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Flirting or Sexual Harassment?

"No freak'n way!"

"See that is exactly my point. You don't even cuss properly. You're a teenager; it's expected that you say FUCK every once in a while. But you can't even do that. You need to do this. Let loose, have some fun!"

The brunette just glared at her friend and stubbornly shook her head no.

"Seriously Drea, I don't see what the problem is."

Andrea looked at Laura with an incredulous expression.

"The problem Laura is that you want me to go to the stupid party. You know I don't do that type of stuff. I wouldn't have any fun, I'd complain the whole time, and just make you have a rotten time too. So I say you just go without me."

"But I don't want to go without you. The whole point of me going is so I can make sure you loosen up and have some fun. Everyone else agrees with me and thinks you are too much of a goody-two shoes."

"What do you mean everyone else?"

"I mean everyone. You know the senior superlatives thing?" Andrea shook her head yes. "Yeah well I was in charge of tallying up the votes. You were voted little Ms. Innocent of the senior class. And when I say you won the title I mean there wasn't even anyone close to you. You had 155 of the votes. 155! We only have 210 people in our graduating class. That's like 75%!"

"Actually it's a little less than 74%." Andrea corrected.

Laura gave an outraged scream and started pulling on her hair. "See! Do you see what I mean?! You shouldn't know that. You shouldn't care that I was off by 1 fucking percent!"

"I don't see why you are so upset. It was a simple math statistic."

Laura walked closer to her friend and put her hands on her friend's shoulders.

"Andrea you have to experience life. The world is not all about numbers, grammar rules, essays, science formulas, and whatever the fuck else it is that you are so concerned with! The real world is about interacting with people. But all you do is study. You need to go out into the real world."

"Fine! If I go to this stupid party you have to promise me that you won't question my social calendar ever again. Got it?" Andrea stuck out her hand for Laura.

Laura looked at her friend closely and realized she wouldn't get a better deal. She clasped hands with Andrea.

"Fine…but I get to dress you."

Laura quickly made her escape from Andrea's house before she could object.


"I can't believe I agreed to this." Andrea whined as she slid out of Laura's car.

"Oh stop your complaining. Believe me, I could have dressed you in a much sluttier outfit my friend."

"No you couldn't have, because then I never would have left your house."

"I would have gotten you out of the house one way or another. Now stop fidgeting, you look fine."

Andrea couldn't help but fidget. She wasn't used to wearing such clothes, such tight clothes to be more exact. Laura was completely relaxed but she had gone to a few parties. This was Andrea's first party and she was not feeling confident in her battle gear.

The two friends walked further up the street and slowly approached the house already overflowing with teenage bodies. The bass could be heard from outside and there was quite a few people already stumbling around outside, intoxicated no doubt.

Andrea grabbed Laura's arm hurriedly and stopped her.

"Alright, if you actually expect me to go in there then you have to promise me you won't leave me okay?" Laura laughed at Andrea's worried face.

"Sure, sure. No worries." Andrea wasn't the least bit reassured by her friend's relaxed demeanor.

They made it to the front door and stopped at the threshold. Andrea swallowed nervously as she gazed upon the sea of bodies. Laura took her hand and gave it a firm squeeze before dragging her into the hot, sweaty, hectic chaos.


Trent dislodged himself from the blonde and made his way to the back of the house. He saw Steven and Nik by the keg and grabbed another beer before joining them. All three guys leaned against the wall and surveyed the scene before them.

"Looks like you've been having some fun." Nik observed as he pulled down the collar of Trent's shirt to reveal a kiss mark.

"Who's is it?" Steven asked.

"Don't know. Some blonde chick."

"You don't even know her name?"

"No. Is it really that big of a surprise to you?" Trent asked before taking a long draught from his beer.

"No, I guess not."

"You gonna fuck her?"

"Probably not. She had a nice rack but her body wasn't all that. Plus her face was not the prettiest sight I have ever seen. Talented tongue though. She'd be good for a blowjob."

"You're such an asshole."

Trent looked at Steven and laughed.

"You're just figuring this out?"

"No, just felt like saying it out loud for once."


There was a few moments of tense silence between the guys before Nik broke it.

"So who are you going to fuck?"

Steven rolled his eyes at Nik's one track mind.

"Not sure yet. Why don't you pick her out for me?"

"Why would I do that?"

"Well you can pick who you would like to fuck and then I'll live out your fantasies because we both know you won't be able to achieve them."

"You know I agree with Steven. You are an asshole."

"Yet you both still put up with me."

"We've been friends since kindergarten. You really think we are going to drop you after all this time?"

"No, I don't. Which is exactly why I don't care if you guys say I'm an asshole, because in the end it doesn't mean shit."

"You're lucky me and Nik aren't assholes or else we wouldn't put up with your shit."

"And I'm not going to say anything to the contrary because I know it's true." Trent grinned at his friends until they let out reluctant chuckles.

The boys talked for a little bit longer before they started scanning the crowd for their targets of the night.

"Got mine." Nik said.

"Which one?"

"The blonde in the jean skirt and red tee over by the kitchen door." Trent and Steven spotted his target talking to a guy.

"You really think you're up for some competition. It looks like the guy already has a claim on her." Steven observed.

"No competition. Watch."

Trent and Steven watched as Nik made his way over to the blonde. Nik came up behind the girl and laid his hand on her hip. He leaned in from behind and whispered something in her ear. They saw her blush and then turn around and speak to him. Nik leaned in and whispered something else and she nodded her head. Nik slid his arm around the girl's waist possessively and guided her out of the room. Before they left Nik looked over his shoulder and grinned at his friends. Trent and Steven raised their cups in acknowledgement of his success.

