Adam wondered if it would feel any different if this were only a game. If Lucinda was merely a temperamental Mistress testing the devotion of her slave and he was just using her to satisfy his particular sexual needs. Would it hurt in a thrilling way, the way her teeth sinking into a sensitive nipple sent a jolt of sweet fire through his body, sending him to his knees out of weakness? Or would it still rip and tear and slash at him, leaving stripes that cut deeper then any whip and threatening to beat him raw?

Not that it mattered.

Lucinda had been the fire that had distilled his untrained desire into devout adoration. She had molded him will skillful hands into what he was now and he stood here as her creation, an unblemished sacrifice to be laid on the alter of love. She had brought them both to this moment so that he could fulfill his purpose. So that she could turn him into another comforting wound on her heart instead of the warm hands that held it together and then send him to join the ranks of men who had failed to win her love.

Not that Lucinda knew what she had done.

Adam's choice was clear to him. He would suffer either way but what was the pain of a messy break up to the wrath of a woman who held a dagger poised over his heart everyday they were together? He should walk away and give her what she wanted. Or he could grab the hilt and thrust the blade in himself, hoping that his sacrifice would be enough.

With a shudder, Adam took a step forward and knelt at Lucinda's feet. He caught her wrists, holding them firmly at her sides when she tried to move away. She glared at him at first but her expression began to softened as she looked at him. Adam stared into her eyes for long time before he said, "My heart is yours to break if it pleases you."

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