Silver Letters:



The noonday sun was high, heat radiating off of it so that I was forced to pull my hair off of my neck. Even as I did so, the wind picked up a bit, cooling my skin. I sighed in appreciation, my other hand shifting though the blades of emerald grass beneath my body. Brother would be irritated at me for staining the silvery gown I was wearing with streaks of green. But, he was usually irritated with me, saying that I was being irresponsible. It didn't bother me anymore now that I was used to his incessant sulking.

Laughter drifted through the air and I stared down at the small village situated right below the hill where I was sitting. It was a beautiful place, truly picturesque. Clean little cottages with their wash hanging out to dry and the people milling about, enjoying the festivities of the ending of the cold winter. The cows were all out to pasture now and the young unmarried girls were getting ready for their moment; the dance around the Maypole. I could tell who would be participating. It wasn't a difficult task, considering that they were all clothed in freshly laundered dresses.

The pang of longing throbbed through my chest. I wanted to join them. I wanted to grab hold of one of those brightly colored ribbons and dance with the other maidens, braiding all those colors together into something gorgeous. I wanted to laugh and giggle; act like I really wasn't any different than any of them, despite the fact that I was about as different from them as a fly is from a butterfly. My eyes slid close at that depressing thought, willing myself to happy with who I was, with what I could not change.

It was a hopeless venture, but still I tried. Just like I had tried for nearly everyday when that hope began to well within my soul.

Beneath my eyelids, tears gathered but I forced them back down. Tears were a sign of weakness. I was not allowed to have a weakness, not with the burden placed upon my shoulders. At least, when night came, I could be free. I could lose myself in the grace of the silver moon, the trees washed in the dim light. Then, I was a different person. So much so that even my companions, all truthful to a fault, have noticed the difference.

I was jerked out of my depressing thoughts when suddenly the very atmosphere around me shifted. The air I was breathing became more care-free, didn't weigh as much in my lungs. My spirit seemed to lift in my body. I couldn't help it. The smile came quickly and quirked the corners of my lips. I didn't have to open my eyes to know exactly who was now sitting beside me, who would stay silent until I made the decision to speak. It was peaceful between us and I didn't bother to say anything quite yet, enjoying the easiness.

"So," a male voice murmured beside me, ruining the quiet but giving something much more precious, "Would you like to accompany me down to join the townsfolk in their fun?"

It was such a surprise that my eyes flew open as I whirled around to stare at him. That simple grin did things to my insides that I had long gotten used to ignoring. "We…We cannot!" I gasped. What he had said was an impossibility. We weren't supposed to mingle with the common people. It was a rule among such as us.

A single eyebrow slowly rose, giving his deep amber eyes a laughing sheen. "What he does not know cannot cause too much harm." With that, he didn't pause before he pushed himself off of the ground. Once standing, he put his fists on his hips, gazing down at me for a moment. Sighing, he offered a hand. "If he discovers, you could always lie and say it was my idea."

I laughed even as I grabbed his hand, pretending to not notice just how perfect our hands fit together. "It was your idea, you buffoon." I allowed him to pull me up onto my feet. He didn't give me a moment to think, liking our arms together and dragging me down the hill towards the village.

"A buffoon am I?" he chuckled, not making another comment about it. Turning, he flashed a smile at me. It was that moment that I knew that, somewhere along the way, we had stopped being mere friends. Somehow I knew that smile would never be given to anyone else. It was for me and me alone.

For the first time in all my years, I felt true terror, bone deep and numbing.




Jenna's Thoughts:

Yeah, this is the first fiction that I had ever actually dreamed up. EVER. And this is the fourth re-write that I've done. I think it's been on the site one of those times, the first time I wrote it. It was horrible. I will openly admit that. The other two times I tried, it was a lot better, but so far this is the best. I've worked out the plot problems and character personalities. Hopefully this one will work out.

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