"He's definitely better than you give him credit for." Steven dared Trent to refute him.

"Yeah I know he's good. But it's always fun to tease him."

"So have you spotted your girl for the night yet?" Trent asked. Steven typically took longer to pick his girl.

Steven shook his head no and they both started to scan the crowd again.

Trent contemplated a raven haired girl dancing with a cup in her hand. She stumbled a bit and he quickly rejected her. Drunk girls weren't even a challenge.

He saw a decent red head but her outfit suggested she wouldn't be much of a challenge either. It was too skimpy and screamed "Fuck me!"

Trent's eyes stopped on a brunette standing by the door just off the dance floor. She was fidgeting nervously while she talked to a blonde girl who looked much more relaxed. The brunette was wearing dark jeans that left nothing to the imagination. On top she was wearing a black tank top that showed off just enough cleavage to make Trent want to see the rest. Her thick hair flowed down her back in luxurious waves.

"I think I found mine."

Steven followed Trent's gaze to the two girls.

"Which one? The blonde or the brunette?"

"The brunette."

Steven studied her for a little bit and then started to laugh. Trent sent him a questioning look.

"Sorry dude, but I think you better pick another girl."


"Look at the blonde. Do you recognize her?"

Trent looked at the blonde more closely and identified her as Laura from the girl's varsity soccer team. She was a pretty good forward and he sometimes talked with her when the guy's team was practicing at the same time. He knew Steven was a lot closer to her.

"Yeah that's Laura right?"

"Yeah. Now think of the girls she hangs out with and then compare her friends to the brunette. I'm sure you can figure out why it is a lost cause from there."

Trent tried to remember the girls he had seen Laura hang out with but he couldn't match any of them to the curvaceous brunette.

"I still don't know how you know her."

"Imagine her with her hair pulled back and much looser clothes."

Trent looked at the brunette again and did as Steven had said.

"Holy shit! That's her little nerdy friend right?"

"Yeah, her name is Andrea. Not only is she the top of the class but she was also just voted Ms. Innocent and most likely to never get into trouble. She is the epitome of the good girl stereotype."

Trent looked back at the brunette. That would explain why she looks so uncomfortable. This is probably her first party, Trent thought.

He scanned her body, slowly, and decided he wanted to know what little Ms. Innocent would look like writhing underneath him while he pounded into her. She would probably let out soft moans and little gasps as he fucked her.

"I'm still going to go after her."

"Whatever man, but I am telling you now, it is not going to happen."

Trent smirked at his friend, "We'll see."


Ten more minutes. Andrea thought. I only have to make it through ten more minutes before Laura will let me go home. That was the deal. Two hours and then I am gone. Ten more minutes, just ten more minutes.

"I'm going to go get another drink. You okay here?" Laura asked as she got up.

Andrea scanned the area and decided that she was safe enough. Most of the people around them were sober enough and she knew some of them. Most of them didn't recognize her but she was okay with that.

"Yeah I'm fine. But I am leaving in," she glanced at her phone, "nine minutes whether or not you are here." Laura rolled her eyes and left the room.

Andrea leaned against the sofa and peered into her drink. The party hadn't really been as horrible as she had imagined it would be, but it wasn't really that fun either. She just didn't see the appeal in getting intoxicated and hooking up with some other drunkard.

"You're looking a little lonely beautiful." Andrea jumped with fright at the sound of the deep voice very close to her ear.

She quickly turned around and studied the guy directly behind her. She couldn't quite recall where she had seen him before.

He was over six feet tall, with broad shoulders and a very nicely muscled body. He was wearing dark jeans and a black button up shirt. The top three buttons were left undone and gave Andrea a nice view of his toned, tan chest. His eyes were dark green and he had dark brown hair that fell in an organized disarray atop his head. The sleeves on his shirt were pushed up and the tendons in his arms strained as he crossed his arms across his chest, his jeans tightening around his toned legs as he leaned against the couch in the spot Andrea had just vacated. He looked at her with a smirk. He screamed "bad boy!"

"Hi I'm Trent." His voice was rich and oh-so masculine. He offered Andrea his hand but she just looked at it warily.

"I won't bite, I promise."

Andrea nervously clasped her hand with his. He tightened his grip on her hand and pulled her a lot closer to him as he leaned in and whispered suggestively, "Unless of course you want me to."

Andrea quickly dislodged her hand from his grip and backed up a few steps.

"Not going to tell me you're name? That's a little rude don't you think?" Trent had the smirk back on his face.

Andrea was starting to get really annoyed. The smirk was irritating her to no end.

She looked at Trent and saw the amusement clearly in his eyes. She narrowed her eyes in anger. He was playing with her!!

"No, what I think is rude is sneaking up on people and scaring the bejeezies out of them and then manhandling them! Not to mention the fact that you obviously have no clue what does and does not qualify as sexual harassment." She snapped at him.

"Babe, you obviously don't get out much if you thought that was sexual harassment. It's called flirting for future reference."

"Well for your future reference flirting is something done when the interest comes from both parties. When it only comes from one party, it's called sexual harassment."

Trent pushed himself off the couch he had been leaning against and stalked closer to her. Andrea backed up until she felt the wall behind her. Trent smirked again when he saw he had her trapped. He stepped close enough to her that each of them could feel the body heat of the other.

He leaned in close again and let his lips brush against her ear as he spoke. "Well then, I guess I'll have to make you interested. I wouldn't want to get in trouble now would I?"

Andrea shivered when she felt his hot breath against her ear. A deep chuckle rumbled from his chest when he felt her shiver. Andrea's anger burst forth again and quickly overcame her fear.

