The sky was a huge inkblot. No stars, no moon, no clouds. Just darkness, plain darkness. The wind lashed and trampled everything that came its way as the neighborhood fell in a deep, inviting sleep. The metronome of dead silence hung high above, watching the neighborhood like a thief in the night. Everything was dead, except for Kyoko. She was walking in the dead, twilight world alone.

Kyoko was fighting against the wind with her turned-up collar being the only protection against it. "I really need to get home," Kyoko whispered as she tugged on her plaid mini-skirt. "Or Oka-sama will kill me!"

She began to sprint, but unfortunately, she was wearing the wrong kind of shoes for that job. She tripped in the darkness and heard something crack. Deep, agonizing huffed from her scarlet-painted lips. She sat up and threw off her high-heeled boots angrily. "Damn it," she cursed as she grabbed her left ankle. "I knew wearing these shoes were a bad idea!"

Her violet eyes glanced around, until it landed on a house in a corner. She forced herself to get up and began to limp in that direction. Kyoko knocked gently on the door and waited patiently. "Maybe," Kyoko replied, "a really cute guy will answer the door. Oh, I really hope so!" She glanced away for one second, and in a flash, she found herself in pure darkness with something running down on the right side of her face.

"Am I bleeding," she asked as her hand touched her face. A noise occurred. "What was that," Kyoko asked. She glanced around, but only saw darkness. The noise occurred again, but it wasn't loud as the first. It was soft as a butterfly's beating heart. Kyoko sat up with tears running down her face. "Please," she pleaded, "if this is some kind of joke, you got me! You can stop now!"

Suddenly, something flashed in her eyes, and Kyoko found herself lying on the ground again with new wounds on her body. Her lungs were struggling to supply oxygen to her body. Her heart was beating too rapidly. "What's happening to me," Kyoko whispered weakly. "Am I dying?"

Her eyes shifted to the left, and in her eyes, she saw a white butterfly with a luminescent glow surrounding it. "B-b-butterfly?"

Then death took over her, and she was erased from this world forever…