Inside the Cave

By Katie Montgomery

The creature sucked the meat off the bone with a loud slurping noise. The girl watched from the corner of the cave, her legs brought up to her chest and locked in place by her arms. Firelight flicked across her filthy appearance, she was naked and her hair fell around her like a greasy mop. She trembled and her eye darted back and forth looking for an escape.

The creature was part man. He had the height and limbs of one with the big toned muscles of a laborer. His head, however, was something completely different. It was oversize and his eyes popped out of his skull like someone had squeezed him too tightly. They were yellow and bloodshot and they moved too fast, never resting on any one spot for long. His mouth was a row of filth-colored pointed teeth, two rows of them ready to rip you to parts.

He stood over the body of her brother and looked over at the girl with his swirling eyes. A noise came from her, something like a whimper, and the beast cackled. His long, round nose excreting a foul smelling green goo as he shook with glee. He went back to his victim and started to munch the skin off of his arm.

The girl knew she was next. She had watched as the creature had eaten the flesh from her brothers legs. She watched as her brother screamed and writhed on the floor. She knew it was only a matter of time before the creature was hungry again and would come after her. The cave was cold and she was shaking.

When the beast had devoured the arm he tossed the bones aside lazily and then crouched down. His hands spread before him on the floor and he bellowed out a horrible wail. The girl could smell the stench of his breath from where she sat on the other side of the room.

As she watched he withdrew farther into the cave and began sorting through bones of other victims as if he was looking for something. A surge of desperation took over the girl and she plunged for the cave entrance. The beast saw that his next meal was wanting to escape and raced after her.

She had just stepped into a shaft of moonlight when he caught up to her, thrusting a clawed hand through her back as if it were no more than a lump of dough. With a bloody spurt he withdrew his hand, pulling her still thumping heart out with him. She didn't even have time to scream as she fell, dead, to the cold stone floor.