She saw Laura come back in the room and head towards them. Andrea pushed Trent's chest roughly. He was shocked enough by her action to stumble back a few feet.

She glared at him, "I will never be interested," she said with surprising vehemence.

She grabbed Laura's arm and dragged her friend out of the party quickly. Now that the anger was gone and fear reined over her again all she wanted to do was escape and forget the party ever happened.


Trent watched as the girl exited the room with her friend in tow. Her anger had been surprising to him but a welcome surprise. It would just make the chase that much more interesting.


Andrea let her head collapse into her hands as she rubbed her head to try and alleviate the throbbing headache.

"What's wrong with you, chica?" Laura asked as she sat down in the chair next to Andrea.

Andrea didn't even bother looking up when she answered. "Trent."

Laura laughed at her friend's situation. "He still following you around?"

"Yes! He won't leave me alone. He has been stalking me for the past two weeks."

"I wouldn't call it stalking. He carries your books to class for you and buys you lunch. It's kind of cute actually."

"It is so not cute! He steals my books from me and walks to my class so the only choice I have is to follow him. And he shoves the tray of food in my face and doesn't leave until I eat it. It's cruel and unusual torture that's what it is!"

"He likes you. I don't see what the problem is."

"He does not like me. He wants to get in my pants. There is a huge difference."

"Alright, knowing Trent's background I would say you are probably right." Andrea glared at Laura until she amended, "Alright, not probably, you are right. But I still don't see what the problem is. If he wants to waste his time being your slave let him. It's not like he would ever force himself on you and it isn't like you would ever give in to his charms. So again I ask, what is the problem?"

"It's annoying. It's distracting. It's stupid. It's frustrating. Need I go on?"

"It's distracting?" Laura asked with an amused grin.

"Not in the way you are thinking. Every class I find myself trying to figure out how I can escape before he shows up. But he is always there, waiting. I don't know how he does it."

"He probably just leaves his classes early."

"What do you mean? Why doesn't he get in trouble with his teachers then?"

"He does. He's in detention all the time. He isn't exactly what you would call well-behaved."

"He is such an idiot."

"That's true. I'm pretty sure Steven said he only keeps his grades high enough to play soccer."

"See that is exactly why I would never consider giving in to him. I seriously dislike people who are smart enough to get good grades but waste all their potential. It's annoying."

"Well I say you make the most of it. Just accept the fact that you now have your own personal slave until he gives up."

"When do you think that will be?"

"Not sure. Trent's known for being stubborn and never giving up."

Andrea let out a sarcastic laugh. "Lucky me."


Another week went by and Andrea was really getting sick of Trent following her around. She walked out of her last class for the day and saw Trent.

What a surprise, she thought with sarcasm.

Trent quickly grabbed her books, but after the first few days of him doing this Andrea had ceased to fight with him about it. He was disappointed because he thought it had been fun backing her up against a wall until she had surrendered her books to him.

He walked with her to her car like usual. And like usual Andrea ignored him as he chatted away or hit on her.

"Alright, this seriously has to stop." Andrea said when they made it to her car.

"What has to stop?" Trent asked, feigning ignorance.

"Everything! You have to stop stealing my books, and walking me to class, and buying me lunch, and calling me. I still don't know how you got my phone number."

Trent laughed, "I have my resources."

"Yeah okay, well I don't really care. You need to stop."


"Because it's annoying and tiring. What do you even hope to get out of it?"

Trent shrugged. "Maybe I just like you."

Andrea looked up at him and burst out laughing.

"No you like my ass and my chest, not me."

"Why, Miss Andrea, I do believe that is the first time I have ever heard you cuss."

"Trent! I'm being serious. It's not going to happen. I won't sleep with you so why don't you just leave me alone."

Trent stepped closer to her and looked at her in the eyes. "Because I don't give up so easily."

"Is there nothing I can do that will make you leave me alone?" Andrea asked. She saw a smirk slowly spread across Trent's face, "other than sleeping with you," she quickly amended.

Trent still smirked at her and she started to get nervous.

"Sure…give me a blowjob." Andrea rolled her eyes at the suggestion. A few weeks ago she would have gagged in disgust but by being exposed to Trent's crude way of speaking she was prepared for his disgusting proposal.


"Alright, how about you just make out with me for a little bit? That might be able to convince me to leave you alone."


"Yeah, I can't promise anything. Once I kiss you it might make me even more dedicated to getting you to submit or it could turn me off and I'll leave you alone."

"Well, that is not a chance I am willing to take."

"Oh, so you think you are that talented that it'll just make me want you all that much more?"

Andrea let out a rather effeminate snort. "No, but how the hell should I know what will or will not turn you on? Plus, you could just be lying and just get me to make out with you when you won't stop harassing me no matter how bad of kisser I am."

"You're still saying this is sexual harassment?"

"Um yeah. What? Did you think I liked all this annoying treatment?"

"Well, I had hoped that I was starting to break you down, a little."

"Yeah well you haven't, so I still define this as harassment."

"Guess I'll just have to work a little harder." He said as he stepped even closer to her.

"Trent, seriously just leave me alone. It is never going to happen."

"Well you aren't offering me anything that would make it worthwhile to leave you alone."

"I don't see why you won't just go sleep with some other girl. I know for a fact there are plenty of girls that would be willing to sleep with you, so go bug one of them. They can fulfill your sexual appetite and you can just leave me alone."

"Who says I haven't been keeping my sexual appetite well fed?"

Andrea started laughing again but when she looked up she saw Trent was being completely serious. "You cannot be that stupid, can you? You think it helps your cause of getting into my pants by telling me you are still sleeping with other girls?"

"Well it's not like I have been making any progress with you so there isn't really much point in me not telling you. Plus, I like to be honest with people."

