Looking at the sky
Clouds keep on drifting onwards
It's always changing.


Tick, tock, tick, tock, clocks.
Time goes faster than ever.
What is happening?

Someone else

You have left me now
Why did you leave me and go?
Is it someone else?


Soft, white feather floats.
On my nose, it tickles me.
Somewhere else it goes.

Peach Pie

Peaches are yummy,
Real sweet and really juicy,
They taste nice in pies.


The sun is pretty.
Rainbow arcs shoot through the sky.
And then it is gone.


Gosh, I love music.
It calms me down right away.
It makes me feel good.


I'll never see you,
Drowned, suffocated, passed on,
I'll never love you.

I'm in hospital because of you

Scissors are so sharp.
Do not ever run with them.
My eye has come out.


Flying is so fun.
You feel so free, like a bird.
It makes you feel good.


You hate me don't you?
You sleep with her and call me,
"Sorry, was busy."


Hate myself always.
Knife plunges in and I bleed.
It feels way too good.

One day, we'll be gone.

Dance, sing and have fun,
We must make the most of it,
One day we'll be gone.

Study, Study, Study!

Maths, English, Science,
Studying all the time now,
Too many exams.


Chewing gum is nice
Different flavours like spearmint
Tastes great in my mouth.