To The Edge

Shake me, break me, drag me to the edge

Make me cry, make me jump off the ledge

Make me feel what I cannot see

Make me bleed, set me free

Set me loose out on the town

Whatever you do, don't bring me down

Give me the world, give me a chance

Make it rain and let me dance.

Hold my arms, yell in my face

Destroy my faith in the human race

Beat me, abuse me, throw me to the floor

Make me beg you to give me more

Shove a needle in my vein

Watch my tears fall like rain

Ignore my pleas, my cries to stop

Push me, force me to the top.

Challenge my thoughts, challenge my truth

Make me grow beyond my youth

Don't let me rest, don't let me eat

Victory and power, there's nothing so sweet

Make me crazy, drive me mad

Walk out on me when I'm feeling sad

Eradicate the feelings of fear and of shame

Make me realize that I am to blame.

July 22, 2009.