"Whatever, I don't care. Just leave me alone."

"Then offer me something to go away."

Andrea screamed in frustration. Trent was just looking at her with amusement.

"Alright, fine! I'm going to lay out some terms and you better agree because it is the best I can offer."

"Alright lay it on me."

"You leave me alone for a month…" Andrea started before she was interrupted.

"No." Andrea glared at Trent and he just smiled back at her.

"Just listen okay? You can have your say after I finish." Andrea looked at Trent and waited until he nodded his head in agreement.

"As I was saying, you leave me alone for a month. If, after one month, you are still hell bent on sleeping with me and you bring me a print out of your grades, I will give you a kiss for every A you have. And you can't hook up with any other girls either. But that is seriously all you are going to get out of me, a kiss. I will never sleep with you. I really don't know why I keep repeating myself but apparently you are deaf."

"You will give me a kiss for every A I get?" Trent looked at Andrea with a thoroughly confused expression.



"Well you insist you won't give up until I at least kiss you. So I might as well get something out of the situation. This way I get some peace and quiet for a month."

"But why would you care about my grades?"

"Well, for one I don't think you care enough to wait that long and actually do schoolwork. And two, if I'm wrong and you are that determined at least this makes your month productive." Andrea smiled at her reasoning.

"I still don't get why you care about my grades."

"Well it's not your grades per say. It's just that, in general, I dislike people who are capable of doing well in school and don't just because they are lazy."

Trent nodded his head in understanding. "Alright let's sort out the details."

"What details? I told you the deal; either you accept it or you don't."

"Well what exactly qualifies as a kiss? I don't want to work my ass off and remain celibate for a month and just to get a kiss on the cheek."

"Fine I will kiss you on the lips. Agreed?"

"Not quite yet. How long will these kisses last? Is it just a peck I'm agreeing to or an actual kiss?"

"Well what would you qualify as an actual kiss?"

"Ten seconds at least. And also, what about B's? Not everyone is as smart as you, you know. What if I am not capable of getting an A?"

"I am sure you are capable of getting an A."

"But don't you think a B should be rewarded too? I mean I would have to put a lot of work in to get a B too, and I am telling you right now I really suck at Chemistry."

"Alright fine, what do you think a B and an A should be rewarded?"

"If I bring you a B I should get a ten second kiss. If I bring you an A I should get a thirty second kiss." Trent said confidently.

"No. No way am I agreeing to a thirty second kiss for every A."

"Come on, for me to get an A it will be a lot of work on my end so I should be rewarded for the effort I will be putting in."

"Fifteen seconds for every A."



"No, thirty seconds for every A or we can forget about the deal and I can just continue to flirt with you…"

"Harass me…"

"right, flirt with you anytime I want."

"Fine! Alright, just so we are clear: you leave me alone for a month."

"Can I still say hi to you?" Trent interrupted again, but his question seemed sincere.

Andrea looked up at him and scrunched her eyebrows in confusion.

"Yeah, I guess, but you have to stop carrying my books, buying me lunch, and calling me everyday. You can say hi, but if I say you are annoying me you have to leave me alone."


"Okay, so you stop harassing me for one month…" Trent rolled his eyes at her choice of words. "You bring me your grades at the end of a month and every B you have equals a ten second kiss and every A you have equals a thirty second kiss." Andrea swallowed nervously at the thought of having to kiss Trent for thirty seconds.

"Sounds good to me!" Trent said as he offered his hand to Andrea. "Shake on it."

As soon as Andrea connected her hand with Trent's, he pulled her towards him and pressed his lips to hers. Andrea barely had time to register what had happened before he pulled away with a grin.

"Just had to see what it is I am going to be working so hard for." He turned around and started to walk away, leaving behind a shocked Andrea. She slowly raised her fingers to her lips and felt where Trent's lips had rested so gently against hers.


"You did what?!!"

"I am pretty sure you heard me the first time I said it, Laura, so there is no reason for me to repeat myself."

"No you see that is where you are wrong. I am 100% confident I did not hear you correctly, because what I heard come out of your mouth was that you made an agreement with Trent to kiss him if he brought you good grades. And you see, I know you would never agree to something like that which means I must have heard you incorrectly."

"No, you heard correctly."

"The world is coming to an end! I swear it is because this would only happen in some weird twist of reality!"

"You're being overdramatic."

Laura looked at Andrea who was surprisingly calm with the situation she had just gotten herself into.

"And you're not being dramatic enough! You should be in hysterics right now. You realize you just did the equivalent of signing your soul over to the devil right?"

"Well if that isn't a hyperbole I don't know what is."

"Andrea I'm being serious here. Why the hell would you agree to that? What the fuck were you thinking?!"

"First of all stop swearing, it's unnecessary. And second of all, I agreed to it because it was the only way to get him away from my and he isn't going to take it seriously so I have nothing to worry about."

"Are you really so sure you have nothing to worry about? What if he does take it seriously and gets all A's. You would have to kiss him for three minutes. That isn't even a kiss, that's a make out sesh.

"Well I guess it's a good thing he won't take it seriously then. Come on Laura, we are talking about Trent here. You honestly think he is going to pull all of his grades up and work hard for a month just to get me to kiss him? Not to mention the fact that he isn't allowed to hook up with other girls for the month either."

"Yes, I honestly think that."

"Why would you think that? He has plenty of other options like calling up some random girl and actually sleeping with her. Why would he work so hard just to get a stupid kiss from me? Me?"

"Because it's Trent and as I already pointed out he is stubborn and never gives up once he sets his mind to it."

"Well if he were so dedicated he would already be getting A's in his classes. That just proves he isn't serious about anything if it is a long term goal."

