So the basis behind this story has been a work in progress for a few years. This is technically the ending of it. Sorry for ruining it :/

"Amelia?" a voice exhaled. It was warm against her neck as she turned to see him standing behind her. Before he could speak again, she wrapped her arms around him, burying her head into his chest; she was a good six inches shorter that he was. He was what people would consider, gorgeous. Well, to Amelia anyway; tall semi-muscular build, wind-blown blond hair that stuck up in a faux-hawk manner, patchy blond facial hair, a boyish manner that made him seem always charming. "Well hello again." he said with a smile in his voice. Amelia tightened her grip as choked sobs escaped her. His hands were placed on the back of her head, gently smoothing her frazzled hair, as to ease whatever it was that obviously upsetting her.

He pulled his eyebrows together and began to shush her. This young man was named Jeremy. As far as anyone else knew, he was Amelia's only real friend left in the world.

"What is wrong, my darling?" he asked pulling back just enough to look into her chocolate orbs that tears were still clung to. The spaces beneath them were moist, red, and puffy. Amelia sniffled again running her hand against her eyes. "Oh Jeremy," she said loosening her grip a little. "I hate it here. The people are so mean to me. They make me take these pills that make my stomach hurt."

"They told you that it's for the best? That you'll be better off?" Jeremy said as a guess, although he already knew the answer and her position. She nodded slowly.

"Yes, that's exactly what they said."

"Something else is bothering you?" Jeremy asked motioning for her to sit in the chair next to him. He kneeled in front of her, taking one of her icy plams into his which where quite warm in contrast. Amelia dropped her head and nodded. "Yeah," she sighed. "Anthony stopped talking to me. He said that it was best that I was in here and not in the outside world where I could hurt someone."

"You're own brother said that?" Jeremy said in disbelief although he could believe that her brother would tell her something like that. They might've been close as kids, but the second Amelia got sick, the institution was the best place to dump her off while he tried hard to break it into the music industry without having to look after her. Jeremy was the only person that still visted her on a weekly basis. They were old friends from high school; met and became friends through their art class. She sketched, he watercolored.

"You know I hate seeing you so sad," he confessed whole-heartedly. "You don't need to be in here. You're not some dangerous menace to society are you? You're not some crazy mass-murderer are you?"

Amelia cracked what Jeremy thought was a smile. "No, I'd never hurt anyone. But it doesn't matter. Life can't be much easier out there than in here."

"I know." he whispered admitting defeat in her. "But, I can get you out of here." he then offered. Amelia wipped her head up at the newfound opportunity. It was as if magic words had been spoken and now everything would be easier for her, even though they both knew that wasn't definate. "Would you like to come be with me?"

"Yes!" she exclaimed throwing her arms around his neck almost knocking him bakwards. Jeremy smiled wide; he knew he needed to get her out of here.


"How did she escape?" Anthony asked sitting down on the stiff chair in Dr. Monroe's office. He had a stern expression; blank as he asked. His arms was folded across his chest. The doctor was a short, stubby man with thick glasses who sat across from the twenty year old. He placed a manilla folder on the wooden desk and placed his hands ontop of it.

"Well it seems that somehow or another managed to break out of a window in the middle of the night. We've got authorities trying to find her." he said, trying to break the news as gently as possible.

Again, Anthony just stared blankly. As if he wasn't sure what he should feel. "Why would she do that?"

"It seems that a young man Jeremy convinced her to."

Anthony quinted his eyes. "Who the fuck?"

"He was Amelia's delusion. She says that they knew each other since highschool and that he's the only one that vists her. Only we've never had documented record of anyone ever coming to vist her. I've personally monitored her "relationship" with him. It seems that her schitzophrenia had gotten worse over time whilst being here. After a few years, I never had the heart to tell her he wasn't real."

He paused to take out a crumpled piece of paper from out of the folder. He handed it to Anthony across the table. He took it reluctantly, reading the scribbled words.

"We found this on her dresser."

I can't be here anymore, it read. Jeremy loves me and I'm going to live with him. Tell Anthony I'm sorry I was never normal enough for him. I really wish I was.