!" the woman observed horrified as his life fluids slowly began to run onto his armor.

"I'll be fine!" he said hurriedly

"we need to get outta here." He spoke, just vaguely flinching at his injuries.

"the escape pod is ready" the elder professor stated then bitterly

"except scientists aren't supposed to know the access code are they."

The injured soldier answered just as harshly

"Dern right your not," then to his comrade

"get that door open"

He nodded then began typing in the code.

They could here the nerve shattering scrape of steel, as the menace tried to claw its way through.

The woman doctor was bordering between hysterics and relief.

Her much older colleague stared at the door shaking his head. They should have know this would happen, creating something whose whole purpose was to destroy.

The pod access door opened with a hiss, revealing the pods door.

Spinning the lock as quick as possible the guard opened the capsule.

as the door lifted the three piled in as the last guard turned to go in, a familiar sound filled the air a loud click as a very large weapon primed.

He jumped forward just as shells flew erupting from the door, hitting the guard and penetrated through his armor and through his body he landed heavily into the pod.

The remaining guard pulled the door shut behind him just barley missing a bullet to the brain.

The door shut creating an echoing chorus of pings as the bullets thankfully didn't penetrate.

The woman looked out the small window.

"its coming!" she almost screamed.

Quickly the guard slammed his fist into a glass case surrounding a black and yellow button.

The case shattered as his fist came down forcing the button down.

There was brief rubble as the cramped pod launching mechanism activated.

There was a metallic thump as death hit the side of the pod.

Then "FOOOM" the pod was shot out with tremendous force, jolting the four bodies inside.

The elderly doctor sighed. How could this have happened?

He chuckled at the irony they had created a monster no; they had given the power of shear destruction form.

The still standing guard moved to his ally.

The woman looked over his shoulder as he bent down beside the body

"Is he?" she said unable to finish.

"no he's alive barely, he'll be lucky if he's makes it without organ problems though."

The woman sighed with relief they were alive!.. for now.

The officer looked turned to the older scientist.

"I think you know what to do." He said tiredly

The doctor nodded sadly, then pulled out a small round disc.

Pushing a button he spoke into the device.

"This is doctor Hughensburg… unit zero, six, four, three, three, has gone rogue and deemed a failure request of the termination of project supremacy satellite labs"

He looked around at the remains of there research

He concluded emotionlessly

"There are possibly three remaining survivors headed for earth"

There was along almost painful pause then

"Roger, supremacy deactivation initiated."

Came a hard voice sounding like it came from behind an air mask.

What felt like two hours passed on, the doctor had positioned himself in front of the window. His young feminine counter part leaning against the remaining soldier.

They talked for a brief time before she had fallen asleep against him unable to resist the exhaustion. The officer stared at his comrade who had been carefully moved into a better position.

They had used the woman's coat to close up his wound which were more than most could stand. The sun had set behind the planet and out of view cloaking the planet in darkness few could conceive they must have been somewhere over Nevada, hopefully in another four hours they would have moved along to the Atlantic.

He smirked, he had always hated rocket science preferring biological engineering, which had gotten him into this mess.

For now they would be floating over the dark landscape.

All his creations, destroyed… destroyed because he had failed to tame them, failed to raise them.

Only one had survived to leave the tubes, and he had just destroyed his chances of survival along with his fellow experiments that had shown such promise.

He was about to turn away sickened when he noticed two lights glittered into life over the empty stretch of darkness they began to grow in size like shooting stars two large missiles flew past the pod straight for the satellite. There was no chance for his creations to survive.

If the initial explosion did not destroy them the lack of oxygen and extreme cold, would kill them off.

He watched as the missiles sped toward the, source of twelve years of work and development … wasted. He watched as the missiles hit there marks, with terrible results the station rumbled, glass shattered sucking out every thing inside in a powerful vacuum. The satellite started to separate into pieces, then it erupted as the fuel lines mixed with the heat leading to the generator.

The blast spread at least a hundred miles destroying any evidence of its existence or any evidence of the people who had lived there disintegrating steel and flesh, it was all… gone.

The remains would fall to earth and never be more than a local tabloid article.

The doctor turned from the window no longer able to stand it any longer.

By doing so he didn't see a small section move past and split in two as it sped towards earth's atmosphere. Nor did he see the black cylinder pass by the pod in the same fashion, an arm sticking out of it.

Soon he would be on earth, probably to retire, get fired or locked away in a safe house somewhere, just like the every other biological genius before him, scorned for failing to create none lethal life.

This Is the end of chapter one I hope you have enjoyed it,

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