Woke up today
Saw the great starry sky
The shining crescent moon
Seeing things just as they should be seen

Got ready
Headed out
One more glance towards the heavens
Saw a sliver of gold against the obsidian sky

Walked around, noticed people
How happy they seemed
During such a gloomy time
Just why were they so?

Such a curious species
Truly humans are
At one moment beaming, teeth sparkling
The next bawling, eyes red from tears

Tried to understand it
Failed countless times
Waited for some kinda hint
One that never arrived

Had to accept something
Not all things can be explained
People are very complex
At the same time, very simple

Look at things closely
Through a monochrome kaleidoscope
Separating the truth from the falsities
Seeing that which cannot be seen

Given the ability to see life through different angles
From another person's view
One can then conjure their answer
Or lack there of

For emotions can be described as meaningless
Without support, without reason
But it's those supposed worthless feelings
That give us all new life... Notre raison d'ĂȘtre...