"No, you see Trent never cared about his grades before because there was no need for him to worry about them. He is smart enough to keep them at a level where he can play soccer and he doesn't have to worry about getting into college because his parents are rich enough to bribe any college he wants to go to into accepting him."

Andrea stubbornly shook her head in disagreement with everything her friend was saying.

"Whatever. I'm not worried about it. He isn't going to work that hard just to get a kiss from me."

Laura looked at her friend who seemed completely confident her plan was fool proof.

"Well I would be worried. Steven told me Trent already talked to a few of his teachers to find out what he had to do to bring his grades up. Apparently a few of them are even giving him some extra credit projects that will help boost his grades. So enjoy this month Drea because in exactly 31 days you will be giving Trent his reward in the form of a long make out session."

With that warning said, Laura left her friend behind in a much less confident state. Andrea thought about all Laura had said and could feel the seeds of doubt already growing inside of her.

Oh no, what the hell did I agree to?!!


26 Days to Doom Day

"50 seconds."

Andrea jumped as Trent sat next to her during lunch.


"So far I have racked up 50 seconds. I have two B's and one A."

"Wh…What? How is that even possible? It's hasn't even been a full week."

Trent chuckled at Andrea's flustered face.

"Yeah well I already had an A in soccer so that was already thirty seconds. And two of my teachers let me turn in all the hw I didn't turn in before so now I have a B in English and a B in Calculus. By my count, that means I get to enjoy 50 seconds with your luscious lips." Trent grinned at the progress he had already made.

"Yeah well you would have to maintain those grades in order to cash in on those 50 seconds."

Trent leaned in and kissed the corner of Andrea's lips. "Oh you don't have to worry about that. I definitely plan on making the most of our little agreement."

Andrea quickly got up from her seat and moved away from Trent. "That would count as sexual harassment too, you know."

Trent watched as Andrea walked away, a smile playing across his face.


15 Days to Doom Day

Trent groaned as he worked through his chemistry homework. He had never been good at science and chemistry was proving to be a difficult class to raise his grade in. He already had A's in soccer, English, and Calculus. Once he turned his project in for Spanish V he would have an A and if he pulled off an A on his next Government test he should be able to bring it up to an A too. But chemistry would be impossible to get an A in so for now he was just trying to maintain the B minus he currently had.

"You are seriously pathetic," Nik said as he walked in to find Trent working on homework.

"Leave me alone." Trent grumbled. He did not want to deal with Nik right now.

"I can't believe you are working this hard for some stupid kiss from a little nerd."

"Shut up, she isn't a nerd. She's smart yes but she isn't a nerd." Nik burst out laughing when Trent defended Andrea. Trent glared at his friend before looking back at his homework.

Steven walked up and pushed Nik away from Trent. "Leave him alone."

"No, we can't let him continue on like this. This isn't our friend, Steven. Our Trent doesn't care about his grades, our Trent doesn't do homework, our Trent doesn't remain sexually inactive for more than a week, and our Trent does not become hung up on some girl."

Trent glared coldly at his friend. "Seriously, Nik, drop it." Nik looked warily at his friend and decided it would be best to leave him alone.

"Whatever," he said before walking away.

Steven sat down next to Trent but didn't say anything. Trent continued to work on his homework until Steven's gaze made him snap.

"What do you want?" Trent asked angrily.

Steven studied his friend for a moment before speaking. "I just wanted to know why are you working so hard for a kiss from Andrea? I mean, don't get me wrong, I think the changes you have made are great, I just don't understand why."

Trent let his head fall into his hands as he let out a frustrated sigh.

"Honestly dude, I don't know. I just…I can't stop thinking about her. At first it was just because I wanted to fuck her. But then when I started following her around and I learned more about her, I was actually interested in more than fucking her…I don't know, maybe it's just because she's the first girl that has rejected me, or maybe it's because I am just stubborn, or maybe I really do just want to fuck her…I just don't know."

Steven just listened to everything Trent said in silence and was somewhat amused that his friend was actually that clueless. It was obvious Trent liked her; he would just never admit it to himself, let alone anyone else. He had been using girls for pleasure for too long and now that there was a girl he actually liked he didn't know what to do.

"Well, I'm not sure what to tell you, but I am sure you will figure something out." Steven patted his friends shoulder before getting up and leaving.

Trent watched Steven leave and then let his head collapse onto the table. He had no idea why Andrea was so much different. He had never waited this long for any girl to submit to him before. Maybe Nik was right. This wasn't him, he didn't work this hard just for some girl.

Trent looked at his chemistry homework one last time before getting up and dumping it in the trash.


8 Days to Doom Day

"You came!!"

"Andrea laughed at Laura's excitement.

"As I recall, you didn't really give me much of a choice. You stole my keys during lunch and said if I wanted them back I would have to come."

"True, but I am still glad you came, and I am sure Trent will be happy too."

"Why would Trent be happy? We haven't even talked to each other in a week. I'm pretty sure he has forgotten about the deal, which means I am safe."

Even though Andrea should have been thrilled about it, she couldn't help but feel a little disappointed. She had gotten used to Trent always being around. After they had made the deal, he had been pretty well-behaved and Andrea found out he could be a good guy…when he wanted to be. At first he would still stop her and they would have actual conversations which was a nice change of pace. Occasionally he would update her on his progress and harass her. But then a week ago he just stopped. He would nod his head in acknowledgement of her presence but they wouldn't talk anymore and he had stopped "flirting" with her.

"You know, if I didn't know any better I would say you sound a little sad. Although I wouldn't blame you if you were, I would be pretty upset if I found out I wouldn't get to make out with him anymore. He is so hot!"

