Copyright 2009 -Noctilucous-

The glorious Twilight danced before her eyes,
Devouring the Sun; in the likeness of a
hungry predator. She bids the Sun
goodbye, silently. In the corners of her
forsaken heart she weeps for the loss of Day.

(Another day has passed, in vain)

The shades of black took over and then
darkness embraced her gently. A falling Star
raced across Night's murky tresses,
teasing her, seducing her.

(Make a wish)

She closed her eyes and kneeled, letting the
darkness took over her vision, inhaling the Night
into her soul.

"In spite of happiness, seize the life which moisten my veins."
"In spite of silence, steal away my essence."
"In spite of freedom, release my soul.

A wish has been made, a wish has been sealed.
The light of stardust has fallen upon her.
An angel with wings as dark as the night, has been sent for her.
Her days are numbered.

:but it's better off this way...