I play in the gorean channels and one of the games there is called "Words" where you are given 3 words (or if your a certain crazy female you can opt for 6 and do them in a Tanka) These were the poems I wrote. DoorKeep would give the words I would write the poems. I left DoorKeep's words up so you can see what I have to work with.

DoorKeep: ring, ehn, Priest-King

the ecliipse's bright ring
it lasts only a few ehn
Power of a Priest-king

DoorKeep: hith, bells, bara

she moves like the hith
all bells and silks and desire
ending in bara

DoorKeep: veil, thentis, sirik
DoorKeep: Tuchuk, water, kurt

Within hiding viels
heart like the hard thentis stones
pride binds like sirik
one seems as free as the Tuchuk
eyes water from honor's kurt

DoorKeep: Thief, scar, player
DoorKeep: water, Inn, heat

the mark of a Thief
the fine lovely branded scar
a player's player
She moves like the still water
through the inn like heat shimmers

DoorKeep: Thassa, paga, beast

Eyes like the thassa
Lips sweet, like hot paga's heat
she's a little beast

DoorKeep: vulo, ehn, paga
DoorKeep: brand, water, rain

they ran like vulo
running swiftly every ehn
Chase is Paga sweet
each girl fears the searing brand
cold water and hot tears rain

DoorKeep: bina, flower, lamp
DoorKeep: Thief, scar, player

decked in cheap bina
the flower of of slave beauty
revealed by a lamp
He's like a theif in the night
No scar mars the player's face

DoorKeep: paga, cerulean, lamp
DoorKeep: stolen, brand, koroba
hushed paga taverns
cerulean in uproar
Guardsmen shining lamps
So many slaves are stolen
From street of brands Koroba