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Thanks, but no thanks

It's been a few weeks since I met Arianna. Out of the four classes I have during the day I have two of them with her, plus lunch, so we've been spending a decent amount of time together. We talk a lot, and there's been quite a bit of flirting. I want to ask her out, I have for a bit now actually, but I definitely don't have the balls to do that. How do I even know if she likes me back?

I jolted myself out of my thoughts and tried to pay attention to my history teacher, which was pretty painful considering what he was trying to teach me. Why some people find stuff that happened years ago interesting is beyond me. Why are we supposed to care? And how the hell is it supposed to help us in life? Unless I'm going to become a historian which, trust me, I'm not, this class is useless to me. Unfortunately it's required to graduate, so here I am, so bored I can't even concentrate on my doodles.

Apparently Dave, the school jackass didn't feel the need to pay attention either because a piece of scrunched up paper landed on my desk from his direction. I looked over to see him grinning at me before I opened it.

Hey Pip Squeak, your little girlfriend is pretty hot, think she'd do me?

Ew. As if Arianna would ever go for someone like him. I quickly scribbled a reply and threw the paper back at him.

She's not my girlfriend, and she's definitely smart enough to stay away from you.

I probably shouldn't have said that. Dave could kick my ass in seconds, and has been looking for an excuse to since the first day of school, but I couldn't help it. I dropped my head when I saw the paper fly at me again. I really don't want to know his response.

You better watch it Pip. If you keep talking to me this way I might have to ask her out just to prove you wrong.

Ugh. What have I gotten myself into. There's no way he'd actually do that right? And Arianna would never agree to date him…right? Oh god. What if he does, and she says yes? That would be torture.

Thankfully, the bell rang, signalling the end of class, and I didn't have to write back. I knew I was pushing my luck either way so I hurried out of the class before we had been properly dismissed. I practically ran into Arianna in my rush to get to science class.

"Slow down there buddy, we wouldn't want you getting hurt now would we?" She smirked at me and picked up the book I had managed to drop.

"Thanks, umm, yeah sorry, I'm kind of in a rush."

"I see that. I didn't realize you liked science so much."

"Oh trust me, the only good thing about that class is that I have someone to talk to throughout it all." I smiled at her, and breathed a quiet sigh of relief when she grinned back.

"I know how you feel Hayden. I can't believe you have history and science in the morning. That must suck so bad."

"Well history is pretty sucky, especially since I have Dave in that class, but science could be worse," I threw in the comment about Dave hoping she would agree with me about how bad he is. At least then I'd know she wouldn't go out with him.

"Oh yikes! That's terrible. Does he bother you much?" she asked sincerely.

Perfect opportunity right here.

"Well not usually, but today he decided to throw a note at me." Take the bait, take the bait, take the bait.

"Oh? What did it say?"

"Well apparently he thinks you're quite pretty." She blushed a little at that comment and looked up at me.

"Well that's flattering, but why was he telling you that?"

"It seems, he wants to ask you out. I'm not sure why he told me specifically though."

"Hah! Thanks, but no thanks. As if I'd ever go out with someone like him. I'd probably get a disease just by breathing the same air as him" she laughed out loud at her own joke before turning to look me straight in the eyes, "plus, I'm kind of interested in someone else." She smiled softly at me, then continued walking.

I stood, shocked for a few moments, before grinning to myself and hurrying to catch up with her. Thank God for science class.

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