Thinking of the simple days
Learning from our old ways
Now just loving every time I talk to you.
Taking steps into your heart
Closer we will never part.
It seems like I love you more every day.
I know we are apart
But just distance won't start
Lingering me away from your love.
I know sometimes it hurts
I'll still put you first
And we'll make this thing worth the time we've spent together.

I won't give you up just like so
I'll try with everything I can do
I won't easily let you go
Ohh no no..
I won't just let you go...

This love is complicated I know
No hardship won't let me low
I'll fight for the one I've been fighting for.
Sometimes we fuss and fight
But maybe it's just right
Cos we always make up in the end
Maybe it's a good thing that we do
I just end up loving you
And I know you feel the same too.