This was written for a Erotica FlashFiction contest.

Prompt: Write about a conference not really appropriate for the office.

Word Limit: 869
Word Count: 857

Dominic watched as his team of Paralegals filed into the conference room and took their seats around the large marble table that represented the wealth and superiority of the large corporate law firm that had so recently made him a Partner. When the last of the seven women had taken her seat, he got right down to business.

"Okay, ladies, I have called this meeting to discuss the team's performance over the last quarter. While I realize that we have all had more work that we can handle, I feel that it is my duty to point out some errors that have been made and general lack of enthusiasm that I have seen from all of you."

"Mr. Barnes, if I may . . ."

"I'm not finished, Amy."

"Oh, I think you are." Elizabeth, Dominic's most talented Paralegal, stood up from her seat on his left and took three steps towards him. She leaned forward, purposely invading his personal space, and then suddenly she took his lips in a deep kiss.

Dominic, having had many nighttime fantasies about her, could not keep himself from closing his eyes and enjoying the moment, even if he would have to reprimand her for it later. But when he went to pull away, she put her hands behind his head and held him to her mouth. Hands began pulling lightly at his clothing and then they became more bold, pulling off his jacket, worrying at the buttons on his shirt, unzipping his pants. Bit by bit the hands stripped him as Elizabeth's mouth held him captive and he fought half-heartedly against the surge of desire she was coaxing to the surface.

When Dominic was finally naked, he no longer bothered to struggle. Elizabeth released his mouth and moved backwards towards the table, pulling him along with her, as hands encouragingly caressed his buttocks and shoulders from behind. She lay back on the marble table invitingly and Dominic only hesitated for a second before clamoring ungracefully on top of her, his rigid cock clearly proclaiming his arousal.

Resting on his hands and knees above her, Dominic lowered his head to kiss Elizabeth, but she pushed his right shoulder to roll him over on his back. When Dominic had complied, he was rewarded with a ravenous kiss which he returned passionately, distracting him from the fact that his tie was being tied around his eyes.

And then Elizabeth was gone. There were a few moments of silence in which he heard only his own quickened breath and then the hands returned, gripping his wrists and ankles, spreading him wide on the large, cold marble table.

"Elizabeth!" Dominic meant to yell, but instead he pleaded, trying unsuccessfully to jerk away from the restraining hands. "Ladies, please!"

The only response he received was a warm, wet mouth wrapping itself around his cock and all other thoughts of protest flittered out of his mind as the pleasure took over. The mouth sucked at him greedily at first and then stopped to lick playfully at the engorged tip of his erection. Dominic moaned and the mouth stopped, causing his hips to thrust upward, seeking it again. A female voice chuckled at him.

When the mouth returned, kissing the tip of his cock and then slowly inching him inside, hands firmly restrained his unruly hips, while other mouths began to lick and suck at his nipples. Dominic moaned again, lifting up his torso because it was the only part of his body he could move, until he found his face buried in wet, sweet female and his control broke.

The hands had to grip his wrists and ankles more firmly as his body started to buck and thrash against them. Two mouths continued to tease his nipples while the other mouth tormented his cock, stroking him to the edge and then backing off , toying with his tight balls. He licked wildly at the pussy on his face, trying to earn himself release, but the sweet taste of her only increased his unfulfilled arousal. Dominic cried out in burning frustration, struggling more fiercely for a few minutes before his strength gave out. Finally, he gave his body over to the hands, stretching himself even wider into the position that they desired of him. He rocked his hips in gentle supplication against hands restraining them and let out a sigh of desperation.

But the hands and mouths continued the long, slow march towards verge of climax and Dominic prepared himself to be denied once again. However this time, they did not catch him and pull him back from the brink. This time they gave him a long look at the depths before pushing him gently but firmly over the edge.

Dominic came hard, crying out harshly to the echoing walls of the conference room. Pleasure washed over him in riotous waves crashing from all directions as he emptied himself utterly into the demanding mouth at his cock.

And as he lay there, shuddering in the aftermath, the hands and mouths started to abandon him one by one. Then a warm mouth brushed against his ear and murmured, "Nice display of enthusiasm, boss."