It was dark, so very dark. I felt like I couldn't breathe. I was running to fast, but I couldn't run fast enough. Something was after me. I didn't know what it was, but it was strong, it was over powering.

I needed to be free of whatever it was that was trying to grab me. It wanted to take me and claim me as its own. I knew this wasn't a dream. I had learned in a bad way that some dreams should stay in your head.

But as I ran I felt it growing stronger. I felt it ready to take me away from the problems that I thought were strong.

As I ran in the dark forest I could hear the birds began to sing and I knew it was soon going to be a new day. But I wasn't sure if this new day was something I would continue to see. I came to a sudden holt when I saw it.

The lake. The water looked nice even as I paused to stare at it. I wanted to cry, I wanted to just give into the demon that was coming for me. I wanted to continue to look at the lake and light, and everything. I wanted to give in at this moment of peace and bliss. Even with Rin and TJ wanting me to fight. I didn't know if I could.

It was too late for me. This thing wanted me and part of me wanted it to take me. It would be so much easier if I let it take me. If I just gave into it.

Wouldn't Krad want me to let it have me? He wanted me still, I thought. If I gave in wouldn't we be able to be together.

My hair got caught in the wind as I closed my eyes. I could see my Krad; I could see us together, happy. In this place there were no Spawns, no Guardians, and not even any humans. It was just us, together.

But this place would never be. We would also have to fight and go against them, but if I just gave in then none of this would matter.

This evil was banging in my heart. It was yelling in my mind. It was trying to take me over, and I think I was about to let it take me over.

I looked down at the lake and saw it. I saw the very thing that I have been running from. The thing that was my worst enemy. Stronger then Krad or anyone I had ever had to go up against. I saw it.

My demon reflection.

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