Chapter 1

Andrew cradled me against his warm body, rocking me back and forth not saying a word to break the perfect silence. Warm and snug in his arms, the butterflies in my stomach roared and I sighed contently as I closed my eyes. I smiled as I listened closely to his steady breathing; his husky cologne smelt so good. The fire crackled gently and the shadows of the flames danced against the wall, quivering as the flames flickered. Kissing the top of my head, he hummed the grandfather clock tune and laced his fingers with mine.

"Kaelyn?" he whispered adoringly. The way he said my name was so perfect, so, so…sexy. I turned my head slightly and looked up at him. His eyes were a shade of clear blue, pure and so beautiful.

"I love you" he cooed, closing his eyes and leaning in closer towards my face. Closing my own eyes, I waited rather impatiently for him to capture my lips with his own. I waited for the shiver to run down my spine like an electric current, making goose bumps appear on my arm. I waited for his soft, warm lips.

Come on! Hurry up and kiss me you fool!

All of a sudden, I felt a drop of water land squarely on my nose and my eyes flew open. Andrew watched me with an adorable frown set on his face, his full of confusion . I touched my nose, frowning as I looked at the drop of water. What the hell? I shook my head and waved my hand dismissively, giving him a small smile.

"Where were we, Andy?" I asked him with a teasing smile. He gave me a crooked grin and proceeded to kiss me again. But as soon as our lips were about to touch, icy water poured down on me.

With that, my eyes really flew open. I gasped and spluttered as I struggled to sit up, trying to untangle myself from my blanket.

"WHAT THE HELL?" I yelled at the top of my lungs. Pushing my soaking hair away from my face as I gasped, I furiously scanned the room for the culprits who were responsible for ruining my almost, awesome dream. Two familiar laughing voices rang through the hallway and the sound of light, little stomps rumbled the stairs as the twins ran down hurriedly.

"NICK! DEAN! YOU BETTER RUN YOU LITTLE, TURTLE WORM, PANCAKE EATING, NOSE PICKING, LITTLE SLIME BUGS!!" I shouted angrily as I stomped across my room, kicking the blue bucket out of my way. Despite my fury, I never swear in front of the twins.

Just as I was about to race down the stairs to find the two evil, little imps, an idea crossed my mind and I marched towards their room. Grinning, I kicked the door open and entered their 'space' themed room and walked straight to their perfectly made beds and grabbed their favorite toys from on top of their pillows; Nick's Mr. Dinosaur and Dean's Mr. Dog. "DON'T THINK I DIDN'T SEE YOUR UGLY GREEN, DINO SLIPPERS NICK, OR YOUR POOP COLOURED DOG ONES DEAN!" I shouted as I marched down the stairs, holding the two soft toys by their tails. I stood in the hallway, listening for any sound of their voices. The smell of delicious pancakes with raspberries wafted to my nose from the kitchen, making my stomach growl. The image of the fresh, warm pancakes smothered in honey and topped with red raspberries appeared in my mind. I was half tempted to drop the toys and go in and devour a plate of the goodies, but the thought of my ruined dream tore me.

Keep your head in the game kaelyn.

Right, I'll be back for you later oh delicious pancakes!

I crept into the large living room, being mindful not to make a sound as tiptoed in, hugging their toys to my chest. Besides the muffled sound of laughter and talking from the kitchen, everything was awfully silent, too silent. They were here alright. Getting down on my hands and knees, I crept towards the couch, grinning when I heard their voices coming from behind. They were in their so called 'super secret hiding place'. I suppressed the urge to let out a laugh, as I silently crawled onto the couch ready to scare them.

"Shush Dean, she will hear us" I heard Nick whisper-shout at Dean with another great sigh. I heard Dean groan as he whisper shouted back, "I'm hungry, let's go get pancakes" I peered over the top of the couch to see the two blond haired twins, crouching down as they urgently whisper- shouted to each other. I needed to teach them how to whisper properly.

"But what if she finds us?" Nick asked with a hint of fear in his voice.

"Hello boys" I whispered to them with a glare. They froze at the sound of my voice and slowly looked up at me, with worry etched across their identical faces. "Who are we hiding from?" I asked them teasingly as stood on my knees to tower over them.

"Now, Nick and Dean, you guys are going to tell me, what in the world you were doing in my room, splashing a bucket of water on me when I was about to ki-" I cleared my throat "when I was sleeping" I hissed calmly as I waited for them to speak.

All of a sudden, Nick started to giggle and so did Dean. Did they find my pain funny? Me not being able to kiss Andrew Collins even in my dreams was painful, and they were laughing? They covered their mouths with their hands as their laughing became louder and more uncontrollable. This was utterly ridiculous. I was about to open my mouth when I realized that they were no longer looking at me, but staring at something behind my shoulder. I whipped my head around to see Jace making stupid faces at the twins as he stood right behind me, standing in front of the coffee table. He flashed a grin my way and crossed his arms over his chest, unashamed of his childlike behavior.

