And It Poured…

She sat in an arm chair

Pouring over her latest book.

The lamp in the corner

Filled the pages with pure white light.

Shadows danced,

And it poured.

A fleeting glance

Towards the window,

Reminds her of the intimidating storm.

Lightning flashed,

Shadows danced across the page

And it poured.

Thunder and rain,

Thunder and rain.

These sounds penetrated her senses,

Overpowering all else around her.

But she heard her mother humming a tune,

Soothing her terrified baby brother.


Wherever she was,

She was always able to her that tune.

She would find it humming away in the back of her consciousness.

It was always with her.

The night light

Across the hall

Sent shadows of the small child's

Mobile dancing on the wall.

And it poured.

One twist,


She curled up under the covers,

Defending her small ears from the deafening whistle of the wind.

She listened.

Rain splashed into growing puddles,

Carried upon the wind.

It swirled around the roof,

Making leafless branches knock,

Upon her bedroom window.

A sleepless night.

Shadows of evil men, and villains danced

Across her walls.

And it poured.