"Be quiet. I am not upset because I don't have to kiss Trent anymore. I guess I just miss his incredibly annoying but somewhat charming personality."

"Yeah you keep telling yourself that."

"Okay, I will."

Andrea looked out over the soccer field and spotted Trent passing a ball with Nik. All the guys were doing different warm-ups and waiting for the game to start. The stands were filled with fans, most of which were girls. Today was the semi-final for the guy's varsity soccer team. If they beat the Kensington Kings then they would go on to the championship game in two weeks.

Andrea listened as Laura listed off the guys on the soccer team and the positions they played. Andrea already knew most of the rules of the game since she had gone to see Laura's games a few times, but this was her first time seeing the guys play.

The crowd cheered wildly when the ref blew his whistle and Nik kicked off. The game began. Andrea quickly found out that the guys were much more physical when they played. Trent got side tackled as he dribbled the ball towards the goal. He went down in a tangle of limbs with the King's player and didn't run quiet as fast as he had in the beginning.

A loud roar went up when the Vipers scored their first goal. At the end of the first half the score was 2-1 in favor of the Vipers. By the time the second half started Andrea was caught up in the excitement of the crowd and was cheering just as loud as the other fans.

Everyone yelled in disapproval when the Kings scored another goal and tied the game. There was a minute left and the Vipers had the ball. Andrea and Laura clasped hands as they nervously watched Steven dribble the ball forward. He passed it off to Trent who took it up the side of the field. A King defender closed in on him and cut off his shot at the goal. He spotted Nik running up the field on the other side and crossed it to him. Andrea froze as she watched the ball sail through the air. When it came in range, Nik kicked the ball and re-angled it towards the goal. The goalie dove for the ball but he was too late. The ball brushed his fingers but it wasn't enough to keep it from sailing cleanly into the back of the net.

The Vipers had won!

The crowd screamed wildly, Andrea included. Everyone rushed the field to congratulate the guys. Laura pulled Andrea along behind her until they found Steven, Nik, and Trent.

Trent was surprised to see Andrea there and stood staring at her for a second. Laura had pulled Steven and Nik away and was talking animatedly off to the side.

Andrea blushed when Trent continued to stare at her in shocked silence. She nervously looked up, "Congratulations. You guys played great."

Trent stared at her for another second before his face broke out into a wide grin and he enveloped her in a tight hug. He spun them around and then abruptly set her on her feet again.

"Oops, sorry about that. Adrenaline is still pumping, didn't mean to um…harass you." He said as he backed away from her, hands held up in surrender.

Andrea shook her head and laughed a little, but before she could tell him it was okay he was dragged off by some of his teammates. He looked back at her and yelled goodbye and she waved back at him.

Luckily for her, he was too far away to see the blush that was slowly turning her cheeks red.


Doom Day

Andrea had been almost sick with nerves when she woke up and realized what day it was. She warily walked into school, not knowing what to expect. She made it through her morning classes and there hadn't been a single sighting of Trent.

She thought for sure she would see him at lunch, but again there was no Trent, anywhere. She made it through her last two classes and went to her club meeting after school. They finalized the plans for the fund-raiser they would be putting on in two weeks and then everyone was dismissed.

Andrea walked to her car and started putting away the fund-raiser materials she had to take home and store at her house. She closed her trunk and walked to the front door when she was abruptly turned around and pinned against her car.

Trent was standing in front of her in his soccer clothes, shirt sticking to his toned chest, windbreaker on over top, hair tousled and darkened with sweat. He had her arms pinned behind her and his body pressed up against hers. The heat coming off his body was stifling. Andrea tried not to show how nervous she was at his close proximity but she couldn't stop the slight blush that showed up on her cheeks.

"Trent, what do you think you are doing?" Andrea's voice was surprisingly calm and nonchalant.

Trent shifted her wrists into one of his large hands and used his other hand to pull something out of his pocket. He unfolded the paper and held it up for her to see.

"Cashing in," he said with a smirk.

Andrea quickly scanned the paper and was shocked at the grades listed on it. Five A's and one B. She started to fidget when she realized she now owed him two minutes and forty seconds worth of lip time.

Andrea opened her mouth to tell him to give her some space but Trent quickly crashed his lips down on top of hers. His lips were burning hot. He moved them strongly against hers trying to get her to respond, but Andrea was too shocked at the moment. He ran his tongue along her bottom lip asking for entrance and then nipped at it lightly. Andrea gasped in surprise and Trent took advantage of the opening. He slid his tongue into her mouth and explored every inch of it. Trent tasted a little spicy, like he had been chewing on cinnamon gum. Andrea still wasn't participating much, still too shocked by what was going on, but Trent didn't seem to mind. He continued to explore her mouth before slowly pulling away. He ran light kisses along her jaw line and then nipped at her earlobe.

"That was only a minute. I'll wait to cash in on the rest at a later date." His hot breath on her ear made her shiver, much like their first encounter, but this time he didn't chuckle. He slowly released her wrists and then walked away, leaving Andrea in a dazed state.


He couldn't believe he had just done that. God he was so stupid!

Two weeks ago he had decide to be done with the stupid deal. He had gone back to his usual routine of not really caring about school. Nik commented on how he still wasn't hooking up with any girls but Trent just brushed him off and said he wasn't interested in hooking up with anyone at the moment. What he didn't tell Nik was that the reason he didn't want to hook up with any girls is because the one girl he did want didn't want him.

Trent had realized Andrea would never give in to him. But then a week ago at the semi-final he had been shocked to see her there. She had come down onto the field and congratulated him. He had been too shocked to say anything, too shocked at seeing her there standing in front of him. Before he realized what he was doing he had run over and embraced her tightly. He had felt her go stiff for a second before he quickly dropped her back onto the ground.