"You" I spat as I glared at him. I should've known it was him, the voices in the kitchen must have belonged to Mr. and Mrs. Aarons. "Good job dudes" he said to my brothers as he held out his hand for high- fives. The boys grinned as they ran out from the behind the couch and slapped the enemy's hand. I gasped and shook my head in dishonor, hurt that my own brothers would do that.

"Fraternizing with the enemy, nose pickers" I mumbled angrily.

Jace shot me a side way glanced and gave me a condescending smirk. "Nice, but we have to work on the whispering little men" Jace commented with a frown set on his stupid face. Nick and Dean nodded and ran off into the direction of the kitchen, shouting for pancakes and not even sparing their poor big sister a glance. I stood up from my awkward sitting position and grimaced at him as I held my weapons in my hands; the twin's soft toys.

"Nice dream?" Jace cooed at me stupidly as he quirked an eyebrow at me. My nostrils flared as I thought of ways to destroy him. I was having a hard time choosing between whether to throw him to the sharks or tie him up in a chair and let him starve to death in the sun.

"You told Nick and Dean to pour the water on me"

He shrugged nonchalantly and shudder slightly with a disturbed expression on his face. I wonder how handsome he would look then if I punched his straight nose.

"The look on you face was just too disturbing you know, you had this pedophile like smile on your face" he said cringing and wrinkling his nose like he had just smelt something bad.

"It looked something like this" he said as his face split into a weird smile with his eyebrows knit together and his eyes closed. Gritting my teeth, I began to hit him as hard as I could with the soft toys as I shouted at him.

"FIRST OF ALL YOU PATHETIC PIECE OF SHIT" I shouted as I continued whacking him. It probably wouldn't leave him bruises or even a mere scratch but it did allow me to let out my anger.

This is kind of fun

"I DON'T SMILE LIKE THAT, JERK" I spat as I hit him in the face, making him fall back onto the couch. Panting, I hit him in the gut and smiled when I heard him to tell me to stop. It was awfully tempting to hit him in the baby reproduction region, but I spared him; the jerk face.

"AND SECONDLY, I HATE YOU" I barked as I threw Mr. Dino and Mr. Dog at him, too tired to continue to destroy the idiot . I slumped onto the couch and purposely sat on his legs, putting as much of my body weight on them as I possibly could. No more walking for the jerk. HAH!

"How ya like them apples? HUH?" I asked him as I smirked condescendingly. Instead of pushing me off, he grinned broadly, showing all of his perfect pearly whites and wiggled his eyebrows at me.

"Your apples? Hmm, let me see" he said as his eyes dropped down to my chest. I gasped in horror and crossed my arms over my chest, realizing that my tank top was still soaking wet.

Jumping up from his legs, I flicked his nose with one swift movement of my wrist and marched up to my room.

When I was halfway up the stairs I heard him shout, "Your shirt is see through" I hope he dies.

Closing and locking the door of my room, I huffed and stomped into the bathroom, grabbing a pair of dark blue skinny jeans and a white, loose fitting sleeveless tee from my closet. Turning on the hot water, I jumped into the shower and tried relaxed. How dare he look at my apples? I mean my chest? He has never changed.

Jace and I, we have a long history together and no, not in that way. I've known him ever since we were babies and I practically grew up with him. But, we were never friends. We've been enemies since we were three and that dates back to when I wore a nappy; that's right, when I wore a nappy. Being the stupid baby he was, he didn't always wear one because he decided that he liked to play around butt naked. See, he was never normal. My parents and his parents, being best friends ever since they were in college , think that we're putting a brilliant façade to cover up our irrevocable love for each other and they are under the impression that were bound to come clean soon. Please, give me a bucket. The mums think it's adorable, the dads think it's meant to be and I think it's disgusting.

I cannot stand the dude and sadly, I have no way of escaping him. He lives next door and we go to the same high school and he spends almost all his time annoying the crap out of me. Just lovely isn't it?

Honestly, he is a condescending, shameless (never wore nappies, remember), flirtatious jock that is the biggest disgrace to mankind. He isn't the apple of my eye like mum and Mrs. Aaron, Annalisa, think. He is a pus filled pimple, disgusting and revolting. He is the fungus in between toes when wet boots are worn for too long. He is the wet booger hanging from the nose of a kid who has a cold. He is the carrot pieces in vomit. He is the person I hate most. And because he decided to bring my brothers to the dark side and interrupt my beautiful dream, I hate him even more.

With such a fantastic start to the morning, I bet there was more Jace to come. SMS, save my soul.

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