One of Those Girls

You know those easily hurt and used girls?
The ones that usually end up with abusive boyfriends?
Or the ones that start to lock down?
The beatings, family, and drama pounding against now locked walls.
Yeah... She's one of those girls.

She's the one who walks by,
Trying to look so strong,
But being so hurt and shattered.
Only one person can know that,
She's one of those girls, the one with a wall protecting broken glass.

I know her story,
Beginning to end.
I can honestly say, now,
She's one of the few who know what's actually going on.
She just another one of those girls.

The one I want to steal away,
Hide and never let anything hurt her again.
She may be strong on the outside,
But did you stop and wonder what's on the inside?
She's one of those girls,
She's my girl now though.