He thought for sure she would be mad at him but before he was dragged off he saw her smiling at him. It had given him a little hope that maybe she wouldn't mind giving in to him as much as she had previously claimed.

So he had gone back to school in brighter spirits and resumed working hard. Then the day had finally come. The one month had come and passed.

He printed out his grades intending to get his reward but when he had seen her in the morning he had doubts about how she would react. She had never given him any sign that she would be willing. And no matter how much of an asshole he might be, he wasn't going to force himself on her.

So he had avoided her, the whole day. But then he saw her at her car after he got done with practice. Before he knew what he was doing he had her pinned against her car, enjoying the soft body pressed against his.

When she asked him what he was doing he slipped back in to his trademark asshole persona. And then he had kissed her. He couldn't stop himself. If she had pushed him away he would have understood, but she hadn't. She hadn't been responsive, but she hadn't pushed him away. And that meant something.

The main reason he was upset was because he had practically assaulted her. She had every right to call it that and he wouldn't be able to refute her.

He didn't know why she affected him this way, why he acted so differently around her, why he couldn't stop himself from wanting her.

God she was driving him insane!


It had been two days since Trent had kissed her and Andrea couldn't think about anything else. She could still remember the hard lines of his body pressed up against hers, the spicy taste of him on her tongue, the heat that had been radiating off of him, the musky scent that had wafted off of him. She could remember it all and it was driving her crazy.

She had seen him at school and he hadn't acted any differently. He would talk with her when they saw each other and occasionally give her a sexy grin that made it clear he was just biding his time.

Andrea was walking down the hallway and suddenly felt a strong hand close around her arm and pull her into an empty classroom. She wasn't entirely surprised when she turned around and saw the hand around her arm was attached to Trent.

Trent pushed her up against the wall next to the door and pinned her body with his.

"Trent, you seriously have to stop this whole pinning me up against walls thing. It's getting old." Trent grinned at her comment but didn't release her.

"Now why would I want to stop? Especially when it feels so nice having your body pressed so closely against mine." As if to emphasize his words Trent pressed even closer and slipped one of his legs between Andrea's. Andrea shifted, uncomfortable with their position.

"Trent, either take your reward or stop harassing me." Andrea snapped in an annoyed tone. She was getting tired of him playing with her.

"Someone's a little touchy today." Trent said teasingly.

Andrea looked at Trent, "Yeah someone is a little touchy today," she replied as she looked down at how he had her pinned, to prove her point.

Trent laughed at her response. "Not quite what I meant, but true enough."

"Yeah, well I am being serious, take your reward or let me go. I don't like you playing with me."

"Sorry, but no can do. This is pay back."

"Pay back for what?"

"For driving me crazy this last month."

Andrea rolled her eyes at Trent. "Yeah okay," she said sarcastically as she tried to push Trent off of her.

"I'm being completely serious. All I could think about for the last month was being able to kiss you. Which is a little funny if you think about it because I could easily get some somewhere else." Andrea glared at Trent and renewed her attempts to push him off of her.

"But," he continued, "for the last month all I could think about was you and what it would feel like to finally touch you," he traced his thumb across her cheek, "to hold you," he cupped her face in his large hand, "to run my lips across your soft skin," he left her skin tingling as he ran light kisses across her jaw line, "to taste you…" This time Andrea opened her mouth quickly and let Trent slide his tongue in to meet hers.

Their tongues met in a dance of pleasure as they tasted each other. Andrea angled her head upwards to give Trent better access to her mouth and he quickly delved further in. Andrea brought her hands up to loop around Trent's neck and tug at his hair. He ran his hands up and down the length of her body, sending jolts of warmth through her.

She sucked his bottom lip into her mouth and massaged it with her tongue, earning a deep moan for her efforts. Trent quickly regained the upper hand as he forced his tongue back into her mouth. His fingers tangled in her hair as he forced her head to the side and attacked her neck with hot open mouthed kisses. Andrea gasped at the feeling and her fingers tightened their hold in his hair, her other hand clutching onto his shirt at his chest.

After giving her neck some attention he made his way back to her mouth to get one last taste of her before pulling away and resting his forehead against hers. Both of them were gasping for air. Trent recovered more quickly and leaned in for one last soft kiss against Andrea's lips before pulling his body away from hers. Goosebumps popped up on Andrea's skin when cold air replaced Trent's body heat.

"I'll collect on my last ten seconds later," he whispered in her ear before opening the door an exiting the classroom. It took Andrea considerably more time to fight her way through the fog clouding her mind.


Four more days passed by and it was the day of the championship game. Trent hadn't collected on the last of his reward but he still kept close to Andrea. Him and his friends ate lunch with her and Laura and when he passed by Andrea in the hallway he would run his fingers lightly down her arm.

The whole school was buzzing with excitement. It was the first time in six years the soccer team had made it to the championship. Andrea had only seen Trent in passing and he had seemed so nervous, nothing like the confident guy she had always known.

Laura and Andrea had gone to Laura's house to get dressed in their fan-wear. Andrea was wearing dark blue jeans and a dark green shirt, golden hair ties holding her hair back in a high ponytail. Laura was wearing her soccer jersey and jeans with black "war paint" under her eyes.

They drove back to the school and got good seats on the bleachers. They talked as they watched the guys warm up and the bleachers started to fill with students and parents. Steven, Nik, and Trent spotted Andrea and Laura in the stands and waved at them. Laura shouted out her encouragement and Andrea smiled and waved back.

The game was set to start in fifteen minutes. Andrea told Laura to save her spot while she went and got them some snacks from the food stand. The line wasn't too long and Andrea was pretty sure she would make it back in time to watch the kick-off.

Andrea was almost to the front of the line when someone pulled her out of line and dragged her over to the side of the building. She wasn't surprised when she looked up to see it was Trent. It seemed to be his trademark to grab her out of nowhere and pin her up against something.

Andrea smiled up at him, "You really need to try changing your tactics."

Trent grinned back at her, "But they work so well," he joked.

"What are you doing? The game is about to start."

"I had to get something first."

"Oh yeah, and what's that?" Andrea

Trent leaned in and gently placed his lips on top of Andrea's. He kept the kiss soft and fleeting, so much different than the passionate and carnal kisses they had shared before. After too short a time he pulled away and gave her a small smile.

"My good luck kiss," he said before kissing the corner of her lips. He ran his thumb across her bottom lip as he stared at her. They heard Nik yell out for Trent since the game was starting. Trent turned to leave but Andrea pulled his face back towards her and gave him one last soft kiss.

"You still had one second left," she said as she smiled up at him. "Now go kick their asses."

Trent grinned back at her. "Will do," he said as he gave her a mock salute and the jogged back to the field.

When Andrea got back to the bleachers she was empty handed.

"Where are the snacks?" Laura asked her friend who seemed way too happy for some reason.

"Sorry, they didn't have anything good." Andrea lied.

The crowd screamed when the boys ran on the field and got into their positions. Once again Nik kicked off the start of the game and the game quickly intensified. Everyone could see that both teams wanted to win. There was a lot of pushing and wrestling for better positions. The Tritons quickly took the lead and the Viper supporters hissed and booed. The guys didn't seem disheartened and quickly rallied around Nik as he took the ball up the field and scored. The cheering was deafening.

The rest of the first half was tense, both teams coming close to scoring again but neither of them succeeding. The fans talked excitedly as they waited for the second half to start. Andrea looked down to the field and saw all the guys gathered around the coach as he drew out the game plan for the second half. All of them had serious expressions on their face as they listened intently to his instructions, nodding every once in a while.

After a ten minute break, though it seemed much longer, the guys ran back onto the field. The second half was more violent as both teams fought for possession of the ball. Steven was taken down on a bad slide tackle and everyone got worried when he stayed down. Nik ran over and started yelling at the Triton player who had hurt Steven. Andrea stood up worriedly when she saw Trent run over too, but instead of fighting with the guy like she expected, he just pulled Nik back and then checked on Steven.

The coach and trainer ran out and blocked the crowd's view of Steven lying on the ground. The rest of the team gathered around and looked down on their fallen teammate. After a few minutes Steven was helped off the field by the trainer. Another player was put in to replace him and the game resumed.

Andrea could see that Trent and Nik were upset. Nik was rasher with his maneuvers and let a defender steal the ball away from him. The Triton player passed it up to his forward who quickly scored a goal and put them in the lead. The Vipers tried to battle their way back but the Triton defense was too strong.

With five minutes left in the game Nik had the ball on a breakaway. He took a shot but the goalie was able to deflect it out of bounds. One of the mid-fielders ran up to take the corner kick. As he set up, players on both teams wrestled for better spots next to the goal.

The mid-fielder ran up to the ball and let it sail into the air. It sailed over the heads of some of the players and headed for the far post of the goal. Nik was there and tried to get a handle on the ball but there were too many Triton players around him. He passed the ball back out to Trent who shot the ball hard into the upper corner of the goal. The goalie jumped for the ball but he wasn't even close as the ball swished into the back of the net.

The crowd roared. The ref blew the whistle and the game was sent into over-time. All the guys were breathing hard but they had determined looks on their faces. Their aching muscles meant nothing; all that mattered was winning the game.

Everyone was tense as they watched the ball go up and down the field numerous times, neither team getting an advantage over the other. After a few minutes, Nik got another breakaway. He sprinted up the field quickly, nothing in his way but the goal keeper. He brought his leg back and sent the ball shooting through the air. It was headed for the upper corner of the goal but then started to curve in the air. The ball arched over the goal keeper's body and went in.

The whole team ran up and crushed Nik in their celebration but then got back into positions. They had the lead but there was still another two minutes in overtime. The other team quickly set up and kicked off. The mid fielders kept the ball away from their goal for a while but then one of the players kicked it forward to a waiting Triton player. A defender came up to meet him but was passed by as the forward maneuvered around him.

The Triton player lined up for a shot and sent the ball hurling through the air. The goalie dove for the ball and was able to deflect the ball and send it back out of danger. Another Triton player came up for another shot but before he could get it off a defender stole the ball from him and sent it up the field. Just as the ball hit the ground the ref blew the whistle, signaling the end of the game.

The field was silent for a second before a loud cheer went up from the stands. All the guys started yelling in celebration and came together as a team. Everyone rushed the field and surrounded the team.

Andrea and Laura rushed down onto the field as well. Laura broke away and ran over to Steven who was limping towards the mass of bodies. Andrea frantically scanned the crowd for Trent.

She saw his head in a mass of people and started to make her way through the chaos. When she finally reached him she wrapped her arms around him in a big hug. He laughed and swung them around in circles before setting her down.

She grabbed his face and smashed her lips against his. After a brief moment, Trent wrapped his arms around her and pulled her closer, reveling in the sweet taste of her mouth and the warmth coming off her body. They pulled away from each other after a few seconds.

"You know, someone once told me that something like that would be considered sexual harassment." Trent said as he grinned down at Andrea.

She looked back at him and smiled. "Nope, it's called flirting," she said before once more joining her lips with his.

The End

Yay corny endings!! :) Hope you enjoyed, let me know what you think.